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To what extent do you believe "with age comes wisdom?"

On this, I am personally conflicted. Probably has a lot to do with how much a person is learning oriented.

Also, I think there is some wisdom in innocence that children have. We can learn bad things as well as good.

What do you think?

silvereyes 8 Feb 15

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I am not as trusting of everyone or as naive as I was when I was in my twenties. As I got older, I believe that I got wiser. I learned more throughout the years, My experiences contributed to my thinking and my actions now. I evaluate subjects more carefully before I act or respond to them. I don't assume that everyone can think and act rationally. As I get older, I have experience things and seen things and hopefully learned things that have made me a little bit wiser. I am still learning and hopefully will keep getting wiser.


I think age brings opportunity for wisdom but doesn’t guarantee it.

skado Level 9 Feb 15, 2018

What he said.


With age comes experience. Wisdom is optional. Look at Trump.


Eh. I've turned making the same mistakes into an income source.

Make a mistake once, it's an error. Make a mistake twice, it's jazz. Make the same mistakes for 20 years, that's punk rock 🙂

I love that


I think wisdom comes with age if you learn from your mistakes. If keep repeating them, then you are just an idiot. Life experience should also help. Been there, and done that.


Basically yes, but It's not automatic. It requires intelligence, self-examination, self-reflection, and being willing to see your mistakes and learn from them.


I believe that with age should come experience. It is the experience and the willingness to learn from it that comes wisdom.


With age MIGHT come wisdom, or maybe a hardening into stupidity...


what can we learn from the bad things and from the good things? things we've done and things we've seen, is that not the source of wisdom?


Not a guarantee. I have met wise children and stupid elders. Wisdom is the result of wanting to understand.

Khmm Level 5 Feb 16, 2018

You can be a fool at any age!


To the extent that someone reflects, critically ponders, and learns from life's lessons. It would be easy to skate through life, but then I would miss the cracks and crystals of everything I pass. Why am I using the coldest season as an analogy? It would be easy to paddle through life, but then I would miss the gentle surf and individual sand grains.


Experience proffers widsom.
Age proffers experience.
Intelligence can give a bit of a short cut.
Sometimes, once is enough.

Experience can also muddy the waters. It depends.


Personally I don't believe it at all.

A young person can be much wiser them some older people, I just got home from a road trip with two of the most foolish older people I have ever met,poor decision makers and have known quite wise young ones.

I think it is most likely a selection bias.


It’s basically true. Wisdom comes from experience.


I think you nailed it on the head. I absolutely believe that wisdom comes with age, but as you said, only if you're willing and open to learning. I've learned more truly meaningful, life-changing things in the last five years of my life, than I did in the first fifty. I'm talking about the kind of things that would probably qualify as wisdom. Things that if I had grasped and understood them in my teens and early twenties, could have profoundly changed my life for the better.


My son is so much smarter than me at 16 that I give no credence to it.

than I ?


I think @skado nailed it, age itself in no ways guarantees wisdom, in fact I say age generally is a barrier to wisdom as people get set in their ways, their beliefs are to entrenched they are incapable of learning.
Daily, the clever man learns something. Daily, the wise man gives up some certainty. (MONKEY)


Age it self does not bring wisdom. I would say knowledge, experience, and reflect do.


The wisdom of children is that they are open-minded. They haven't been taught to close their minds, yet. Everything is new and wondrous. At least this is true until it is "educated" out of them.

The wisdom of our elders is based on experience. They have lived and loved and lost and learned from life.They are safe, settled and experienced, and therefore we see them as full of knowledge.

The problem with the open-minded child-like wisdom is that we may end up hurting ourselves. The problem with the wisdom of our elders is that we may miss something to avoid being hurt.

The trick is continuing to learn while finding balance somehow.


Creativity dies as we age. I think creativity and experience are necessary for wisdom. Too many people are arrogant (a refusal to accept other perspectives) and do not learn, therefore no wisdom achieved.


When I was young I didn't believe it lol


Age comes with wisdom teeth. Getting them extracted is a hideous experience


With age, comes wisdom? I think I believed that a couple years ago, but I forgot.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 16, 2018

I don't believe any of that shit - or any non-shit for that matter 😉

wisdom doesn't come; it is acquired ... or not (tr. dump).


Generally yes, yet some go backwards.

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