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So they ask about the possibility of "love" at this site. Even I did. I wasn't honestly looking. I believe once you create a site with a bevy of highly intelligent, like minded folk, it is a given that someone is going to find a connection. It would take something rather powerful to change the minds of those who do not believe in on line dating. People like myself, specifically. I am a skeptic, non-believer of many things, as many of you know. Even I poked fun of the idea of meeting a person on a website and finding anything beyond that. I even make fun of people who litereally do it! I always think, "what were they thinking?? They sure are biting off a lot aren't they? Relationships are Already difficult enough to maintain, so Yeah, Brilliant! Go meet a dude on line! HAHAHA"

Yeah... laugh it Up, Ari! I believe something has decided to doop me, make me eat my own words because... It has happened to me. It happened to me Here. I did not see this coming. I had no intentions of having Anything Remotely like this happen to me, and to top it off, he is rather distant from my location so, another hurdle.

However, I was wrong. Maybe All relationships are difficult, but in some, if you meet a likeminded enough person, it isn't as hard a job to care for them, to love them, even if circumstances are odd, even if your family and friends are shocked, not expecting this "From You of All People" and even if you "are the Smartest one of all" of them... sometimes you take that risk, you get made fun of, you Become that Joke. But a year from now, I want to see who is laughing. If I am Wrong, I am Wrong, but I've remained single for years now. I am asked out Multiple times a week and I have turned Every, Single Person down... until now.

So when I asked here not to long ago, "Does this shit EVEN work?" harty har har, as I scoff across the floor. I deserve it. I got exactly what I made fun of. Payback... right? (chuckle)

Albeit, what I Got... I have waited for so long to find. I am beginning to think, whomever came up with the idea for this site was Brilliant! It doesn't have to be set to absolutely date, but it does serve to put you up against some of the Best Minds out there, no doubt... and in that, some how amongst the sauce of this pot, I managed to find what I had been seeking for so long.

For the record: This Site Can Work if you are Seriously seeking love because if IT can happen to someone like me, cynical, disbelieving, anti-on-line dating, jokester, mocker, maker of fun and overall... Love disbelieving asshat can find some thing going on... surely someone else can!

Thank you for your time and... as for me... this, new person in my life, he and I have already made our plans for the meet up. We are going to Do This. We have already been doing Many things beyond chatting at We aren't playing around. No kidding with this one. This is ALL serious as hell!

Frankly, I don't know what happened and, honestly, I care not! All I do know is, whatever this is, whatever is happening here, had I NOT BEEN The person involved Directly in this... development of a relationship, I would Not Believe it... I would have made Fun of my friend... I would think it Crazy, Unrealistic. However, I Was there and this happened To me and since I Know myself, Know how I have kept myself Purposefully single, Know that I experienced unexplainable occurances to land me here, knowing im too logical, too much a skeptic... yet to Still be in this place... I cannot Deny the proof. I cannot Deny the experience. Therefore I learned to Accept it... to accept the love... to accept the person... to Accept the Unexpected and the Unexplained.

This is new territory for me altogether, for him as well. We are Both taken aback by this, both in wild bewilderment. We have no idea where the other was Hiding All This Time!


Create a Site with INTELLIGENT FOLK Instead, not a bunch of lonely idiots. You won't Need any stupid surveys, quizzes and lame intro's. You would Simply have to gather them, like they say, "if you build it, they will come" (haha) seems to be a motto that makes sense, and then Let them Go!

Its the truth for me, at the very least, and for him as well.

I am ecstatic and I'm not gulliable nor eaasily beguiled. I can See Clearly what I am doing. This is Why I Know I am on to something. I Trust Myself, Above ALL Else. And now, equally, I Trust This... love.

So THANK YOU AGNOSTIC.COM! I shall continue to pollute your airwaves and... hey, GOOD LUCK to all my Buddys here, I miss you All!! I will be back! Don't you doubt that. 😉

I love you guys and hope to chat soon!

Keep those faces smiling and keep those hearts Hopeful!


