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About time, in fact Long overdue somebody reins these robber barons in!

Even if she wanted too....all these Democrats and all these Republicans have personal and election financial roots dug deep into Wall Street. You actually think a freshman rep is going to get anything done? She will either be kicked out of politics by the 'system', or she will capitulate and learn to play ball with them to keep the status quo and get her piece of the pie.

@jondspen She is loud and not afraid to attack these fat cats! We as a people are now learning We have power! This will be a good thing!


Fuck Wall st.. Hedge fund gangster and banksters..

I agree. People are now telling me Wall St. is so important because it has everyone's 401K and companies no longer provide benefits like they used to. This is the importance of Wall St. Fuck Wall St. and the 401K.

@DenoPenno seize all the assets..


I doubt one person will make much of a difference, especially a freshman.


"and said other more senior legislators have sought to ingratiate themselves with the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress."

That is what I would do.

1 according to this, she is being put on a committee in which she no experience with. [] To operate a f-ing fork lift in a factory, you have to have experience operating a f-ing fork lift, yet let's put her in a position to legislate over financial matters b/c she took some college course on the subject. wonder our government and society is in such an absolute cluster!

Nah. Companies will teach you how to operate a forklift.


They need the regulations trumper dismantled!

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