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LINK Don McLean - Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics - YouTube

I read the lyrics as I listened to the song (first time in probably decades) and the words touched me as I finally understood.

BeeHappy 9 Dec 29

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So you finally listened, heard and understood? Few will. Don McLean did by seeing the paintings and culturally transforming the vision to aural. A feat few manage to achieve.


Beautifully compiled video.


The comments on this post clued me in to the fact that there may be other great Don McLean songs that I never heard. I went to UTube music and searched. I was amazed! I found a number of beautiful songs, fantastic poetry -- some sad, all poignant.

Let me recommend highly that you also listen to some of them on UTrube. Among those I recommend arte (1) :Crossroads", (2) "Homeless Brother" (McLean takes woody Guithrie 10 steps further), (3)"When July Comes", (4) "Empty Chair", (5) "The Pride Parade." Let me know what you think.


It's exquisite. I love Winterwood and Castles In The Air too.


I love that song. Here is a version of it with my favorite guitar player and Don:

Great find! Thanks!

Very nice.

As an instrumental arrangement - great, as a duo it removes and distracts from the purity of the lyrics.

@FrayedBear I agree. As a duo, it also distracts from the purity of the guitar playing. But, I like the combo.


Ah Vincent, IF only we could see the world as you saw it, then perhaps we may just learn to be more compassionate and passionate about everything.



One of my all-time favorites, along with his song Winterwood. McLean is a lyricist on par with Paul Simon; both musical geniuses, imho.


I like it... thanks!

@BeeHappy welcome.


I was teaching at Knox College in Illinois when McLean's "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" came out. At time, a young lady was doing her student-teaching at a local junior high and I was her supervisor. She was teaching a unit on poetry (and you know how little interest most junior high kids have in poetry). Brilliantly, Chris used "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" as a lead-in to the unit's study, and had them analyze it.

The kids ate it up! Then, they were so willing to venture into poetry that she was able to have them deal with more conventional forms of poetry, loving it all the way! It was beautiful to watch.

Love the story. We can always use more innovative teachers.

I wish that I had had a teacher like that.


MCLean did some fantastically good music. but far too little of it. I have often wondered why he did not produce more music.

He has a new album out, "Botanical Gardens".

I wondered about that also.

Considering the quality of his lyrics compared to the mass of pap being produced by most I can only liken his output to that of comparable geniuses in other fields and say the output has to be recognized as being on a par. Most lyricists fail to leave one significant song, a few produce one in a lifetime and a very tiny number produce more than one.

@FrayedBear Agreed. McLean is a master poet.


Always loved this song


I love, love, love this song.

I have a new appreciation for this song. ?

Ceck my response above listing a number of songs I was unaware of. They are great, and you can find them on UTube Music.

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