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Where should I go?

My plans for the future include moving somewhere. I live in Utah where I'm surrounded by Mormons whose behavior toward me transforms the moment they discover I'm not Mormon. The neighbor kids get in trouble if their parents catch them playing at my house. I was born and raised here and my kids from my first marriage are here so it's going to be a while before I can leave. I'm looking at five to ten years (that fittingly sounds like a jail sentence). I'm okay with that because I still need to answer the question of where I'm moving to. I'd like to visit different places over the next few years to see if I can find a place a like.

I like the idea of more of a small town type of place. Hills are good but I'm kind of tired of gigantic mountains. Wet and green would be a nice change. Nice people who can handle an agnostic (but I'm not necessarily looking for an agnostic mecca.) Out of the country isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

Any suggestions? Tell me where I should move and why.

UpsideDownAgain 7 Oct 19

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I'm in the same boat.. Divorced with kids and raised in Utah. I lived in Washington for a few years and would love to get out of the Utah bubble back into the PNW. It's my low key plan to eventually return. I always suggest that to people wanting to get out of the Moridor. Oregon/Washington are great. Mountains, green, water, not overwhelming Mormon population.


Go near Asheville North Carolina trust me


Personally I not move to another red state. They are all pretty religious. I just saw a map that showed Nevada in purple. Some few parts of it aren't desert. Like on the western edge.

Carin Level 8 Oct 27, 2018

I'd sort of guess that the ' Mormon' zealotry ' virus' would have ' infected' most of the states in America to some extent wouldn't it?
Besides that you have the well-known ' Bible Belt' States like Kentuckey, etc, down south. Jeez Louise, the choices there would somewhat limited wouldn't they then?
It makes me wonder just how gullible some people in America must be to actually BELIEVE in a religious Ideology invented by a known Con-man and Philander, Joseph Smith, who 'claimed' to have found 2 golden plates in a forest, etched with a language that only HE could read and translate ( with the aid of an Angel named Moroni, note the first 5 letters of the name please) and those self-same plates disappeared ever so mysteriously whenever someone requested to see them for themselves.
Then he invents the idea that Mormons are given the permission and Right by God to be as polygamous as their hearts desire, form an army to engage in a war with the country they live in simply to 'defend' this mysteriously, god given right of polygamy, pass a Church Edict that EVERY Mormon over the age of 18 years, male and female, MUST go on a 2 year 'Mission' funded by themselves and their family ONLY to a foriegn country not within America btw.
And that's just a few of the Mormon rules and 'oddities.'

One of the things that eventually woke me up to the problems with my religion was that Joseph got a free pass to do things that other people were written off for. I noticed that my friends were wary of any book claiming to be channeled but that's how Joseph Smith claimed to have translated the Book of Mormon. Joseph could proclaim God's word and people felt they would need to listen but anyone else they didn't. I finally realized that there was no reason for me to believe he was any different than anyone else and quickly I realized how questionable his actions were. People are gullible, but I get why. It's been hard to let go of those beliefs.


There are a number of online sites that will allow you to compare two places as to cost of living, availability of recreation, quality of schools, tax burden, how salaries compare in terms of buying power, etc. I don't believe there is anything about religion, but you could find places that sound good from the site, then check out religion on your own. I think, from my experience you're better off in terms of religion on the coasts. If cold weather isn't an issue, Vermont and New Hampshire are well known for their liberal attitudes and casual approach to religion. Good luck in finding someplace. Then let the rest of us know and we can form an atheist settlement!


Wet and green? Rolling hills? No-one giving a shit about your religion, or lack thereof? Sounds like most of the UK. Just don't move here until we find out how fucked brexit is going to leave the economy.

Oh, I like that idea. My family comes from Europe. I could go back to my roots.

It's funny. I was taught all growing up how evil most of Europe was because most didn't believe in God anymore. Now it's sounding like one of the less evil places on the planet to me.


Boise isn't that far of a move for you. Suburbs around Boise definitely turn more religious but nothing like Utah. Doesn't have the wet and green part unless you head into the mountains or in flatter elevation like by McCall. Oregon and Washington coasts would be worth checking out too.

My friend moved from Idaho and had good things to say about it and the strong community where she was at. Still, Idaho is also known for its high Mormon population, so it's not my first choice. It's pretty far down the list, actually. And, it's freezing up there. I like the idea of Oregon and Washington, though I think they tend to be more expensive.


Go get an RV and find your home.


Out of Utah for sure. Try some where in a southern direction.


Despite what Statistician like to say Australia is still a VERY Secular Society, yes we also are sometimes subjected to Mormons ( Morons) and the like BUT we get to tell them to " Piss the Fuck off" quite freely as we see fit.

That would be a dream come true!

Totally agree but be aware that the temps can get up to mid 30’s in summer with not much rain and plenty of bushfires. No religious expectations but immigration could be a problem unles you have a sponsor or are married to an Australian. I lived and grew up in England and lived a short while in US. Australia knocks them both out of the park

@Geoffrey51 " Mid 30s in summer." Shit a brick mate, you must be living under some bloody fantastic Deep Freezer, out here in the Outback, a mid 30s day is COOL weather, high 30s and into the early 40s is a summer norm for us.

@Geoffrey51 I hadn't thought about immigration laws. I'm an entitled American and figured I'd be able to get a Visa just about anywhere. I will have to keep that in mind when looking out of the country.


I love Houston

We've lost so many Utahn's to Texas. They leave and they only come back to visit and rave about Texas. Maybe I should find out why . . .


Look into Asheville NC. Sounds like what you describe. All the Appalachian are hills compared to the Rockies.

I'll second this. Lots of great breweries too.

Just about everything is a hill compared to the Rockies. From what I understand, that area has a beautiful climate, but isn't it in the Bible belt? Maybe I'm not clear on where the Bible belt begins and ends.

@Meili Yes it is, but as I hear, it is a sort of island of tolerance and rationality. The Boulder of the East Coast. Or something.

@CallMeDave Sounds ideal.


Well small towns are mostly religion holes. Farming communites are religious too. Unless you are on the west coast hard to find a moderate place to live.


Sounds like you are looking for the Pacific Northwest. Usually mild weather year round. Wet & green.

Della Level 6 Oct 19, 2018

if i were able to live anywhere at all i would have multiple homes, but dream on, right? most of mine would be in big cities. but the one small town i would love to live in is madison, new jersey, a small university town known (as certain other cities also are) as the city of roses. it is within shouting distance of new york, but is a legitimate small town. i haven't been there for decades, though.


Lol! I'm not rich. I'm looking for some place affordable.

@Meili i don't think madison would be so expensive.

wow i never saw this before; i found it while looking for info for you! []

but it says two universities. when i went to fdu there, there was a third: st elizabeth's. i wonder what happened to it?


@genessa That sounds wonderful.

@Meili the article is a decade old but i remember madison from 1969-72 and it sounds as if it's gone slightly more upscale but otherwise retains its character 🙂)


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