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I am wondering, when you meet someone for the first time and they start talking about being saved up or that god is all powerful. Do you immideatly star gauging their intelligence? I know I do, I started a new job and right away one of the guys stated spouting that god gave us the ability to be at this level of technology that we currently enjoy. I then asked him why didn't god just start us off at the level we are now. As a matter of fact, if Israel is the chosen land for Jews why did he allow others to live there long before they showed up with that bogus ass claim.wjy didn't god simply make another part of that wasteland that is the middle East? Why not pick a different part of rock and sand to make the chosen land to eliminate the war that continues to this day. Cone on god use your magic and take care of the children you love so much.

Ometiklan 4 Jan 27

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@Ometiklan I work in a clinical setting and have to hold my tongue when patients spew BS about that god this and thank god that. When my coworkers say that related to something I have done, I do tell them “no, thank me. I did the work” bloody hell!!! #god #freedomfromreligion


No, I would be too busy thinking things like, OMG, is she going to try to "save me"? and identifying the nearest exits.


I don't necessarily think about their intelligence, but I definitly make judgements about whether it will be possible for us to spend much time together, much less genuinely make friends. I have told people in the office that religious conversation has no place there. We're here to do a job, and I have no interest in their beliefs.


I simply walk away; I have zero tolerance for the ignorant of the world.


I think and WOW that is how people used to see me😉


I generally question their level of indoctrination, and how they think. Do they simply conform or do they actually lack critical thinking skills. It has been proven that theist are inferior intellectualy in general, but this has nothing to do with each individual. So my first thought is not stupid but brainwashed.

@Donotbelieve I may be particularly empathitic as I was Brainwashed as I explained in my post today.


One really has nothing to do with the other. I know some very intelligent, educated people that are also devout believers.
I try not to immediately judge anyone for anything. Takes time to know even some of what people are ....


If gawd loved you...he/she would put you in heaven in the first place. I say that sometimes.


If it's a new job, I would be careful about what I said and to who, unless of course you don't need the job.

The question I have for you is, why so angry? Maybe you don't intend to be, but it comes across that way. Actually a few of the comments also sound that way. They are just people that haven't seen the truth. Maybe they never will. We all come to the truth differently and at our own pace. Me, just a few years ago, but if someone talked to me like that before, it certainly wouldn't have gotten me there any sooner. Just my opinion.


I have before. I constantly give myself reminders that I used to be like that. It helps to remember.

Anyone can search for truth. Most people don't really care. They just go with the crowd. And it is their prerogative. Eventually, society will phase out religion for the simple fact that it IS the bully.

Goat Level 5 Jan 27, 2018

I wonder more about their education rather than their intelligence. Indoctrination relies on intelligent people believing something without question because they trust the person giving the information.

I'm pretty sure we have all made the mistake of trusting some facts we have been given by someone we trust, only to find out later that we were wrong. It's how con men and salesmen work. Priests are no different and some of them even believe it themselves.


When I first started my job, they went all, "Praise jesus" on me. I spoke up the second day. We had a disagreement on the whole religion topic. My boss finally said, "No more religion talk!" They are all religious except one agnostic there, and me of course. I'm an atheist.


I've never had such a direct kind of experience, but if I heard that from someone I just met I would cringe for sure. I don't fully throw heir intelligence out, but right at that moment, the whole spirituality thing makes me curious just how far they go. I mean I have met plenty of smart people who are religious, who are smart in many different ways, just sometimes their religiousness kind of clouds some things.

So I don't really throw the baby out with the bath water. I keep listening, see how much of the koolaid they've drank.


I look for an opening for my next step in the opposite direction.. If it’s worked related, and I can’t get away ..I’ll conjure up my best ‘non emotional’ look and attempt to change the subject back to whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing.. if you enjoy winning an easy debate - have fun 😀

Varn Level 8 Jan 27, 2018

Yes I do the saves my brain from hurting.
I love religiturds after a disaster..Gawd spared them but fuck those other dead people.

Those other people didn't pray as well.



Not their intelligence at all, but definitely their OCD level and other aspects of mental health, or I wonder what it was they did that was so bad they needed saving from it.

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