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You always hear that age old question...”what is the meaning of life?”
SEX is the obvious answer as without sex there is no procreation and the species dies.

Specman 6 Jan 28

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I always tell my friends you might as well enjoy your life as you only have 1 and sex is one of the more enjoyable aspects of it.


The purpose of a man is the 11 seconds of fame to procreate. What we actually choose to do is meaning.


The best answer to what is the 'meaning of life' for me is to be found in Terry Lane's little book 'God The Interview' In the first few pages he tells a story , sort of like a parable, that 'reveals' to us exactly what the 'meaning of life' is.


Life is about the journey, not the destination. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Its about ourselves, our family, our time here. There is no meaning, no goal, no purpose. With us or without us, the Universe spins on.


Not anymore. Now it's cosumption being as procreation is no longer necessary.


The biological imperative of most living creatures is to replicate themselves, and many species also assist their young in reaching the age of successful procreation. In some animal societies, including elephants and humans, the grandparents are often the crucial survival factor for intergenerational family groups.

However, that's just the biological factor.
Our advanced brains require their own purposes and meaning to life. Although primitive societies often require no more from life than simply surviving long enough to reproduce, more advanced cultures usually indulge in arts, literature, and other intellectual pursuits.

well said


It's spelled "means to".

You're welcome.


I am not sure there is a meaning of life, other than perhaps to survive and procreate, but I think at least one purpose of life is to provide a food source for other life forms. (IMHO)

Very true, in ecology energy works its way up the food chain, plants, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores up to top level carnivores. Always reducing in numbers as you go up the chain, by ab order of about 70% from memory. hmmm, My very weak justification for eating meat.


How to gracefully have sex and be responsible for the results.


Well seeing I didn't procreate there better be a different meaning.

At this point both my kids seem unlikely to either, but they plan to continue to contribute, helping in raising friends kids, I have foster kids. I think we are overpopulated so I am grateful to those who have chosen not to breed. I also believe that the purpose of life expands somewhat when a species becomes sentient. I see my own role as enhancing all living things in my sphere.

There is indeed.


Traditionally, there are 7 criteria for life. From wikipedia:

"The current definition is that organisms maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli, and reproduce"

Thus reproduction is one "meaning" for life (in the sense that it allows life to exist) but then so is adapting to our environment, growing, responding to stimuli, metabolizing and maintaining homeostatis.


False assertion. Sex is the vehicle of procreation, but provides no meaning, per se.

Well said Wordy


I think life is more than just sex. As I remember sex was pretty good, but so is music, food, and children/family, and art, and so many other things. Sex is pretty basic and we've evolved. Life is making a difference, and being connected.

At my age I think sex is overrated. Anyway, these days all I can do is talk about it and I seldom do that now either.

@Shelton I live in a conservative area and I'm selective about who I am going to date much less go any further with. Lets just say it's been a while.

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