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POF - Plenty of Fish. Anyone familiar with it or use it? What are your thoughts on pof?

RYSR10 6 Feb 8

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I'm on POF.......and haven't had a lot of luck, but it is interesting. My brother in law said my profile scares men away; I say my honesty will attract the right man! Good luck......POF CAN be a jungle rather than a calm sea.

I have my profile worded in just that way to weed out anyone who does not have the same expectations me.

@jlynn37 I actually added " no phone sex, no quickies" on my profile to save everybody's time. Once in awhile along comes someone who takes it as a chllenge, but they are easy to spot.

For anyone curious or interested, here is my profile statement:
"I am 80 years old and single for 50 years. I have no interest in marriage or have anyone live with me. I am here to meet women, make friends and to see what can happen within that friendship, nothing more. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

@AzVixen52 My profile has been quite caustic at times, tongue in cheek, and I have copped abuse form people who believe I am serious, so that weeds them out as i like intelligent women. I guess your profile scaring people off is the same result.

I agree with you. If my profile scares somebody, then apparently me in real life would scare them too. I may be single for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I think I'd be fine with that.


your better of trying to date an actual fish



Most contacts wanted meaningless sex. Not my cup of tea.

Zster Level 8 Feb 8, 2018

To each his own. I completely support you and the decisions you make for your life (as long as you cause no harm). There is no one size fits all for humanity.

Did not claim that there was. I simply answered the original question posted, which was what did I think. I could only answer from my own experience. Obviously the site works for many as it continues years after I tried it.


Just reading about it, makes me feel like I need to deep clean my entire house.


Been there, done that. Burned the t-shirt. I wouldn't recommend it, but that's just me.

I agree. I haven't actually completed the chore of removing myself from POF, but I delete the promotional e-mails and never check the site.

I have learned that, as an atheist, dating web sites are pretty much a waste of MY time. And, for one of them, it was a waste of $75 "just to see." Never again.

@BlueWave I haven't figured out yet how to remove myself from the site. Heck, I was in a four-year relationship after signing on (set-up, not from there), and that's more than a year over. I never look at the folder with the emails.

@BlueWave I think I deleted my account, but truthfully, it's been so long, I really don't remember.

@ChrisLAbbey The Google will know, Chris. ?

@BlueWave I checked. Turns out I can still log in. That was two computers ago, but the username/pass may have been embedded in the email.


I think this site offers more through people showing their personalities with the discussions. POF seems to be full of people that have an easy time sexting probably married also. I would not trust anyone on the POF site.

Yes, there are many disgusting people up there. What I mean by that is rude, disrespectful, spamming, lying, cheating, prostitution and just straight up unethical. However, there are some genuine people up there. I've made a few online friends that are nice to talk to. I think I've only met one lady in person and it was a one-night stand.


I’m on POF and have only met up with one person from there. What I find interesting/ironic is how many will describe their personality as “free thinker” and then put “Catholic” or “Christian” as their religion. Say what now? 😉


I'm on there but haven't found anyone worth meeting

Nothing ventured, nothing gained and it's free.


I've meet two of my exes on pof... so take that as you will I guess.

One for me, as in 1 actual relationship, a couple of short term flings though.

@Rugglesby heck, short-term flings are all I'm interested in, and I can't even get that! 🙂

@marga same here much of the time, they don't have to be short term, but they don't have to last forever either. I am happy for the company, we have fun, I get to do things I wouldn't do on my own for a while. I find it hard to find people I want anything permanent with, it has happened but not often


I met Mary through that site. I don't know how I could be so fortunate! It became obvious to me that most of the women on there were professional daters.


Have never met one yet that tells the truth!

You have not met me.

@jlynn37 Nope not met you


I absolutely LOVE plenty of fish!!!!!! My ex found her new husband there!!! It was so cool when I told her it was ok to be with him! Love that dude hahahahaha


I have a POF account and I've had some dates. It used to be good, but since ownership of the site has changed hands it has become nothing but porn ad after porn ad. You have to pay to see your matches on the meet me section. I think it needs to go back to being the great site it once was. It needs to be 100% free again. Now, I shall step down from my soapbox.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

Whatever floats your boat people. Life is brief and unpredictable, embrace it now while you still have the privilege and opportunity to do so. (IMHO)

@Atheistman It means "Irritating Men Hate Otters" 🙂

@Atheistman In My Humble Opinion. Standard internet acronym such as LOL, LMAO etc.