Sadoi 7 Feb 5

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I'm 100% behind you on this one Ari, keep smiling at chat soon!

Dav87 Level 6 Feb 6, 2018

Well thank you Dave! Coming from yet another one of my Personal friends here, I appreciate your well wishes even More than that of any others.

I think you would really approve of this gent. He truly is a man of deep and profound honour, respectful, a pleasure to converse with. I am Absolutely head over heels for this guy! You would NOT Believe.

It is unfolding like a beautifully wrapped present... but I wish to savor the process of getting to the goods first... so don't worry for me, friend, I am taking it slow. I am making sure to do all the "i's" and cross all the "t's." This man... if only I could put to words what he has come to mean to me. I often wonder how life works... how one day we are going about our lives, not paying much heed to the flow around you. Then suddenly, everything can change. Resist as you may, sometimes by the time you are aware of where you are standing, You are Already there. The Change has already begun and there is no going backwards.

This man is beautiful, his mind. There is so much to come to love about him. He shadows me and reflects me in so many respects. It is Almost Uncanny and had I not watched those things Unfold BEFORE my Own Eyes, even I would Not have believed it. When I Say I would believe no one else had they said these very things to me, I Meant it. But, I cannot lie... it has begun. And truth be told, I want nothing more.

I adore him. I desire to see what the near future shall bring forth to he and I. I am preparing myself for his arrival... although, his Arrival has Already been Clearly Made. His mark is Already left. I have his mind, for now, and his Heart, equally... and someday, I will have all of him.

As a sapiosexual, although the physical absense Does Suck Big Time, I can also be content with what I have now, today, currently. What that is is his Mind. That is what I always Loved more than the physical... package, being, creature. Plus, the waiting is building up to the crescendo. I am Patient. I can allow the emotions, the love, to layer and stack, to collect and to grow... the time is Well Spent as is... i could think of No Place I would Rather Be than spending my time learning, sharing our minds... it is magical... it is intoxicating.

So if you Are Worried about me, Please Don't be. I am In Most Excellent of hands, and lovely hands at that I might add, wooo hooo! and i find him beaaautiful. He Will take Good Care of me. I Know this. You can rest assured... you mustn't worry for your friend. I know what I am doing and some day, when he is also Out About all of this, you can find out of your own accord... how he truly feels for me. Ask him. He will tell you the Truth. He will tell you everything. 🙂

Btw, it Is good to know you are 100% behind me, as well. A girl can never get too much of that sort of encouragement. Not everyone will support it. Oh well. I consider that a "YP" not an "MP!" haha!

oh i get it now... 100% BEHIIIND me! Now I understand the jokes about others wishing to "get behind" me too! HAAAHAAAAAHAA!! Oh men... men men men. You'd best watch out getting behind Me though, else, my boyfriend might take offense. He isn't too fond of strange men standing behind me. I don't know... you think you want to try to take him on?

@Sadoi he sounds like quite a catch, but I'm sure he's the lucky one, you're a great girl don't settle for anything other than the best in love and happininess.

Oh My love, we are So funny aren't we? Anyone with half a brain must have Already guessed... that itsYou. 😉

@Dav87 yeah, not settling. far from it. 😉 he is the most considerate man. when i was a young girl, I used to think I knew what type of partner I someday wanted. My values then were so strange.

Then as I grew older and experienced a variety of relationships, after each one, I learned a few more things about what was and wasn't of value to me. Things began to change. Slowly over those years, what once I Thought i wanted some day... it was so backwards.

I recall I valued kindness and compassion, not as hight as I should have. I didn't fully understand the preciousness to honesty, but even less about respect. They scarcely entered my mind. I knew not what it meant to understand longevity nor the importance of meeting half way, somewhere at the middle. I had no concept of the need to never blend in as one person, but rather to grow as individuals who come to compliment one another, together, as well as apart and independent. I was too young to understand the wisdom that was lacking from experience.

