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What do you turn to in times of sadness?

So many people I know who suffer from sadness turn to religion. I guess it is the defacto thing people suggest when life gets hard. What do Atheists and agnostics turn to? What do you turn to when life gets you down?

Holodeck30 4 Dec 6

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I have found my self being rather frustrated the last several months. Can't say I am sad just my logic is stressed. What I have found drowns the thought is very loud music so I get in the car and blast the radio for a while.


Playing flute is comforting and an emotional release. I can make my flute sob.

"Can't you play any happy songs?" friends asked after my divorce.

"Not today," I replied.


Get outside in the sun and nature and walk as long as I can.

I do this as well. They say nature, walking and strong social ties are very effective for some.

@Holodeck30 it works for me best when it's not rainy and dark !

I walk also, just getting out in nature all ways lifts my mood.


I turn to music and my pets. Sometimes I would write my feelings down in poetry.


Music, and the people close to me.


I turn to friends and family. I rely heavily on my own inner strength and my wild sense of humor, which as it turns out, is a marvelous survival tool. When my youngest child was 10 back in 1988, he fell victim to a life threatening disease that involved treatments I had never imagined and months of stays in the oncology wards of various hospitals all over the USA. People would say to me, "I just don't know how you're getting through all of this!" Like there was a choice? Even in adversity, or perhaps especially so, one has only two options: to either be part of the solution, or part of the problem.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 6, 2018

If you do not believe in another life in heaven or hell, then you value things more. You are able to keep negative people and things out. Life being so short, allows your mind to let your body go of the negativity that is within you. You question things more and want to find meaning in this world. Your body experiencing sadness could be a side effects of something not working in the physical aspect too. Get bloodwork, including hormones. You could have a deficiency in some vitamins and minerals. If everything fails change diet exercise and evaluate the people in your inner circle. You might need to try alternative medicine if you are having issues.


Music, art, baking, and nature. Sometimes ben & Jerry's phish food and binging dexter.

Music is a big one for me too. And good food certainly doesn't hurt. ☺


I suggest picking up an instrument.


Weed and sleep.


I like to dance. It's almost impossible to be down while dancing.

Love to dance.. brain and body working together. Ballroom/smooth/rhythm is my choice. Your not dancing solo, but you are. You feel the lead of your partner, but the technical aspect make it your own.


Well here's one....


Music, crank it uuuuuuuuuuuup !!!!!!!! ..... try it sometime, pick an energetic tune that works for you, let the decibels express themselves and enjoy the adrenaline before your neighbor call the police 🙂


Usually, ice cream.

Yes! But it must be chocolate.


Music, painting, writing. I keep my sadness with my creative headspace.

JoeVZ Level 4 Dec 7, 2018

In the daytime I walk on trials till I can't. Then at night, I sit up all night listening to music, drink bourbon, sleep a long time. When I wake up I find a friend to talk to about it.


I write out my problems. Sometimes talk to girlfriends. Or if just trying to figure things out, I walk on the beach, ride my bike, hike in the mountains, or if just no energy, sit outside and think. I try to figure out what I can do to create a balance or harmony, when things seem to be in chaos.


Depends. Music, nature (short hikes, gardening, walking on the beach), people (those who don't drain me), or distractions (YouTube). Sadness means I don't have much energy, so it's difficult to muster motivation to go to the gym or anything too taxing.


Jogging. It clears the head.

Trod Level 5 Dec 15, 2018

l read. l run. The best remedy for emotional baggage is physically stimulation and catharsis.
Not sure how it is for other people but I've never managed to get out of slump by just thinking happy thoughts.


Medication! I have been persecuted by major depression my entire life. Saddness is brain chemistry. I'm not talking about everyday run of the mill feeling sad. I'm talking about every day feeling nothing but numb hopelessness.




Biking and reading.


I try to use music, listening to it and going to sing at karaoke shows once or twice a week. One of the shows has a couple karaoke friends I can hang with. Singing helps me release emotions in a healthy way and gives me enjoyment. Excercise is also good. Spending time with friends is always good. I have one friend that likes to see movies about once a week. Went to hear free live music last night on my birthday. Was a great way to celebrate it.


IMO whatever a person turns to in sadness is their religion.

skado Level 8 Dec 7, 2018
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