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How do you socialize?

Hello fellow Atheists/Agnostics/Critical Thinkersβ€”

How do you go about meeting and talking with other non-religious? Do you like the β€œatheist church” groups who meet at a set time to talk science, humanism, etc. or do you just go about life and meet fellow nones?

ScientistV 7 Feb 19

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I try not to. People are generally not to my liking.

Now, internet strangers, OTOH... πŸ˜‰

@Atheistman On the other hand

@Atheistman One of many sites for internet acronyms: []

This site is kinda like a filter.


I worry more about the simple stuff. The difficult stuff is.. well.. too difficult.


I don't. There's nowhere to socialize here.


I peek around internet corners and every so often come out and say BOO! Like now. Hi. πŸ™‚πŸ˜›


board gaming--it's an excellent means to get of my shell. There is a bit of socializing at work too.

I used to do a lot of board gaming!!!! Avalon Hill Alumni.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Great new profile pic.

@Nena Thank You.... Fresh from last night.

@GipsyOfNewSpain De nada...y la pedrada de anoche no fue para ti, aunque fue con carino, He conocido a dos individuos aqui y no se parecen a la foto y representaron lo que son. But thanks for reading, and thanks for taking action! Have a great day!

@Nena Gracias, me imagino que hay los que nunca dan la cara. Pendejos!

Sorry in advance; I'll do my best not to sound rude but when you reply to a comment it should be in regards to the comment; you two have just been talking to each other-- in another language even.

@GipsyOfNewSpain aun peor, a veces dan las nalgas...jajjajjajjaj

@Nena Okay! he, he, ha, he... wow!!! y siempre hay el de la envidia por la falta de cultura o conocimiento de otro idioma como el xeno tipo que tiene No Idea lo que es poder ser Social.

@Xenocat Oh, we are practicing socializing you simply been excluded allowing you time to get back on your shell.

@Xenocat Please excuse the distraction. I had come to see that this was a community event, kind of like real social gathering where you walk around and mingle with groups and at one point some one in the crowd strikes up a side conversation. I meant no disrespect the the original ScientistV to distract from the conversation not to you. Attentamente Nena.

@Xenocat - Whoah! Is the Xeno in your name short for Xenophobic? Che merda!

@GoldenDoll no; quite the opposite, xeno means alien, and I relate more to them than humans; xenocat = alien cat

@Nena Yes this is a social medium, but forums have a structure to them. When you reply to a topic or comment, it should be about that topic/comment. Hijacking the conversation (which is basically what this is doing) is just poor social etiquette--doesn't matter the medium.
When you 'mingle with groups' at a party, you don't take over the conversation/topic, you form another group if you want to talk about something else--here, that would be a separate post--or the messaging feature.

@Xenocat I stand correct and totally agree. I apologize for my social etiquette and will work on improving it. Thanks for the constructive feedback.


I am a member of a humanist group, meeting up,once a month .
I help organise a community garden for those a little less fortunate mentally and or physically .


I am interested in meet ups. But haven’t made it to one. I don’t go out much.


I don't. I spend 4 days a week putting on a pleasant "I'm happy to see you face". During my time off, I spend as much time alone as possible. I may have lunch with a friend or go to the grocery. Once a month, I go to the hair salon.

4 There are lots of groups doing lots of things so you should be able to find something you like to do. I am part of a hiking groups and a kayaking group. I just started contra dancing after a 30 year hiatus.

Wow, contra dancing, I love it but like you have not done it in many years. Iused to go to Black Mountain Music Festival in N. Car. and enjoy it.


I go to some Meetup groups and I'm involved in Theatre. Not a lot of religious people in Theatre. At least not in Asheville.


I am not the most social of people, however I was encouraged by those close to me to make an effort. I found OMAHA after that, Omaha Metro Area Humanists Association. Sorta like this group but in real life. With work and my kids that is enough for me, for now.


Well...sadly I live around a bunch of religious people, including some of my friends so I don’t really socialize with others like me unless it’s within a certain group online.



I eat out regularly and have no problem striking up a conversation with complete strangers, (I've even asked to share a table when all are unavailable regardless of it being a couple or singleton, male or female) or a talk to the staff. I usually make it my business to get to know my servers, whether I'm at the Breakfast Counter, Sushi Bar or bar, bar! I feel that life is to short to walk around in 'mute' mode. On that note, I can talk your ear off, but only with your consent to let me share or rant. I also go to museums, the movies on my own...and road trips!

Nena Level 6 Feb 19, 2018

I don't - I am not bothered if people have a god its not my problem as long as we can have a laugh together hoooray! Most people where I live now - N.Ireland, don't 'come out' because of memories of violence and 'The Troubles' thankfully I missed all that - But the wit and humour 'the craic' is good


Pretty much started with Facebook groups in my interests (board games, Dr who fan clubs, etc) tagged along to a few events, and offered to help. I now regularly attend conventions and gatherings, showing off nerdy props.
Actually, anything with a cos play event is handy. Being dressed up, behind a mask definitely help with social anxiety πŸ™‚

What do you like to cosplay as? Or should I say who?

I am a huge Doctor Who fan. What do you think about the Doctor being female now?

@ScientistV a lot of Dr Who πŸ™‚ currently have a cyberman suit and a Dalek. Actually won last Sunday as "Green Jean"
I also build a heap of props. Jean is the third Dalek in my collection,

@CherylM love it. I've seen Jodie in other roles, and she is a remarkable actress.
And it fits in with the rebooted Who, we have had other time lords change gender, and honestly, it's always nice to have a positive female lead.
Looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the role.


It's like this: The dog sits at my feet, one cat at my elbow, another at my shoulder and the third across the room. It is all quite blissful. Would hate to ruin it by dragging another person into the mix.


I go about life and meet fellow human beings. Usually religious or political beliefs don't come up, as civilized people avoid such topics. If I want to relate specifically to someone based on those issues I seek out a group that meets specifically for that purpose.


Well, "Atheist church" is not the way I describe my group of thinkers.


I don't much and I've been down here 20+ years. There is a group here but usually only 1-2 attend.


I go to school at Arizona State University @ 68 years of age and am having a blast. The stimulation is amazing. I can have a tendency to 'isolate' and I don't like it at all. I am comfortable in my skin and enjoy my time with me . But lately tired of jumping for joy alone

EvaV Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

I used MeetUp to meet other tabletop gamers, who I now see a couple of times a week for one of my favorite sorts of socializing. I've also used MeetUp to find people with whom I make music on a fairly regular basis. I keep flirting with the idea of going to a Sunday Assembly event, but I haven't made it a priorty yet.


I talk to people and if they aren't, what I consider to be, a willfully ignorant person then I establish a friendly relationship with them.I don't care if they are an atheist or not, as long as they are intilligent, and not a scum bag.


I don't.


Have to come here for that. There's nowhere to go around here, and I couldn't get to any of them if there were.

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