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Name your hypocrisy

No matter how much we try to walk the walk, talk the talk, there is always something we are a little hypocritical about.

Are you willing to admit yours? If yes, what is it and how do you rationalize it?

Crimson67 8 Feb 3

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They should stop lethal injection and start using liquid nitrogen to euthanize death sentences. Would eliminate the cruel accusers.

@MrLizard freezing to death the nerves become paralyzed. It is super quick certain death.

@azzow2 evidence?

@MrLizard Thought since we created it the name could be cyrocide the act of sledging a convicts frozen corps.


I eat meat, I cannot kill animals, I don't have an ethical problem in eating other animals as such, it is part of the natural order. I have problems with environmental issues caused by raising livestock and have problems with the treatment of animals we raise. So I am very hypocritical.

Definitely conflicted, though perhaps not hypocritical.

I like this definition:

"behaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case."

Are you telling others how bad they are for eating meat, while not fessing up to the fact that you eat meat.

BTW, I'm pretty much in the same boat.

I LOVE ANIMALS. Even birds seem to have personalities and feel affection. I WISH I could stop eating them.

Also, I know that meat eating is more damaging for the environment than driving an automobile (or something like that.)

I TRIED to be a vegetarian when I was young--A LONG TIME AGO--bet my Irish Master Sargent father said I'd eat what was on the table--no second choice. ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

I've tried dozens of times since then and always fail. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Yes, Rugglesby, that's a tough one.


I say I don't like chocolate candy. I have been seen once or twice eating a mini Twix bar. I love caramel though. I really just don't like Hershey bars of just pure chocolate. I like chocolate drinks though. Hot or cold. I also say I don't eat sweets. For the most part that is true. I went 6 months without candy or any desserts of any kind. Then one day, I bought a sugar cookie and ate it. I felt sick to my stomach from depriving myself of junk food for 6 months. I immediately threw up my dinner and the cookie. It was too rich for my stomach. Now, I will occasionally eat desserts. I don't have any candy or desserts in my room. I don't buy junk food. I rarely drink soda as well. I do have a 12-pack of vanilla cream soda, half of it is still left from 2 months ago. I'm slow on soda. I drink water more than anything else. I go through bottles and bottles a day of water. I do refill my bottles though.

I can't drink "sodas" anymore, they're just too sweet for me, and don't quench my thirst. Now, an ice cold beer...mmmmm.

@Condor5 No thanks on the alcohol as well.

@Sarahroo29 it's not for everybody.

@Condor5 I do drink mostly water.

@DuchessNyx Yuck.


Do we have to limit it to one thing?

just start a list as you think of things


I am totally against Monsanto and round up etc. They are poisoning us, but, I do buy their poison ivy killer..

I worry about the herbicides and insecticides on our food. People think they can wash them off but it is picked up by the roots and absorbed through the skin , the contamination can't be washed off its inevitable part of the food. I raised crickets and I Philpot and there were so many vegetables I could not feed to them because they would die. Bananas were the only fruit I would feed them.

I would have to go with you on that. If there is a plant that will cause an itch I will find it

@Akfishlady what do you mean?

@Akfishlady I didnt say I use pesticides.

@Akfishlady i misspoke saying pesticides. i don't use roundup

You could use a flame weeder, but with poison ivy WATCH OUT, wear a mask. Our back yard neighbor put poison ivy in his fire pit and wound up in the hospital ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But flame weeders are very satisfying & clean way to kill weeds. Just be careful of tree roots. We have a girly tree that gets pissed when we flame.


I eat meat. I don't even try to rationalize it, I just refuse to think about it.
I don't want to be lectured to about it either. I don't want to hear how bad it
is on any level. It's my choice and I'm going to keep doing it.

I think a lot of us have that problem with meat, Ive often thought if people had to kill and clean the animal we would have a lot more vegetarians.

I don't think that's hypocrisy. A person can choose to avoid eating meat, but all humans are omnivorous. We evolved eating meat. Following your nature isn't hypocritical.

