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Please Tell Me One Body Part You Hate Or Find Least Attractive About Yourself

I read a Post from Sarahroo29 that really touch me!
It made me really sad that appearance is so relevant in our culture.

We are all human and we all have flaws. More importantly we all have insecurities. If we are all honest with ourselves, there is something about our bodies we feel is unattractive to others.

I would like to ask everyone to show how we all have insecurities and things we dislike about ourselves.

For me, I absolutely hate my hips! not only are they too big but I have a dimple in each butt cheek and I am very subconscious about it.

What about you?

twshield 8 Feb 10

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For me it's my stomach. No matter how hard I try to hold it in, it keeps sneaking out there. I hate it when my shirts touch it, and I only wear baggy clothes to cover it. I never even take my shirt off unless I'm in the shower. If I go swimming in public, I wear a tank top. I'm grateful for all the stuff my stomach does for me, but if it could stop storing fat, that would be awesome.

that sounds like me and my chest...I have tits lol imagine that at the public pool!


I dislike my nose. I look like Miss Piggy and I've got to keep it clean because you can see right up it.

I think it looks great! thanks for responding!

I think it's adorable!

@twshield Thanks and thank you for this post.

@JoeMastle Thank you, I've passed it onto 3 of my 4 kids. I hope it's okay. Sheesh.

From your photos I see no issue with your nose at all.
Now in one of those though, your thick, dark mustache does stand out just a bit.

@BenPike it's actually blond

@BenPike oh, shit! I forgot about that one! Ha


My toothless smile

Thanks for sharing!

I am sans teeth for yet one more month. Boy do I hate it.


Nose and could use a little dental attention.

thanks for responding!


I'd like a bigger "member" & a bit smaller gut. Never had the tummy problem 'til just the last few years, & even the worry over my "size" is recent. I knew I wasn't huge, I'm only 5'6" so am in proportion, but it seems, at least over the "media" that women are saying they care much more about this than most guys thought. Since foreplay has always been part of my repertoire I've never had "complaints", but now I'm questioning myself! Also, I have some circulation issues now, so I'm getting some varicose veins in the lower legs & feet. Not the most attractive. Thankfully my sharp wit, sparkling personality & boyish good looks compensates for all that!!!

I have veins, as well and I'm so pale I look like the see through man from high school science class.

every dude in her certainly want more "member" plus a smaller gut! I am only 5'8 and i am 280lbs so i have much improvement to do. Thanks for sharing man!

@twshield I'll be honest here, no matter what. I have nothing to hide, & I'm no longer a "whipper-snapper" so it's damn tough to "shame" me! I know who I am & what I have to offer. There should be a line!!! LOL

@Donotbelieve I've always wanted X-Ray vision!!!

@phxbillcee You'd rip your eyes out.

@phxbillcee same here, i am an open book. sometimes i share too much !

@Donotbelieve I'll take my chances!!

@Donotbelieve My step nieces were having a "Who is the palest contest" - I told them I'd play the winner. I won! Dang. And super dark hair so there's that whole "If I feel a bit sick everybody knows". I do have one photo of me as a kid with some color from the Sun - not sure if I believe it or not? lol

@Manimshut Just so you don't misunderstand why I hit like - there is nothing wrong with your face or hair, and I can't see your teeth so I can't comment on those. I'm just really happy to see a man who is satisfied with his member, and even more impressed with a man who can say he is satisfied with his member without euphemisms as adjectives, and possible fish stories.

@Manimshut No over tall buildings in a single ejaculation?


Besides my big belly that I've been trying to shrink as much as possible, I have a chipped front tooth, that makes me reluctant to smile.

smiling doesn't always mean showing your teeth my friend!

@twshield I like to laugh and it's hard to do without smiling. lol
It's just something that bugs me, I hope to get it fixed soon.

@Paul628 hope so too if that's what you want. i am pretty self conscious about my smile too so i totally understand

If it's not that bad of a chip, the dentist can probably grind that into a shape you'd like better without costing a lot (especially a good idea if you're catching your lip on it or anything, making you uncomfortable)... or you could just consider that anyone who judges you by a chip on your tooth is too shallow for their opinion to particularly matter to you on that. Best wishes.

@ElizabethI The chip is too big to file square, but a sharp fang could work. lol


Man, I’ve got baby man boobs. Fixin to get rid of them too.

cool. i am working on it myself. i use to be 400lbs and i am now 280lbs. they are much smaller than before but still noticeable....

@twshield That is AMAZING. Good for you!

@RavenCT thanks!


Being 5 ft 8 inches and female. Belly - dang belly. Otherwise I've don't really have a lot of body hate? That being said two different boobs due to Breast Cancer - but hey I'm just happy I still have two? The things that make you appreciate your body parts more.

well said and thanks for sharing!
You are a survivor!!!


My left ear hasn't worked since about 1973. As a result I speak out of the side of my mouth and can't hear anything on that side.
It is an invisible thing though, on first meeting. No one can tell, which is a mixed blessing.

Now I must fulfill my obligation to the probably-non-existent spirit of karma and say how thankful I am for my health and vitality as it is: nicks, dents. scratches and all.

that is awesome sir! Thanks!

Nothing they can do even with new tech? I had a friend in college - her Mom was missing an ear (at birth). They did a cochlear implant and she was weeping with joy. It was awesome.

@RavenCT $70k is the estimate

@BenPike Ah she must have had excellent insurance at the time. Wow $70K!

