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LINK Trump border wall: 'Obviously' I never meant Mexico will pay directly

WASHINGTON – "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall," President Donald Trump said on June 16, 2015, when he announced his White House run.

"Mark my words," he said.

Americans did mark – and many mocked – those words, which Trump repeated at virtually every campaign stop after that announcement, up through the general election. But he is now arguing that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall directly.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 11

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Trump has more contridictions than the bible does.


He said that in practically every appearance before the elections! But Such a stand-up guy, yessirree!


He is trapped and desperate - afraid we are going to see him declare a National Emergency! Unless Rethuglicans get their shit together w McConnell the POS.


The sad thing is... is there are people out there that will actually believe this shit.

Not just sad though I think its scary as shit that they will still believe his shit. We are being ruled by a cult.


It's just sad. Tks, tsk, tsk. smh

I personally look to Vicente Fox when I want to know about Mexico paying for the border wall. (And, of course, he's hilarious ... while setting the record straight.) * I tried to be seriously about this Administration. It wore me out and the disgust was long-lasting. I now prefer humor ... serious yet humorous.)


I have loved that video since the first time I saw it.


The man is perpetual lying machine.



I have never seen a person deny they said something even when they see themselves stating it. He is so stupid it is beyond belief!


He did nto say, "Mexico will sonehow pay for it" He said Mexico will pay for it".


For me, that is one of the most terrifying aspects of tRump's administration. Most people when confronted with a lie or some other factual evidence that what they have said is inaccurate, will back down. tRump's grasp on reality is so tenuous that he can lie with impunity and deny his words regardless with their relationship with what nonsense he's spouting now. And it's across the board. Besides his earlier insistence about Mexico paying for the wall, he is shooting off his mouth about how bad 'chain immigration' (the practice of allowing relatives of legal immigrants to also come to the US) must be stopped. This when Malaria's (spelling intended) parents recently benefitted from the program. I worry about his detachment from reality and refusal to ever accept responsibility for his words or the effects of his policies or behavior. He's got all the maturity of a willful toddler.

I worry what he'll do when he's given the boot.


What he said is "Mexico will pay for the Wall".

And all the trumpet shouted it and they will now believe he never said it, scary times I'm telling you!

@Ktcyan He and his supporters will just declare it as "fake news".

@jlynn37 Maybe instead of supporters we should call the followers as they are as much of a cult as I've seen ever.

@Ktcyan Call it what you will but a rose by any other name is still a rose. I do agree with you.

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