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Finally watching Wonder Woman. I am not a huge fan of action movies but everyone said this was good. I just can't understand why this character has to be a sexual kitten? Why do women always have to be sexual beings instead of just characters and strong regular people?
We will never be free of the sexism unless we change our image of strong women being just people.

Akfishlady 8 Feb 11

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I can answer that...'sex sells' they advertise that everywhere! I hate it!


It's frustrating. Especially when we get the "fall out" from it.
I've had more than my fair share of nasty, degrading, sexual comments made towards me.

I understand that being sexual is human and healthy, but what I'm talking about is not. It's unwelcomed and infuriating. It makes one feel objectified and less than human.

I have four children. Two boys and two girls. I am trying to raise them with respect for their fellow humans.

I worry about how my daughters will be treated. I want to eviscerate anyone who dares speak in such ways to them. I will not tolerate it for myself, either.


What kind of comments do women make about Thor? That he is strong? Noble enough to wield the Mjolnir?

I was going to make the same comment, even my gay women friends drool over him.

And now that Jason dude as the new Aquaman.
I don't talk about female characters (or actresses) that I find hot because, well... I really don't.

Whereas I have female friends drooling all over this Jason dude and I'm here... Rolling my eyes and trying to change the subject
Or just walk away.

@NeoXerops couldn't agree more. I hate it when women drool all over me too. I can't get hardly any work done or a moment's peace. 😉

@NeoXerops Jason Momoa. Makes me wish I were younger lol

@SherryMartin Hahaha! See? You just proved my point. 😉

@Akfishlady I'm with you.

@NeoXerops LOL. I know who Momoa is because he was on stargate the series which I loved then he kept turning up in my shows. I am not really a fan of actors since they lie for a living but have had crushes on characters. Like Loki in the avenger movies. I don't know the whole name of the actor that plays him but I love Loki for being a smartass


Wonder Woman was created in the 1940s, so I think the movie makers had to be somewhat faithful to her image as it has been through the decades. She is a comic book character, and was created for a mostly male audience, I think.

I like to think that things are getting better when it comes to women in movies. I wish there were more movies like Hidden Figures.


Why? Because sex sells. From Hollywood blockbuster action films geared towards men with tacked on female eye candy to trashy female-centric "so called" plot driven porn novels like Fifty Shades Of Gray. So long as it puts a shit ton of money in somebody's pocket, that dynamic will never change.

@Akfishlady yup

Never read the book or seen the movie. People kept telling me to read but their descriptions of why I should did nothing to convince me I would want to.

@Akfishlady I refused to read past 3 pages and deeply regret paying for #1 flick. ...the true title should be BILLIONAIRE STALKER. ...bribes college girl to be a victim prostitute he is the only "customer" by contract


agreed. start with the outfits


its all about money. never forget that.


I recorded it last night but am waiting to watch with my granddaughter. The kids and I am very much into the super hero/mutant thing


I don't think I would like a world where all women acted like 'just people' I'm picturing a world full of all women having the sex appeal of my mother. Which is to say none from my point of view but I am thrilled my dad saw her as a sex object or I wouldn't be here. Go mom and dad you sexist pigs!


I've not seen "Wonder Woman", yet. I don't see anything unusual about a woman who is sexual AND strong. Isn't the fact that women mature a fetus into an infant that is born through a lot of pain a sign of strength?


Very simple sex sells no matter what the context it's sad but that's the reality


I agree.

I couldn't understand why all those women were claiming the movie was uplifting to was nothing but Amazon women warriors dressed like porn stars.

Leather, boots, exposed thighs and busts, leaps into the air while spinning with crotches toward the camera (gross!), long, curly, loose hair for warriors (yeah, right), and in the end, it turns out Wonder Woman's success wasn't from her training, or womanly strengths..turns out she was a god - could blast other gods dead, and fly.

That's an attainable goal for our little girls to aspire to.


What an incredibly boring movie. I watched without paying for it. If they stop going to see superperson movies what will Follywood do? Bring back musicals? Westerns?


Umm .... Because most humans are sexual beings .... I'm not being fair, for the sake of being "funny" .... Sort of.

But yeah, Superman could look more like a regular Joe too.

But where's the fun in that???

Still you have a point, few people look like those characters and that unrealistic ideal promotes a lot of mental self harm.

I don't know. I think every single person looks exactly like those characters do to the person that loves them. Those people needed makeup wardrobe lights directions scripts and maybe CGI to look like that. All your honey has to do is step out of a shower and she wins hands down.


The actress begged for the role MNUCHIN Secretary of US TREASURY produced the film both are zionists but the comic book author was trying to make Feminism more powerful than Superman long before invaders took over Palestine. or buy the movie: THE PROFESSOR AND HIS WONDER WOMEN the true life story @ Harvard Radcliffe and NYC


The creator based Wonder Woman on his wife and their female lover. Watch "Professor Marston & The Wonder Women" to see the story. They were kinky. The creator saw both women as strong women and just incorporated their kink into it. The comic book when it first started out had people being tied up constantly until the creator started getting less and less control of his creation. What she is now is very tame compared to what she was, but she was always meant to be an admired strong woman.

Nope ....kinky does NOT describe FREE LOVE and the inventors of POLYGRAPH. ...kinky is a sexist prudish word

@GreenAtheist They liked tying each other up and role playing. It's partially why they invented the lasso of truth.

I watched Professor Marston and the Wonder Women yesterday. What an eye opener! I have a whole new understanding of the Wonder Woman character!


Wonder Woman wasn't a sexual kitten. She's played by a smokin hot actress for a few reasons. First, people like watching attractive actors/actresses. Second, anyone who trains and fights for most of their life is going to be in incredible shape. Third, she looks like the character she's based on. Just like Thor, iron man, and all the others.

There is almost no sex in the movie, there is no sexualization beyond her being attractive. The fact that you think there is, is ludicrous. Complain about justice league by all means, but Wonder Woman was well done.

The Israeli actress is a mother of two IN COSTUME that would girdle up many women into the "hot" sexist boys eyes


She was invented a long, long time ago. All super hero's are "sexy". It's part of the genera because physically attractive people sell more products than dumpy ones. We find people physically attractive because that is what modern society and science have decided what physical beauty is. I don't understand why people get so mad at movies.


It makes financial sense. If she is sexy then more people will buy tickets. Very few people go to see character actors.


That is just Hollywood.


I did not see her as being a "sexual kitten"! I saw her responding with intelligent curiosity to a totally new situation.

@Akfishlady she was dressed like everybody else dressed on the island she grew up in...the scene when she is trying on " modern clothing" so restricting & binding to a woman's movements, was both hilarious & sad & a major contrast to her freedom & no-males former life vs the "world of men"


Didn't it get worse in "Justice League"? Or was that "just" a costuming issue?


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