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QUESTION Iceland to Ban Boys’ Circumcision, Introduces 6-year Jail Term for Offenders

So glad to see this finally! Note: no religious exceptions! It could only happen in a country like Iceland, nominally Christian, but few who actually practice the faith. It forbids female genital mutilation too.

sunhatpat 6 Feb 17

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A pretty evolved country. I usually lump Iceland in with Scandinavia as well run countries. They aren't perfect, but pretty good.


If anyone's going to follow this story, follow it on a REAL news site.

"A bill currently before the Icelandic parliament proposes a penalty of up to six years in prison for anyone carrying out a circumcision other than for medical reasons. . . . The Icelandic bill on circumcision has cross-party backing and wide public support, Gunnarsdóttir said. If it passes its first reading, the bill will go into committee stage for several months before it can become law." -- []

From we "learn" that:

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I think it is a great legislation!


I've never understood why people circumcise baby boys. I have always thought of it as religious genitalia mutilation, so when I had my son I left him intact. That skin is there for a reason, why cut it off? My sister in law tried shaming me about not circumcising my son. I basically told her its my choice not to have a part of my sons dick cut off with a razor at 1 day old and if she wouldn't have her daughters genitalia cut then why just a boy? Only thing she could say was that its for cleanliness. I laughed so hard and just walked away.


I do hope if there is a medical need that it is possible?
Not going to read the article because I already agree. 😉


I'm happy to see Iceland is doing this.


I know nothing to connect Jewish boys and circumcision. What I did hear was that no to be circumcised would cause infections, because the penis could not be kept clean enough. No label box here. just a comment someone told me.



I don't know how many men on here have had sex with an African woman who has been "cut".

It heals wonderfully well but I had to put a little more effort into making sure she orgasmed.

It is WRONG!

I will admit that I don't know the effects of circumcision. And I don't want to know.

Good on you Iceland.

My experience was better. She was not circumcised but rather enhanced. This involved stretching the folds of skin next to the clitoris to about 2" long. I do not condone this practice but it did increase both mine and her pleasure.


Great news! I even wonder why cut off part of people's genital. It's just crazy

obis Level 6 Feb 17, 2018

Instead, why not give the baby boy a tattoo.

...any particular area for the tattoo? 😉

In the Jewish religion circumcision is compulsory but tattoos are forbidden.

The baby could not make that decision any more than it could about circumcision. That would be forced mutilation, too.

@marga Sure. Make it a removable tattoo.


I personally don't see anything wrong with circumcision. Yes, I'm waiting for the tsunami of haters. I have my rain coat.

Your circumcision or another's?
As someone who's been circumcised, medical excuses are just that.

@Pastor_Dan I'm a bit too old for a circumcision, so I'd say another's.

From what I understand it can make self pleasuring more difficult. Perhaps that is why it is so popular in the US, as it means that guys would be more dependent on women.

@273kelvin I just think it's cleaner and looks better. My personal preference, as well as a parent's right to do what they think is best for THEIR child, not anyone else's.

@jorj I don't understand text speak


As someone without a penis and no real reason to go on a huge studying session about the medical benefits vs the cons I fully believe that this is none of my business. Just like I'd prefer men to leave my womb alone I imagine cutting the tip of a penis off is something a man would understand the pros and cons for more.


Why do you all get your wisdom teeth pulled? It's not necessary, could be considered oral mutilation. Why do you all clip your nails? Again not needed, could be considered mutilation. Same thing with hair. I personally feel, yes, it does help hygienically, even if only minutely. Not to mention aesthetic purposes and traditionalism. "My father, his father, and his father's father were so and so, and so will be.." Is probably the main reason for this practice still, and although I see the problem many of you have, I am grateful to have had this done when I was a tyke or I may not have went through with it later on in life, even though (based off my current thought process) I probably would end up wanting it, if for nothing more than aesthetics.

As a guy who is a, still intact and b. who knows 2 guys who had it done as adults. I can safely say. No you would not !

@DareBear - If your wisdom teeth are impacted (growing sideways) and they're shoving all your other teeth around...yes indeedy its necessary.