@LEPeff The biggest reason I feel it's hypocritical is because I am very much against animal cruelty, but I know the meat industry is appalling in their inhumane treatment of the animals we consume. I acknowledge that I am an omnivore, but I do hate that I contribute to the perpetuation of such inhumane treatment. I struggle with it as a matter of ethics, but I still eat meat.

@KKGator When we were in Viet Nam my sister-in-law laughed and pointed to a big sign with a picture of a German Shepherd. She said it was advertising a 7 course dog dinner. Later we saw another sign and this time there was a cat, dog and goat. Funny I only saw one cat the month we were there?? There were a lot of other things equally as gross.

I can understand your aversion to animal cruelty. @KKGator

@KKGator would you eat insects to get your protein?

@KKGator what wr source of protein if you did not eat meat?

gators need meat

@JackPedigo how bout balut ?sp in the PHillipines?

@Akfishlady Actually, I like gator meat. Gator tail in particular.

@Akfishlady confusing them with saltwater crocodiles?

@dc65 I'm fairly certain that I would not, unless I was starving to death and that was all that was available.

@dc65 I never said I continue to eat meat for the protein. I like it. It doesn't have anything to do with protein.

@KKGator I mean if you were a vegetarian how would you get your protein?
I eat a high vegetable diet but I do eat meat occasionally and dairy products.

@dc65 I don't have to worry about it because I will never become a vegetarian. I don't like that many vegetables. I won't eat most of them.

Once whilst cooking a thick pork leg chop at least 12 inches in diameter I felt the hairs on the back of my neck lift. I was cooking at one end of a row of ten cookers in a youth hoste. At the other end glaring ferociously at me stood an overweight young woman about 30 years my junior. "I'm a vegan"she spat out. "Good for you. I'm a carnivour" said I turning my huge mocking grin into a clenching of teeth ripping flesh from flesh. "Enjoy your meal and have the courtesy to allow me to enjoy mine" said whilst disdainfully turning my back on her and commencing to chuckle.

@KKGator I think that's a bit of a struggle for many of us.

I don't lecture, but I'm still curious why you made a decision to eat meat. I eat meat too, but I think it's not the most healthy food, so I try to eat not as much as did during my younger years. I made a decision to stop smoking but never even thought of deciding to eat no meat.

@Gert I didn't make a decision to eat meat. Been eating it all my life. I don't eat it every day, and I honestly don't worry about whether it's healthy or not. I also smoke, and have no intention of quitting. It makes no difference what I do, I'm still going to die eventually. I'm going to do what I enjoy and eat whatever I want. Everyone else is free to do as they see fit.

@LEPeff A recent report by a group of anthropologists showed that meat was not as plentiful as we thought. Early tribes subsisted mainly on gathered food stuffs.

I think as humans the best way to evolve is to try to understand what is 'instinctive' (nature). Some instincts are only for survival and can be harmful. As a supposed 'higher life' form we should focus more on reason not emotional instincts.


I don't believe in a God because there isn't any scientific proof, however I believe in aliens and the supernatural.

we don't have any proof about aliens or supernatural in my opinion only. That should be classified with God


If you believe in aliens, you should have realized that it's the aliens that created the image of god as they had "super" powers, just as we would be when we were able to return a century back in time with our smartphone-computer, a gun and medicines to heal people. But you still don't have to believe in an eschatological god-magician.

@dc65 The topic was what are your hypocrisies. I'm well aware that there is no "proof" hence my hypocrisy. I do, however, have my own proof on aliens and the supernatural and none of God.

I don't believe in god either but have had some bizarre things happen that others have witnessed as well that make me wonder about other realms or extreme empathy. Should probably start my own post about it.
For example, my daughter & I since she was young have gotten for lack of a better term "sympathy wounds", to the point late husband noticed it. THEN it started with our dogs. 2 melanomas in the same spot on the same eye, and blocked follicle on same spot same side of each dog? WTF? (those two are in love with each other) . It's just too weird.