As a woman, these days, my picky nature has grown for a reason. It has grown because I know now, what I value. I value... tradition, yes, i said it, tradition. I value my independence, as I said, I can never be owned. I can be yours, but likewise, never yours at the same time. It isn't to be possessed, as we said. It is to be connected as equals. We are one, we are not. We are one, and we are likewise Free. I never want to change you, only to find the compromise to compliment, again.

I value the simple dreams of living a simple life. Raise a family, care for a farm full of animals, come home to movies and sci-fi along with popcorn & seaweed (haha), devote my life to one person whom i treasure, respect and adore... and live my days out. You are a simple man. Once I thought I would not want a simple life, a simple man, but that was Before I realized there were so many Brilliant, Simple Men. I misread simple for simpleton. I was wrong.

You are a simple man with depths and complexities I've yet to fully grasp. It would take many more years to come, possibly a lifetime to know... and I'm more than willing to put in my time. You have shown me, in the best ways possible considering our circumstance, just how far you would reach out to protect me and to respect me and to support me, in such a short span of time. And the commonalities... i cannot even start. haha!

I look foward to seeing what we can create, what we can make. If I weren't sure we stood a chance, I wouldn't be doing any of this right now. I've learned the Value of a good heart and what It means to recognize good intent. Let us live a simple life, full of exploration and adventure. A Simple Life in that we build our home and celebrate our lives each day, sit in our yard at dusk and watch the sunset over the lake, watch as it melts into the water behind the many islands dotting about. Read stories to our children in the night and know that each day, we lived, we were Happy. 🙂

So let anyone make fun, if they wish to. It is about no one else.

... beyond the tempest, there is an eye in the storm where everything is calm. meet me there. then we will be truly free. all my love ~ari


Really happy for you.. All the best...

Aww one of my friends... Thank you so much... I appreciate your words even more because I have spent many a conversation with you, friend. sincerely

He is wonderful. Not a "settling" job here either. I don't want to be with someone because I need them. I want to be with someone because i Want them. I want him. He is a good person. An honest, wise and... fascinating person. I could spend hoours with him and the varied facets of his being just... amazes me. He is brilliant, but more than that, He Is Kind... truly compassionate, apathetic... with a pure heart. He is a shy person, but I find that absolutely captivating. His nature is so similar to my own. We are both Lone Wolves, but now... i think maybe... maybe we've created our Pack... I'd rather run the lands with him that continue locked away in the halls of my world.

I was fine like that before, but now that I have found the beginnings of something breathtaking and magnificent, I would be a fool to Not explore these fields I've yet to lay eyes on before.

Goethe once said, "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." Love Requires Being Bold. It is always a risk. A Gamble. Who do you wish to toss the dice on...? ...and are you frivolous or blind before you toss them on the table? I am neither of the latter. I would rather Be Bold this time.

This here, this thing has no roads... it is the wild west out here! But... winner takes all, too! 😉


congratulations Ari! Mead for Everyone!

And A Rooound of Buttsteak for aaall my friends! Mutton chop anyone?? Hey, we should celebrate at Midevil Times fair!! haha!

He is a great guy so I am a fortunate soul. He blended in pretty nicely for awhile there, but... things change sometimes, right? He is one of the sweetest people, truly, he is. I was blessed. Now to make this shit work!!! hahaha! Its pretty complex a situation, as I am sure you can imagine. So we aren't being unrealistic or stupid and frivolous about this... journey, adventure, situation. We understand what is stacked against us, but... he and i both being loners and prefering to be singletons, if we are Both into this enough to challenge our peaceful lives in order to find a way to mesh them together, then the feelings matter to a huge extent, otherwise, neither of us would bother to put effort into a person we are half-hearted about.

I surely wouldn't take on something this ambitious if I weren't serious. To make a public proclamation as I have is also a big deal for me. I don't do that, but I felt this is the Place we met, where we found eachother, so it should be credited. I already come out to my close friends and family and they were all shocked because they are the ones who Truly know me, how I am, the way I operate and This is the Opposite of my normal behaviour. I think they probably wonder what crackpipe I've been hitting. "Ari... uh... whats in that bud you've been smokin' giiiirl...?" haha

It certainly came out of the blue to all of them, but once I realized what I was dealing with here... I won't be getting any younger and when you finally find someone you Honestly believe you work well enough with that perhaps you have a Damn good chance at creating a life together with, you want that life to start Immediately in whatever way that is possible given the circumstances, even if it Will take work, even if we Will be laughed at, doubted and made fun of.