Didn't have my son circumcised at birth, had it at 17 instead due to some medical issues. He didn't like it


barbaric practice . sadistic even. 60 % of american babies are cut .


Children are not our property to do what we like with. Personally I think piercing babies ears is also barbaric and intrusive.


I've been with both circumcised and uncircumcised. I like circumcised. I think the foreskin is ugly, and I hate pulling it back. Plus, with the extra (loose) foreskin, it has always been sweaty. Very gross.

Also, to get personal, the foreskin detracts from the penis itself, which is beautiful. But the extra's pretty gross when performing fellatio.

My response may not be PC, but it's how I have always felt.

marga Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

gees it's comments like these (usually when directed at vaginas) that make me realise why so many are having cosmetic surgery on their genitalia Just like faces, the private parts are all different.....just the way I like them..


Here's to the poster who thinks a circumcised penis is 'cleaner' and that it 'looks better'. How about the fact that someone removed your body part without giving a flying shit about what YOU want? What is more despicable is that some parents choose to do it for some nonsense religious reason.

Parents aren't given a deed to their kid to do with whatever they want...especially physical abuse. His foreskin belongs to HIM, and should be left intact so he can make the decision to be circumcised at a later date if he wishes.

Here is a vid to the act in its entirety. Be sure to notice how the baby is strapped down, and how he wails and thrashes about in pain for 7 minutes so you can enjoy a penis that 'looks better':


This is a difficult subject. On one hand I can see the justification of such a ban but I can also see the religious and cultural side too. I read an article by an Anglican vicar who was jewish by birth. He said how he felt guilty not circumcising his son. He talked of how in the camps they tried to eliminate their religion and how the jews fought so hard to maintain it. " For if it is lost. then we are lost ". For him it was almost like a betrayal of the suffering of his people. This might be easy for those of us not born into that culture to dismiss but not so for those who are. Prima facie law would draw no distinction between male and female on this subject. Them both being actual bodily harm to a minor, however the historical, cultural, religious and medical differences are vast. A ban in more multi-cultural countries than Iceland would create a legal firestorm which would (if it did nothing else) unite Jews and Muslims.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prevents Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, PROHIBITING THE FREE EXORCISE OF RELIGION, or abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition for a governmental .

@jorj Sorry Jori but there is a big difference. Firstly male circumcision is not done to lesson the libido or to subjugate the man. If it were then what would that say about the 60% of US males that have had it done. Secondly the act of female circumcision is not a particularly ancient practice and is not prescribed by any religion. As to the culture and sky daddy remark. That shows a terrible lack of sensitivity on the subject (no humor intended). I can only speak from what I know. My daughter is Jewish because her mum is. Thankfully she being a girl I did not have to make this decision. The culture is such that it defines you more than any I have come across. They feel proud when a jew does well and ashamed when one does wrong. The level of guilt they feel would astonish a devout catholic.But what a culture. From the arts, sciences and politics, a hugely disproportional amount of greats have come out of it. Marx, Freud, Einstein,Oppenheimer, Gershwin and Bob Dylan the list is far too long to go on. The USA would not have had the A-bomb when it did if not for Jewish refugees. This is their defense and reasoning. If it aint broke then why fix it? As to the male female thing. Lets face it men make the rules Be that in church or in city hall. If it was that terrible for a guy to have it done, then guys would have stopped doing it.

I have grandchildren who were circumcised. They didn't do it like your version of Reefer Madness about circumcision. They had a band on their penis, and the foreskin fell off on its own in a couple of weeks. Absolutely no pain for them.


Then what is the purpose of circumcision at birth? The Jewish circumcise at about the age of puberty starting. I don't know why I am writing about this other than interest in the why. I have no desire to even think about them at the moment..

Jews do not circumcise at puberty but 8 days after birth. It is a ritual done by a mohel and it is called a bris


Why do you need legislation to do what you want to your penis? This makes no sense to me. If I were a guy and it was my penis, I would research why I should or should not circumcise. I mean it is not anyones' decision but the person with the penis!

This is about forced genital mutilation of infants. The whole point is that the INFANTS do not get to make the decision. Any adult who wants to cut their own genitals nowadays; more power to them.


So if I visit Iceland you will jail my parents?


Way to go!

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