I tell people I'm 95% vegetarian, but I think it probably is lower than that. I don't want to eat meat but..... there's a place near me that has THE BEST beef tacos!, I can't help myself. LOL

What about fish tacos? Ever try those?

So you chose to be a vegetarian in general. Having a weak spot doesn't change that does it?

@Condor5, yes, I like those too!

@Gert, no it doesn't change anything, just wish I didn't have the weak spot. ๐Ÿ™‚

@BeeHappy If that is really your wish, it can be simple though. If you don't like the weak spot, you can, after conscious weighing the pro's and con's, decide not to eat these taco's anymore, if needed replacing them by something else. It is easier to follow a decision than follow an irresistible feeling of craving for something. Whatever it is. ๐Ÿ‘


i complain about Monsanto or big oil or whatever and how they're destroying our environment, while smoking a cigarette.


I will not confess. I gave that up for lent

@Akfishlady exactly

I gave up Hypocrisy for Lent one year back when I was an Episcopalian and my Priest asked me to be more realistic.

Sorry, I'm a stupid Duchman, I have not idea what the "lent" is where your guys are talking about.

@Gert Lent is the time of anticapatory penance leading up to the crucifixion and Easter in the Catholic Church. Catholics are supposed to sacrifice something during that time period I guess to respect the ultimate sacrifice

@btroje Ah, a kind of advent, but than for Easter. Those 40 days of hunger after Mardi Gras. Thanks!


Aldis is going full organic and banning all produce that has traces of anything harmful to bees...

That is such a great company. I love how their cashiers get rolly chairs . It's so kind.

@Qualia and they are so fast at checkout...


I consider myself a Marxist at heart yet I am just as addicted to material possessions as the bourgeois. I complain when the price of gas goes up a nickel despite knowing, deep inside, that it takes exploiting 1/3 of the world's natural resources to keep prices as low as they are. I bought my daughter an IPhone for her birthday despite the fact that it was made with slave labor in order to make it affordable to me. . . the list is endless.


If hypocrisy is encouraging others to do something that you don't do yourself then I can't really think of anything. If you widen it to doing something that you know is wrong or detrimental to health then we're all guilty of that - I don't exercise enough and I eat too much fatty food and sugar - and I buy from companies that I know are not as ethical as they should be. But I am fairly self-aware and so I don't do anything to excess and my guilt-pangs do prevent me from entirely disregarding the ethics of living. I try my best at least ๐Ÿ™‚

I don't think it's "encouraging other's to do something you don't" that's not hypocritical, unless your claiming some moral high ground. Hypocrisy is more commonly thought of as criticizing, or even persecuting someone else for doing things that you yourself do.

@Condor5 ahh, true ... can't say I do that either ... it would just be setting yourself up for bad feeling or criticism from the people you do it to. I really do try to manage by example at work and if I ask someone to do something then I would do it myself.

@ChrisR I've always been that way myself. Sounds to me like you're doing just fine in that regard.


Is yours asking others about theirs while not telling yours?

If say mine would be calling others out for not admitting the possibility they're wrong...


As with several other commentators, itโ€™s the animal food issue. I was a happy focused vegetarian for many years, then two years ago I fell off the wagon. There is just so much killing in the world, and the US is currently engaged in eight undeclared wars, and hundreds of unofficial sorties, and to compound all of that moral quandary, we keep animals in terrible conditions and slaughter them horribly ..... aw, man; hang our heads in shame ...


I am an Atheist , but I still dabble in pantheism , & it's various existential details as hypothetical . This of course also leads to ideas of reincarnation . . . .
I support gun control , but unless no one is to have guns , not going to happen , then pretty much everyone should have guns . In certain nortic nations , it is compulsory for all who serve in the military to carry a firearm with them at all times when they are in public . There , it is compulsory for all who are fit to serve , to serve . The zealots who abuse the 2nd Amendment prevent this from being a practical topic , however , one of the ugliest truths that we will always have to live with , is that if you take guns away from the law abiding , only criminal will have them . It's abhorrent , but I refuse to deny facts .