My family and friends took me serious when I came all the way out because I would never involve them in something unless I meant buisness. I don't really confer to anyone waht I am doing in my life. I keep to myself. I don't share much about what I am up to, normally. I Esp never date and never bring home dudes to meet, drop names of dudes im into... nothing like that because im Never In To Anyone! hah! That is What stunned them the most. The fact that no matter how often they tried to set me up, sent guys around, encouraged me at clubs and bars and any social setting if a singleton approached that they "found" attractive, "ari do it! do it!" Friends that hit on me, that was the worst, always, hence why I prefered to be alone too, literally. I like a solitairy life. More time for me to read, work on my own projects, study. But now I'm doing something out of absolutely character for my normal M.O. It certainly is shaking Shit Up in my life.

Again, reasons for my loved ones to begin taking me serious. All these things I have done, I would NEVER EVER EVER do. I wouldn't Unless I Was Serious. Unless I Meant Everything. When they tried to tease me, normally I shrug it off and laugh it off, but when face to face with them and they Tried to tear down my decision, I Struck Back. I pointed out Everything I was doing. Threw back In their faces all the talk of my rational nature, my sensibilities, etc. If they Know Me Always to be the most sensible, solid, together... then Motherfuckers WHAT is UP here???! If I AM ALWAYS, Those Things... Why NOW do you Choose to Question me? Because it sounds insane??! Yeah, i SAID That already. But that Doesnt make it Invalid and it Doesnt make me Wrong either. Since i Normally Wouldn't Do this and I AM doing it now, What the FUCK do you THINK im SAYING here??? What the HELL do you Think I Am Saying I feel about this person?? About what he Means to me? Wake the f' up man!

Since I am normally passive and chill, it also made a statement for me to sass them all back and to point out ALL THEIR SHITTY Relationship decisions They've Made because ALL of them have had AT LEAST Four Times the amount of relationships in their lives compared to Myself. Hence, I Don't have a rep for choosing Countless shitfuck mates. So, if they think they can bring it on, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Try to come at me. lol! I might be nice, but I am also Pretty Outspoken when im riled. hahaha! Thems Fighten' Words Bitches!! haaaahaaa

Overall, I am satisfied with this selection. 🙂 Mighty pleased as punch. (and no, not Jim Jones punch either) Now, we just have to wait out this time apart. If its Already good enough like this, I can only imagine how much better it will be once we no longer have this massive ocean between us. Looks like, for me, this place works! haha!

You know, we are going to have to do some Ancient Alien chat soon. Miss you man. 😉

Sometimes our life needs to be shook up so we don't stagnate. It can be the most fun had. I'm still lurking lol now TO THE LONG BOATS!


Yay! 😀

Sacha Level 7 Feb 6, 2018

Heeey baaaby! Its my only "girl" i consider here at agnostic! i have missed you, gorgeous! 😉 How is in going on the opposite side of the globe Ms Sascha?

Soo remember everything I told you before...? Well, scratch that. Whatever you are thinking, it isn't that... one. I hope you can understand my riddle-esq hidden message here, love! haha Soo its another... matter than the last matter. (hahaha) Should I just try some morse code? Smoke signals? Carrier pigeon reanimation? You are a Smart Girl. You will understand me. 😉

Yeah, Sacha, didn't see This one coming! haha! At all. It kinda... snuck up on me. You will lauuuugh when i... FUCK! YEAH WHEN I EMAIL YOU!!! hahahaha

Well then, screw this song and dance! I will email you later tonight once I'm not frazzled and distracted by a million other things happening around me. YES! By George, this Moron has Got it! E-mail! E-mail! E-mail!

