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Do you donate essential medical fluids from altruism, or from a financial perspective?

I regularly donate plasma. Most places plaster the walls with posters talking about how much a difference it makes, how we are saving lives. Yet, there is a financial incentive to donate. Does anyone donate(plasma, whole blood, etc) from pure altruism, or financial, or perhaps a mixture of both?

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rabidazzle 5 Sep 24

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I would do it for altruistic purposes, but the Red Cross no longer wants my blood after living in Europe for 10 years.

It's true. When I fill out the questionaire for plasma donation, it asks if I have spent more than eight years in France, and if I visited the UK in the 80's. I assume, if I were to answer yes, I would receive a permanent deferral.


In the UK, we don't get paid for donating blood (unless you count the free biscuits).

Jnei Level 8 Sep 25, 2018

I donate whole blood whenever I can.


I can't donate because of the medication I take.

Gohan Level 7 Sep 25, 2018

I have hemochromatosis. Regular bloodletting is the treatment.

I'm curious now. What is done with the excess blood? Is it wasted due to your condition?

They used to, but now they use it as the blood is fine. A+ so not in high demand, but they are always glad to get it. I get asked if I want to donate plasma, but that does me no good at all.

Hmm, as long as the skip the return phase, it would alleviate the excess blood, but I have no idea how you would go about convincing a plasma center to do that.


I voted both, although I cannot donate anymore for medical reasons. when I did, I donated blood sometimes and plasma for pay others.


They love my platelets. Been doing it since the early 90s. This week I'm going to get a coupon for a free haircut! Last month they have me a water bottle. Plus they have free WiFi and cable! Or I can watch a DVD! It's all good.


I've had malaria numerous times in Haiti as a child, and dengue fever once, so not allowed to donate.


No-one will take my blood -- too many medications.


Lots of people donate at the Red Cross for nothing. Including me when I’m allowed to.


One thing I have always thought: people who are organ donors should get a free/paid for funeral or burial/cremated as the companies that take those organs make thousands of dollars in profit per each person. Yes, those organs are needed, but why has such a big business arisen around it?

I agree with this sentiment. Yet, in the US, we still have privatized medicine, which is why we will never see something like this come to pass. Money trumps compassion in America. ??


I give blood every two months to give back to society and to "increase my karma, just in case?"
Better than 10 percent to a church. I give a donation every Christmas to different groups: no kill cat shelter; toys for tots; and last year a Christian orphanage in Ethiopia - why? Because i wanted to see the gentleman who runs it. I taught two of his boys, and he is legit and takes in all kids of any religion and the country is a mess. And he is one of the few Christians I respect. I had not talked to the man in ten years, but his son FB friended me and thanked me for helping get his life together, and although I believe he did that mostly by himself, his thoughts were appreciated.

I believe that compassion is the root of humanity, regardless of held beliefs. The fact that that man can provide shelter and growth for people in such a hostile and broken country speaks volumes about the man he is. You deserve his thanks, you helped him down his path. His beliefs, your beliefs, don't much matter when given the opportunity to show compassion for our fellow men and women. Bravo sir.


I can't donate anymore. I used to donate often and there was no financial incentive.


The people who work in the mobile vans that come to my workplace in Silicon Valley every quarter, or so, have never once indicated that my donation of a pint could be remunerated. I'm curious, why is it allowed to pay someone to donate blood? We are, after all, DONATING! I've never been paid, never heard of anyone who I know having been paid, and find it rather 'twisted' to be 'incentivized to dontate.' Apart from a glass of orange juice and a sugar cookie, my only 'payment' comes from knowing that someone in need of my rather common blood type (A positive) will someday benefit.

There are many bio-med facilities that offer compensation for donating plasma. I have never donated whole blood for cash though, only at donation drives. From my understanding, not enough people donate, which might be why these companies incentivize it.

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