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What's your best feature, beside your personality?

What about your physical self are you most proud of, or gets a lot of compliments?
Add a photo if it'll help.

CallMeDave 8 Feb 14

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I have been told I give the most amazing hugs, but I don't spend a lot of time hugging myself to find out.


First, not on a public forum. Second best my lips. third my intellect


my bent nose it makes the rest of my face look better than it is.

I probably need to try that.


I get the most compliments on my fur and my hands lol


I get a lot of compliments, but not sure what for..I'm going to assume it's my face, since I'm usually wearing baggy clothes that cover my figure.

Or maybe it's my energy? Except that people on Thai buses sometimes discuss my looks while I'm seated there, not realizing I can understand them.

The photo is me in a bathing suit at Mu Ko Similan National Marine Park, Thailand, but people complimenting me can't see my figure, so dunno why they do it, exactly.


The beard man, always the beard.


My smile. Glad it's always easily available.

Did you practice in a mirror or is it natural? I have been told that my smile is uneven.

@BenPike No practicing. Unless you count all the living I've done. I've got proof I've had the same smile all the way back. I dunno what somebody was thinking of, telling you that. When you're happy, SMILE. Bet people will smile back.


My hair and facial hair no doubt. It's pretty much the first thing people will remember me by when it comes to physical features.


I think women mostly like that I can fix broken things.

Yes, a person who can fix and build things is a-okay in my book.


Hair - I will get you all a picture one of these days.... I've had people walk up to me and touch it (Without asking!) while getting a haircut. I have more than my fair share. And it decided to become curly after Radiation (8 years ago),

I'm going to guess brunette.

@BenPike Yup. My best friend growing up was blonde. As we experimented on putting our hair up we got nothing from working on each other's heads. lol


I've got good legs.


I don't know, maybe my left hand index finger second knuckle.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

This made me laugh out loud!!!! Cute.


My intellect


All of me!

Aren't we the humble one, LOL.

now that is balance

@BenPike of course it's Balanced I'm a libra..

@HeathenFarmer is it showing again?..

@Charlene Yes, it is, the humility is extremely high I may need to turn on the air conditioner.

I had no idea I could raise the ambient temp just by my adorable self!..thank you..


Anyone's best feature can / should be their integrity. Which I don't consider part of the personality. People can be interesting, curious, positive, [un]sociable, or whatever, and it says nothing particularly about their integrity.

Can a person gauge their own integrity? Or would an evaluation from friends be more informative?

@BenPike Depending on what kind of friends you have, it might be more informative. Certainly how others experience you is good data to have regardless. I would hope that a person could gauge their own integrity though, otherwise, how would they develop and improve it? Like anything else it is just a matter of not lying to yourself, and, as you suggest, seeking out other views as well.


My blue eyes and freckles.


My hands are apparently unusually nice according to a bunch of women I've dated. I don't see it myself.


My calves. They never impressed me much, but I've been told they are my best feature, so it might be true.

Mine got huge during PE doing aerobics back in the day. Still got them.

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