Chat yooou soooon ma dear! wink wink

@Sadoi I got you! wow wow. I can't wait for you email 🙂

@Sacha heehee I will tell you EVERYTHING! Gotta share this news with someone! I will quickly email you the name and then I will fill you in tonight on the Details. Heehee

Okay! I sent the name to you!!

@Sadoi OOOOoOoOooOOoOoOoOhhhhhhlala


I am here for community, but think your words have validity. I really believe that the idea of like minded mingling, and sharing heart felt thoughts is bound to bring some of you into a real relationship. Best of luck

Absolute Truth. I didn't really know what to make of it. I never could get past creating a profile at two other dating sites and that was a enough to get me to run the other direction! I couldnt groove with the photo line ups and the two sentences worth of words. Im staring at them like black and whites and everyone is saying which colour combo do you want Ari? Meanwhile im thinking, "i see no colours until I hear the words, find the mind... i see nothing except black and white... i see no distiguishing difference other than tones of gray."

I could never make those sites work for me.

Here, though, its more of a community than it is a dating site, yet the congregation of intelligence makes it a much easier and probable jump to make. I mean, i Surely did NOT expect this! Surprise!! To me even! To me Most. It is what it is.

It was very natural and organic and has remained so to date. It doesn't feel like some... weird event. It has been simpatico, sublime.

We both realize there are many things we must get through in order to get to the end result, but we feel the venture is worth the risk. We did think it through. It just sort of... happened. It wasn't coaxed out of either of us... it wasn't something we Realized we were doing. Not planned whatsoever. And before either of us Knew it, It Was There... and it was obvious... the Elephant in the room. So i got asked out on another date, he was encouraging me to be happy and do what I needed to be happy. No confessions had been made. It was so easy. I just smiled to myself as I waited for my friend to arrive... to ask me out... and i Did Not ask him first... i told him nothing until it had been done.

After he told me "Aww congrats," blah blah I just said in a nutshell, "I turned him down." and he asked me Why? Why would I do that?? I just told him "Because we both already know why. You already know why and you are too shy to admit it. I am shy too, but one of us must address this elephant in the room. I didn't go because its too late. I already have freelings for someone else, for You, specifically and, i'd rather take a chance on this, as risky as it could be, over not telling you. Its that simple. That natural. You either feel the same or you do not. Either way I still have a friend in the end, a great friend, so its a win-win, is it not?"

But he quickly admitted how he felt. I said Muuch Mooore than the above, but that was generally what it was. And that was that. Why play a game? People wear masks to hide the truth. To conceal their Honest Thoughts for Fear of rejection. If you Live as a Coward, you Risk to Gain Nothing. I would Rather Be Brave... Speak up... take that Chance... see if im right or if im wrong. It is my choice to make, my heart to give. I was willing to put it out there and to see what the truth was. I got the truth. 😉


May the light always surround you and father/mother luck stay as a friend!

Aww... that is... such a beautiful sentiment. It is Deeply Appreciated. Even my facial expression changed when I read your words. Such a kind gesture.

Thank you... hand to heart Sincerely. 🙂


You sound very happy! Have fun!

Thank you! I am. I realize this is Still a lot of work. But, im willing to commit to giving that work a damn good game shot!! If we succeed, cool, scores a point! If not, I know I gave it a go and what is there to lose? Time? Everything in life can and will hurt, even Love. Its merely a matter of choosing who you are willing to be hurt by, and likewise, who you hurt in return. Not of malice, but of human nature. Some times I feel its worth the shot. If you finally stop trying, and not after a long break like I had either, but truly lose any faith, then... congratuations, you have now successfully giving into the darkest of darks, cynicism and apathy.

I am Thankful I didnt Allow all my past love relations to break me to the point that I could no longer see the light. Some might scoff, Scoff Away! I'd be one of the scoffers in the past, myself, but now I know better. Everyone has to learn in their own ways I suppose.

At the very least, I am In for an Adventure and, hey, I'm a curious girl. It might kill that cat, but satifaction brought Her back. 😉


Congratulations. I hope it works out for you. 🙂

Why thank you. It happened a bit suddenly so u was almost too embarrassed to admit it publicly, for fear of ridicule because I'm Logical! I Know how it sounds. I Totally get it, but... Nonetheless, it has happened... And in cruising along with it. We aren't going crazy, we are exploring things as we await bringing to fruition what it takes for him to come to my country, and of course, for me to enter his as well.

