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Would you go to Church two years straight if you were getting paid a million dollars for every Sunday?

My answer would more than likely be,” Hell yes!!!”

EmeraldJewel 7 Feb 19

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If I can make bad tasting burgers for minimum wage, I can sleep through a sermon for a million bucks.


where do I sign up?


So, kinda like a much better paying job with way less expectation of performance. I'm having trouble seeing the downside.


I'd go for much less, but then I'm a bit of a tart lol


Yes indeed, so about what 104 million dollars for attending a mass!


Heck yeah..


Yes, I would. Those churches are getting millions from people tax free with their con games.


No problem for me, I'll take a nap while there every Sunday. Saturday nights can be tiring.


I'd feel like a televangelist, but hell yeah!

1 I have to complete two years before I get the money? If so, no. I'm not good with that sort of delayed gratification. I'd do well for awhile then get fed up and take a vacation.

You’d be getting paid every Sunday you attend.


I'd go for about 16 weeks then quit. I'd have enough money to live well until I die. Plus, hire a lawyer to fight to keep the money I was already paid.

@PhoebeCat lol right on!


Of course

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