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What would you say are your highest aspirations in life?

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To acquire as much wealth, possessions and power as possible. Land the very best trophy wife ever. Get more attention than anyone, and become President.


To continue aspiration.


Probably the hardest one I can think of... to live happily ever after. Acrueing wealth can gain you things and give you pleasure (here you go, Dopamine-monkey, here's a little dopamine-cookie for you... I bought new shoes!), but finding happiness (awww, what's the matter, Serotonin-sloth, why are you so down?), well, that's harder and I've never been much good at it, though I'm practicing on being mindful of the difference between pleasure and happiness and focusing on achieving Happy. So... my asperation, Happiness. Thanks for asking... You made me spell it out to myself!


To be that pebble that skips across the pond...and leaves ripples forever.


to help animals


Going for my masters at the school of hard knocks.


PHD math


To follow my bliss, be happy.


Gotta love Spidey!


To have a positive impact on my nieces and nephews that will be remembered long after I'm gone.
To leave my little corner of the world better than I found it.
To enjoy my life as much as possible.
To be worthy of my dog.

I don't know about my ever being worthy of my dogs..the purest spirits ever.


To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women.

J/K. Full-on liberation from the wheel of birth and death, Buddhist-style; perfect compassion for all beings; a spotless heart of unlimited, unconditioned loving kindness.

I'm a hateful little troll, so it's gonna take some time...

I agree with the middle paragraph.


To do or cause no harm.

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