But, yup... We Are Doing this! Haha it's... Still baffling to me, too, but when it finally starts to happen, and To Happen the way you said "listen friends, if it doesn't happen like this this and this and he Doesn't think this this and this, then nope, not settling. 80% isn't Even enough for my ass eat this point. I'm too old to keep going through bullshit but what I want is so specific that I will probably resign to a Singleton life for... Maybe ever. But I won't settle. Refuse to time" then (bam) there He Is... In Aaall his Glory and I Am Smitten!

This one, this one hit All The points. And now... The deed has been done. 😉



Why Thank You! I am so very lucky. I did stranger, out of character things just to end up here on this site to being with and getting there...I have no idea what happened, but...90% of the human population scares me because most of them are more twisted than one could ever know and people can exquisitely deceive... So I prefer animals to most people. And when I do develope feeling for a person, I am most fearful of them because now they can have control over my world, but this is the first person who I haven't feared, initially. I Am a guarded, private person, as open as I may start here, I'm still very selective about what I share. I never cross that line.

I haven't felt that way at all with this person. Absolutely not afraid of him at all. He is the most gentle and thoughtful person and I appreciate that. He is a gentleman, old school, a dying breed. How I got so lucky, I'm still pinching myself.

I know one thing though, I won't allow a day to go by when I don't make Absolutely Sure he knows how important he is to me and how grateful I am for however it is we crashed into one another. I am so appreciate for this. So now I get to Rejoice!


I sincerely hope for all the best on this adventure you are on. It's exciting to see positive connections via this site. I am very new here, and still skeptical in my own right. And anti-online dating. I am also a hopeless romantic and like to believe that anything is possible.

Thank you. This site has really awesome people so don't discount anything around here! Haha

And welcome! Jump in and join us in conversation. You will love it here. 🙂


You are assuming that none of the posts are from an A.I. How would any of us know? Does it matter at all? Funny. We could be corresponding with Jade Helmet...and not know.

So you're saying I could be dating Data...? Well fuck the heck yes!! Sign me up for the Android loving!!!

@Sadoi he he I'm a robot! To be honest I prefer the term NI Natural Intelligence, because my creator was natural though my mechanical components are not. My programing allows only for logic, complex, upside down, misunderstood logic.

@Dav87 I have one for you my dear... hahaha

@Dav87 Now Watch THAT babe!!! lmao! Tell me what you think about Automatic Robot Lovers! The Data Prototype!! I know some fucked up music vidoes and songs darling sooo be prepaaaared!

I admit it. SHAMELESSLY!! I am a fucking weirdo! lol

I Swear, if we aren't John Lennon and Yoko Ono for Halloween, we MUST be DeeDee Jackson and the Robot! oh, sorry, I mean, "The Automatic Lover 3000!" hahahaha

And All i've got to do is Rob ABBA for their wardrob in order to get that DeeDee outfit down!

@Sadoi just rob from my wardrobe! I'm sure I've got something like that!

@Dav87 oh really! Okay so once a month let's dress like 70s Glam rockers and walk the Christian conservative streets of Holland! Or we can dress as ABBA! Lol. Sean would play along! We just need one more member! Lol

I am serious too. I, too, like to fuck around with people, discomfort they get from things of that nature and I enjoy seeing the reactions because people are fast too easy to read half the time! Haha

A partner in crime would be fantastic! Let's see if you can get kicked out of Walmart with me next!! I'm hoping to get kicked out ten times in five years!!

I'm a reeal naughty trickster you see... no joke 😉

@Dav87 "you Hath been excommunicated from Walmart!!! Ban extending you're Natural Life by penalty of No ownership rights to cheap, badly produced crap products effective Immediately!!!"

