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Did you go to your senior prom/dance/formal?

I am curious if people participated in what is considered a coming of age activity here in the U.S. I decided not to go to prom in high school and maybe attended one homecoming dance. College was a different story. It was not important to me.

How about you?

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SteveB 7 Jan 31

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I went. Was a waste of my time. I looked fabulous though.

@SteveB I don't have any. They disappeared many, many moons ago. If I did, I would.


I went to my senior prom with my high school sweetheart. We would eventually be married for 25 years. Proof we were happy at one time. Lol


I went to prom... I made my own prom dress and I also made my boyfriend, his pants and shirt at that time. It was a good memory for both of us. He is no longer on this planet but the memories I hold dear.


Are you kidding? I was a super nerd and scared of girls. I only wanted to study physics!

Now look at me, a trail of women and tears (and no physics).


Yes, twice for prom (once when I was a Jr), and homecoming, but the Sr. turned out to be a flop. With seniors, it was tradition to go to prom and then later to a party. I was spending the night with one of my girlfriends and we were doing a double-date with two guys who were also buddies. Had I known her mother was going to treat us like jr. high kids, I would have suggested she spend the night at my house or bring a change of clothes. We went back to her house to change around 9:30ish and her mother flipped out and wouldn't let us go to the party. Our curfew was midnight. Who in the hell stays at prom until midnight?

We stayed til they kicked us out. Then to a party. and another party. And finally, the gravel pit until dawn.

@Dick_Martin Gravel pit?

@VictoriaNotes, best underage drinking place around. Plenty of places to puke, piss, or whatever. Police leave you alone. plenty of parking, usually dry, no insects. No one cares if you're there, Nothing to vandalize... safe place for everybody.

@Dick_Martin I sorta figured that's what it was. Where I attended high school, it was either at the river or beach.


In all my Jr and Sr High years, I went to ONE dance ! And didn't even dance ! I was super shy. My socializing was done outside of school. I was a stoner LOL My best friend and I hung out together on Prom nite. No dates for us . As for the last 12 years, I MUST dance or I am Not happy ! 🙂


I regret not going to prom just to make my bf at the time happy. He was super jealous. He first said hell no then when my mom asked in front of him he was like yea it will be fun. His fake ass lol I was so mad that I kept saying no after he said he would go. That was senior prom. My jr prom I didn't go cause dresses are usually expensive and I felt really self-conscious at the time also no date lol those are my biggest regrets of not going


At my high school in those days the junior class, along with parents and community members, built elaborate theme sets within our triple gym. A Hawaiian theme when my older brother was a had a two story grass roofed building at one end...a waterfall along one wall, attendants dressed as natives. My junior year we built a two story paddle wheel boat at one end with water under it with the paddle wheel turning...and a two story Bourbon St. row of buildings at the other end...a live band played from an upper room. Senior year was a giant geodesic dome in the middle of the gym, with live band. The entire gym ceiling and walls were always covered...usually with fresh cut saplings or couldn't tell it was in a gym. Small town Titusville, PA...great place to grow up. They brought in dozens of small tables acquired from local clubs for the event...then there was a prom til dawn where we showed movies in the gym, pool tables and other games were brought in...magicians, caricature artists, hypnotist acts...all kinds of stuff to keep the kids from the evils of drink and debauchery all night. We had a fantastic art teacher who was the driving force behind this. I don't think they do it that way anymore.


yes i went with a girl but i was so not into her.

@evestrat not at all 🙂


Nope, I was still very involved in the church at that time. They didn't approve of dancing.

@SteveB, no, but maybe we should have. lol 🙂

I Do Not get that Dancing thing ! I am the happiest when I am dancing !

@flowechild62 me too!

@NFAguy53 Hahaha! Good one!


Wasn't interested. Getting the car ready was more important.


Yes. Went 'stag' on purpose because everyone was just getting nuts about who was going with who. Danced and had a good time.


I went because my boyfriend wanted to go. Skipping would have been my choice.


You wouldn't catch me, dead, at a prom. I didn't go to any of my 3 college graduations, either. It's all phony.


In my day in Puerto RIco a Prom could last up from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM with a lot of Salsa Bands. I didn't showed up until 1:00 AM due an elicit deal I had that night. And my Honor Student GF told me you can't seat on my table now because my parents are mad at you. So I did what I could to stay out of their sight like dancing slow dance with 2 girls at the same time one in each of my legs in front of her table. And ending the night with the Sophomore she hated the most. Not the way I planned for sure. But turn out like that. In Puerto RIco they were Big events done in a Hotel with bands coming from New York and parents could purchase tickets and anyone from anywhere will attend since the bands were the drawing ticket... it was more a money maker than a night for the graduates to remember like in USA. Now I have no idea how it is. I graduated on 1972... I attended an average of 5 proms at least every year from 1969 to 1975 I think. There was no such thing like being invited.


We have a "Senior/Year 12 Formal" I left school 6 weeks before the end and wasn't invited. My kids went to theirs and both were seriously underwhelmed.


I completed all my credi8ts a semester erly, so I didn't even takje any classes the last semester, let alone go to any events.


Went camping instead.


The girl I was dating at the time was a class below me, she convinced me to go to both jr and senior proms.


I actually had 3 girls ask me to go. I was too punk rock for such things. If I had it to do over again I still wouldn't go.

d_day Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

I went and even dated her again 45 years later.


I attended Jessamine CO high school my freshman year, Union School, school for diplomat's children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for my high school sophomore year, correspondence courses for junior year, then went to college at 17 years old, in 1970.

I was allowed to join my Union School classmates for their graduation ceremony (about 12 kids in all) but there was no dance. I did attend a sort of "prom" banquet put on by missionaries, where I wore a satin formal and had a date, but no dancing. It was frowned on by religious folk at that time.

I married another MK (missionary kid) who also had never danced, and had zero interest in it. After our divorce in 1995 I began clogging, ballroom and jitterbug dancing and never looked back..had a ton of fun and people would clear the floor and clap for us (whatever dance partner I had at the time).

We did it all..lifts, wrap around the waist, slides across the floor through his legs, etc. fancy, athletic stuff into my late 50s.

I miss that since I moved to Thailand in 2010, but I plan to move back to KY asap.

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