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The light is out in his case


Far from dim. That banana peel he has on his head stands out fantastically. Beyond that, I wonder what his distraction tactics are hiding...


Not just maybe. Hr is the least capable president in our history -- by far.


I reckon that for tRump to get his I.Q. above zero he'd have to stand on a chair, atop a table placed upon the roof of a skyscraper.


Stable genius..? NOT. He is neither a genius nor stable!


Yeah I would have to replace the word might with, is definitely.


I do not think he is dim, but I think his value system is very deranged.


Hmmm, I don't know, Bush Jr. was a very dim bulb himself, he really said some doosies in his time too.

I think Drumpf has him beat by a mile, or 5.


Might be?..with out a doubt!!!

British understatement


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