@Dav87 oh, and it's okay babe. We can be upside down and misunderstood together. It's not so much the ride as it is who you are riding With. Let them talk. We don't really have to listen, now do we? I don't. Haha

You can be my Data, dear. 😉. Now perform some magnificent mathematical computation feat! Hit me baaay-beee!

Handsome bot. 😉


So who is it?

He is among us. 😉


Awesome.... We need to Tuut the horns for you. Loud and Clear. For both of you actually.

Awww and You... you, one of my closest friends here. I so admire your advice and your conversations. I have enjoyed spending time chatting with you from the get go, friend.

You will love him. You will Believe I am making a wise Choice. He is so... Good. He is old fashioned. You would appreciate that about him. He wants simple things out of life, Just like I do. He doesn't require all the fancy bells and whistles life has to offer. He finds True Worth and Merit in the things that count most... in the way he lives his life, how he feeds and liberates his mind. A simple man with deep thoughts. I never tire of hearing his words and his experiences in life. He enriches me... helps me to see myself clearer as well. He is genunie and open about himself, with me.

You know, what I find most endearing about his is... his shy nature. It is such a contradiction in so much of how he is stylistically speaking. For all his banter and antics in his ways of fashion, he is gentle and kind.

And he makes me Laugh! I laugh So Much! If each day, I learn something new and I Laugh a few good ones, I could be content the rest of my days. Each Day he teaches me something new. He even teaches me without realizing. He teaches me to challenge my own notions. And laugh... Boy do i EVER LAUGH! He is a riot! Our humour is so similiar it is unfathomable. So many things, we share in common. ODD things, including our eating habiis, which is Tres Strange because I already have a freakshow of a diet! haha!

I realize that sounds as ridiculous as horoscope reading, but its so much more than that. I couldn't even sum it up into words because, thus far, there are no words I could manifest to put it into terms that could be conveyed to another. It is intangible

This time, my friend... I Am Ready. Got my hat and gloves, and im Off to the Races! 😉

all my love, friend

@Sadoi Way to go girl... You are Ready and that is the key... you ready, he ready... Create your own Collective Freedom and explore life and world. Witness to each other life without compromises. All in. Experience is always good. Congrats!!!!


Taken! Congratulations.

Hellooo my friend!!! Indeed everything you just said its Quite True!! I wasn't planning to be "Taken" but, alas, it has begun!! I am content in this. I am thankful for this. Thankful I wasn't too blind to figure it out. Too stubborn to accept the change. Too fearful to take the risk.

I want to take The Risk. Happily, I Will Take the Risk. Life is Already a Risk anyway. Ive been hurt before. It won't be the first, certainly not the last.

Its not about avoiding the pain, its about What your mate does about it After the Fact. A wise person realizes pain is unavoiable. Danger is unavoidable. We take a risk all days, all nights. The only question should be, do you wish to live a life of Freedom... or a life of regret?

Life is a gift not meant to be wasted. Love equates to nothing in the end unless you Give it Away. You Must Give it Away... regardless of what does or does not return back to you. If you hoard it, you Lose The Whole Point of this Life you were Gifted. It is about Opening yourself Up to the Possibilities... Embrace the fear, the danger... and Jump! Its that Easy. Don't over analyze some times. Be wise. Be Smart, but don't be So smart you are Stupid, if you know what I mean.

For me, life is an Inspiration. I seek to Find Inspiration... and this one, this one inspires me. What can I say? It is that literal... that honest. I shall see. Either way, this Journey... it is the only One I have... this life. I want to Feel It, not Hide from it. So why hide from love for fear of loss? We will Always lose someday... we are finite. Love is not. Hence, why stiffle it when instead, you can Feed it... Let Your Love Bloom! ... its all we've got.

@Sadoi so what message do you have to misandrists hiding under safety measures and personal boundaries? Isn't this kind of reply a blow into the face of misandrists that have occupied America and made me to regret why I was born a man? The same misandrists I ask why do they keep on having male babies when they can abort? Misandrists that have made me wish if I didn't grew in a woman's womb? Misandrists that make me fear that one day ,one day old male babies will be accused of sexual harassment after being breastfeed?