In my area, I don't see the greatest sample of women on POF. I've met plenty of intelligent and refined women here so I have a feeling, at least locally, POF is not the preferred for the type of women I'm looking for. That being said I do have a date Tuesday with someone I met on the site, but she stuck out as different and that was the reason for my advance. Personal opinion: the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to find someone.


I think its a load of rubbish. I get "would like to meet you" notifications, then when I contact the lady I get no answer or she is not interested. These are designed to lure people in to the site.

I do believe that the POF administrators put out statements like this just to make it seem that you are getting "hits" and if you are a fee member you will join to see who is wanting to meet you. (IMHO)


very fishy.

Makes sense. 🙂


Well... I got on there and realized it's not for me. I found that if I move around and meet people my odds of certainty are a lot better. Heck... I met my wife at an AA retreat. My ex and her husband was at the same one... I guess I can wish him luck...ha ha!


I have probably mentioned this in response to another post, but I was on a couple sites recently (have since quit both), and what I found was that most women identified as Christians or Catholics, and typically wanted a Christian match, or they were "spiritual," which I wasn't even sure what they meant by that. Anyway, what bothered me more was that most of those who contacted me obviously hadn't read my profile; and some I would "message," never responded, or we would swap a couple messages, they'd say they were going on a trip, and that was the last I heard from them. So, unless this site you've mentioned here is significantly better in that regard, I'm done with those. But, thanks, anyway.


Got my 14+ months and counting cool pen pal from there, also recruited several guys for a singles over-55 social club I am in. I find way less married guys on there than on Match!


Ah, POF. My experience has been a hate/self agonizing experience with that app. It's poorly monitored and a breeding ground for sociopaths to stalk prey. However, as a woman if you find yourself in need of attention, it certainly fulfills that purpose. You find yourself in the vicious cycle of being disgusted at most of the messages, but the same kind of disgust like watching a dumpster fire or rubbernecking when you come across an accident. It's also quenches the need for confrontation if you're a bit of antagonist and want to build skills on pithy comebacks.

If you have thick enough skin to handle the greetings of 'hey mama, want to come over and sit on my face?'. Or 'u look like a big girl who can take a poundin' then POF is the place for you. I once made a sarcastic profile of all the gross things that were said and did end up meeting someone decent. Just like with any dating app, as long as your skin is thick and expectations of others are low, it will be moderately stimulating until it's not.

Funny lol. I try to think from a lady's perspective on dating sites... I am sure they get a lot of offers, including creeps as you said. It's also as if ladies assume that every guy is of low quality on that site; however, as you said, it is best to keep expectations low.

For example, one person said she was "looking for fun" on her profile. I messaged her "What kind of fun are you wanting" or something in that wording. She messaged me back saying "none that you can offer." Wtf? I messaged her back about her being ignorant. Then she started to attack my quality of how I do my job as a crisis counselor. That disgusts me. However, she is young so I guess I can't expect much understanding from her.

This is a tad off topic, @RYSR10 - I am impressed with your punctuation skills. Seriously. 👍


My friend Kelly and her husband found each other there. They have been married for 5 years now.


I deleted pof for good a few months ago after using it on and off for 3 years. Usually if you match, the guy then wants you to send nude pics. 2 guys showed up for dates “ forgetting” their wallets. Ugh! But, the pièce de résistance was the guy that got smashed at a really fancy restaurant. He knocked over our $15 glasses of wine twice, used the tablecloth as a napkin, massaged the ladies”s shoulders who was seated next to us, did a face plant in his beef filet and fell on the way out and cut his head open. Oh yeah, he also only brought $80 with him and I had to pay the $120 left for the bill.


I am on it, a few years back, lots of contacts that went nowhere, so I changed my profile, made it quite abrasive. No closer to finding a special someone, but I waste far less time.
funnily enough, I made a couple of friends with my nasty profile.


In my opinion it sucks the girls that message u on there only care about u signing up for other sites an giving out your credit information this is from experience I tried once an they charged my card 3 separate transactions of 39 dollars when there was nothing on my card they say it's free free my ass it's a crock of shit excuse my language

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