Dougy Level 7 Feb 4, 2018

Not sure it is hypocrisy, but it causes some cognitive dissonance to me.

I am an organ donor.

Yet I am concerned that advances in medical science are potentially weakening (changing?) the gene pool. Conditions which years ago resulted in early deaths and thus preventing breeding and those genes being passed on, are now no longer fatal and weaker genes survive.

The same for organ transplants. If your organs pack up is it genetic? Is it a weakness for the future of momo sapiens?

Will this be the end of humans as we know us?

Yet I am happy for someone to get my organs when I die - I don't agree with Spock that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!


This is a good one.. almost like therapy.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Honestly, I have one that I do know would rank here. Now I have been a party animal dam near all my life. But when it comes to the men in my life, I don't like a guy that sits around and drinks everyday, has to drink every time we would go out, etc. But I do still like to party but not every day so ya, it gets on my last nerve any guy that would do that around me a lot. Have had too many friends and loved ones die from alcoholism so I jump on their shit about it.


I really think we get to know ourselves when we find something in someone else is annoying, I learned all my foibles that way. Sometimes it brings great patience, and others I think "yeah, but I'm not THAT bad" lolz. But I am. I know it.


Still keep Pascal's 'get out of hell free card' in my back pocket.

cava Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

FUN QUESTION. Thanks for posting.


Just coming off a run of health issues which sidelined me for the last ten years or so. After about the last 4 I have developed my health to the point that I'm active again, going to the gym, etc. I've been trying to balance having energy and feeling healthy again without spazzing out at every example of unhealthy behavior I encounter in myself or others, since not that long ago I was most definitely on the other side of the equation. Good to remember that whatever we think we see in others, we never see the whole story.


Since teen I believed in communism as the future of mankind. I still do... is not the china, korea or russia version is a version for every member of the human race in this earth. Together. No different than members here believing on aliens. Now... I also believed in the independence of Puerto Rico. Yet I joined the US Navy, the most hated of all branches in Puerto Rico. I obtained TS security clearance and served for 20 years until receiving my Honorable Discharge. I was even CMS Custodian in one of my commands. I never stopped believing in the Independence of Puerto Rico in those 20 years. Neither I kept it hidden. Not that strange either... the Greatest Independentist in History of Puerto Rico.... Don Pedro Albizu Campos. was on his youth not only a laureate student in Harvard of all places but he became an officer in US Army Engineering Corps. In both cases hypocrisy will be seen from those in the outside looking in. I admit mine... I accept mine, I will do it again the same way. I understand USA, america better than if I would had stayed in the island just bitching about the american flag. I Pledged alliance to the flag and defended the nation for 20 years, if I am recalled back I will defend this nation again. I give my word. I am part of this nation Military Reserve until the moment I die. I gave my word and my word is not negotiable.

What do you think of social democracies, Gipsy? Countries like Finland and The Netherlands?

@Condor5 Some of the best women I ever met in my life... come from those countries... While I was in Europe they all asked the same question in the 90's. They couldn't understand how america allowed homeless to be homeless.... to them it was unbelievable. They still asking the same question.

@GipsyOfNewSpain it's ironic we don't seriously address that phenomenon in such a wealthy nation, isn't it?

@Condor5 Is not ironic... it is worst is the mole we try to cover with makeup. But is always there. Wait until the next olympics here when they have to clear up and clean that city.... only while the olympics mind you. The most decadent show.of brotherhood on earth. Every 4 years.


I donโ€™t study or work out as hard as I should. Iโ€™m busy.


Sigh. I was trying to fit in. @witchymom

Lifting the refreshing ale? That is nurturing not hypocrisy!


The United Methodist Church. Saying the Hail Mary when I need a mantra to focus on.


Deadbeat dads... social anxiety! Thats something that pisses me off. I can't work there because they don't like me or they're mean to me. Thats when were going to form a fight club and I'm going the whip his ass.

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