He's not Russian is he?

Noo he is not. 😉 Country of Origin = zips lips would be a dead giveaway. If he wishes to speak on his own behalf, he is welcome to, but we are both private people, except I finally lost a gasket and decided to out myself. hahaha!

He offered to come out with me and I said I was fine out here alone.

@Sadoi Well I love the wide-eyes optimism. Take that chance, Go love!

Does this man you refer to answer to the name "Jesus" by any chance? 😉

@DelilahJones33 He does sound like a real savior.


Congrats, hope it works out.

Thank you very much. I don't like to lose. I've spent years alone so I wouldn't risk a loss. I think this stands a pretty damn good game shot. If not, I'd have never taken the leap. I am a skeptical creature. Sometimes though, You Know.

After countless people coming to court me, I turned each one down, and it wasn't fun... i never liked to be That Person, but I just knew this is not the one. It wasn't just being picky, it was being Wise and Selective. I have Literally turned down doooozens of people for years. I Stayed Single. I stayed alone. Dont drink at the bars, im the Designated Driver. Go home Alone night after night. I was fine that way. I am a student as well as a career girl in the field of Medicine. I needed my time anyway, I was fine alone. But... i wasn't unwilling to open my life up to the Right Person.

... I Believe this is the right person... 🙂




When I started reading this I was like, "Nuh-uh! She didn't!" and got all defensive because I met my bf online.
Buttt...looks like a change of heart occured and you ate your words. 😛😛
I'm glad you found each other! Good on you both! Loved the way you ended the post: "Keep those faces smiling and keep those hearts Hopeful!" <3 <3 <3


YEARS ago, I took the eHarmony quiz. I made a whole night of it because I knew that it would take a long time. So with wine glass in hand, I dived in and completed the survey... 30 maybe 40 minutes long. I then pressed the button and waited for the magic to happen...

... only to have a common page pop up saying, and I paraphrase, "sorry, but based on your response there is no one in here for you". Yeah, the site touted where anyone could find love actually told me that they had nothing for me. It went on to say, again I paraphrase "Don't worry, this happens to about 25% of the people that fill out the survey" which is BS because I've never heard of this happen to anyone else and if 25% of people got rejected into the site, I'm not sure how they would keep their business afloat. Sounds to me like when someone says "it's not you, it's me" which really means it's you not me! LOL

Well, you have me on Facebook as well so you Already Know who it is. Its okay. It isn't a secret. It happens sometimes. 🙂


Very cool! Very cool!

@TheMiddleWay Thank you, my friend. 🙂 I appreciate the words of positivity. You must know how I Value your opinion, greatly. You know this. It means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me, friend. That hasn't changed. I miss you, actually.


from my heart


You know I'm all about diving in and taking chances and I'm glad you are willing to go outside your comfort zone and take a chance here as well. Come what may, it's good for us to break out of our molds and habits every once in a while. And as you can see from the overwhelming positive support you've gotten here, it serves as an inspiration for others to do the same, to take a chance.


I love hearing stories like this, AND especially here! Congrats and safe travels.

Nena Level 6 Feb 6, 2018

Honestly keep the killer smiling face here, you have been enlightening my day even though I never mentioned it for fear of being misunderstood. You were also my first direct contact...I mean you said hello to me before anyone noticed my presence thus becoming a candle in my darkness. Oops...


@Rugglesby You sly dog you.

haha, not this little black duck


Good luck on finding a connection... I wish you well....


Thank you for sharing and appreciate that some fortuitous came your way. I have taken a kind of opposite view. I am discovering more and more every day, that with the more logically I look at the companion/lover situation that my life is grand without. I have almost everything people work for their entire lives to earn. I have a nice home 2 wonderful kids that rely on me. Pets and ways to sustain the basics. I have gone years without touching a woman and thinking about the stress that comes from a relationship not sure I would welcome that. I find am more and more understanding the ideas behind the charter Spock from star trek.



id like to be a 100% behind you lol. only joking but yes you have very valid points and even if you don't find the one you find people worth talking too.

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