@RavenCT my doctor said insurance won't cover me because I have one functional ear. It's for patients who are deaf.

@BenPike I think she might have been considered deaf so that may have explained it - her one ear had a hearing aid? Wow that's just mean "you have one good ear why would you want to hear with both?". Insurance. Sigh....


This is a really tough topic but also a great one. I kinda feel like since there are other people out there who have real problems, I don't have much room to complain. I mean, seriously, if you're a 6 foot, 200 pound, healthy, straight, white guy in Merikuh! , and you have an ounce of compassion and shame in your body, you arent going to cry about some little, insignificant thing when other people go through every day of their lives struggling with actual hard shit.

That being said, since it was asked, I'll answer: my face. Not a fan of my chin. My eyes tend to disappear when I smile. And it seems like my default facial expression is either, "Go fuck yourself and set yourself on fire", or "Huh? What?". On top of that, i have a 'florid' complexion (the most interesting word I've heard used to describe my often red and irritated skull-hide) and it gets flaky if i do anything like, oh, i dunno... breath. So, there's that that makes me selfconcious as fuck lol.

And of course, what guy doesn't the Daft Punk of dongs to work miracles with? But that goes without saying lol.

For those of you who don't get the Daft Punk reference, this is the song lol. (btw, it's just an awesome song)

Ok listened to the music and still don't understand the reference. Care to explain?

@RavenCT lol second joke fail today. Every man wants a penis that is 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger'. I am beginning to think that i was mistaken in my thought that i was humorous. Ah well, I'll just harvest the stem-cells from these aborted jokes and use them to help treat anti-comedy afflictions.

Well said my friend, and i am just a dude but i think you are a great looking guy. Thanks for responding!

@DobbinPitch Hey my fail that I couldn't hear that in the song! Don't feel bad now I get it. (Slow some days especially when it's raining in New England in February! (Too weird).

@witchymom aww, thanks! I think it's even better in a dark room with a balaclava on it lol




My feet.

I can not tell you how many people are very self-conscious of their feet?? Yoga class - instructor "You HAVE TO take your socks off". They now make yoga socks? I mean.... loads of people.

I am too but only because i have a burn on one foot. Thanks!

@twshield I have a hereditary syndactyly (partial) between two toes on my left foot. Did not notice it until I was 16 sitting on a dock by a lake.... Frankly happy to show it to anyone. But than my Mom had the same so it doesn't bother me.

@RavenCT that's cool it doesn't bother you at all 🙂

One of my husbands constantly pointed out to me that I should have had hooves ( I am a capricorn) Hooves would have been so much more convenient.

@twshield Well if I didn't notice for 16 years you can bet no one else does. Just sitting by my best friend and looking at the water with our feet pulled up. I have one cat with the same thing. lol (Did I know it when I picked her out? No).


My gut.

I need to lose 30 lbs 😟

I have been too lazy.

arent we all sometimes! Thanks!


biting my nails and my round belly that is there more because of posture than fat but doesnt fit into that perfect form

Thanks for responding my friend!


I love that third testicle, it comes in handy when balancing on one foot.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

What's not to dislike! When I was young, I hated all my flaws, and now that I am old, I just feel like I am getting better looking. bwahahaha.

Seriously there is almost nothing I wouldn't trade out. (except my mind, I like that part)

As an aside, I have a cousin whose voice I just never really cared for, it always made me cringe a little when he talked.

Then as an adult the first time I heard my own voice played back... I have the same damn voice as he does! Luckily we never hear our own voices the same when we speak, lol. So I never really think about it.


This might sound weird, but my back.

If I lay on my back, you can roll a hot wheel all the way under me. Gives me a really strange profile and makes my stomach hang out even more.

thanks for sharing my friend!


My face is getting puffy with age . I'm not happy about it . 😟

Dougy Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Some people refer to that as distinguished

and mine's getting saggy and wrinkly. 🙂


I could say my 5' 3" height, except that I love being me more horse, and dance partner choices!

I could say my slight weight, except that I like being slim/skinny.

I guess I would have to say my teeth, except I don't worry about it as long as I can chew.

thank you for sharing!


Some days, my anger. Some days, my body.


You all already know.

and you already know we all have insecurities just like all humans!


I have no waist and no hips. I'm all straight lines, almost the same width from shoulders all the way down. Like a teenaged boy. With these tiny boobs, it's like I didn't make it all the way through puberty.

There is no such thing as a puberty scale! Thank you for responding my friend!

But you'll never accidentally put your boobs in your waistband as you get older! 😉


Well, I need to find out right often do you point out those dimples in your 'butt cheeks?' As I was giving myself a visual of seemed a little cute! That is where I stopped! Now, I disliked my straight somewhat long nose! As a teenager, I tried to tape it up to my fore head! You is kinda hard to hide your nose, I finally learned to live with it!

LOL too cute and thank you! I think your nose looks great and hope to look as good as you when i become your age!


My ostomy for sure.

Lauxa Level 5 Feb 10, 2018

just another way of getting things out your body doesn't need! Thank you so much for sharing !


My pot belly and my man-boobs! lol. I've had flabby pecs since I was a teenager, and although I will go shirtless on occasion, e.g. at the swimming pool, I do often feel self-conscious about them. But in recent years I've become more dissatisfied with my large gut. I think being a man makes me less concerned with how I look than many women are. Women have a raw deal, being judged so much on their appearance.

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