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Do you "people watch?"

I've heard people say that it's their hobby to "people watch." I've never really paid much attention to other people until more recently.

Sometimes I'll see an older couple at a restaurant and they don't talk to each other while they eat. I wonder, are they just comfortable without talking? Or, have they run out of things to say?

Do you ever "people watch?"

silvereyes 8 Feb 19

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Yes. I like to say it's part of my job.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 19, 2018


skado Level 9 Feb 19, 2018

I've taken my best portraits of people when they don't think anyone is watching. It's ironic that I do enjoy people watching, but don't like them.

I do some photography from time to time. My best portraits have invariably been either playing in the park, where I just capture people being themselves, or in a makeshift studio with someone who is so busy enjoying the photo shoot that they just glow in the pictures. It is a great feeling when you can show someone a picture of them at their best. 🙂


Sometimes, especially if they look like they could possibly be a threat.
You never know anymore.

@FortyTwo Is it paranoia if people really are out to get me? 😉


People watching is one of the most economical and interesting of my hobbies! With inflation starting to move, people watching may have to become my major thing to do. LOL

i like that you call it a hobby. i do too.


Yes! Especially when they are having fun with each other. On the other hand, Walmart is always an adventure. 😀


I try not to go out very often with the intention of spying on someone. however it's impossible not to people watch when you see something bizarre or happy or sad.


I'm with Paul. I prefer to sit with my back to the corner, in a position where i can see all entrances and exits. I'm constantly looking around, trying to keep tabs on any body moving generally towards me.

On a much lighter level, yeah, making fun of random people was one of my ex-wife and i's favorite things to do on our honeymoon in New Orleans. Grab a drink and a balcony seat and see what walks by.


I'll have to admit yes. I find people interesting especially in large groups as in concerts. How they interact or react to different situations.


I may watch them some but they inevitably do something stupid and I lose interest.


I watch people all the time. Situational awareness is key to survival and success. I like to play "who's packing heat?" With my friends. You can tell when someone is carrying if they don't have a high level of training.

Man, not meaning to pry, but why are you so worried "all the time"? Do you live in Mexico and have to watch out for gangsters? I can't think of a reason to be worried all the time.

@jeffy I'm not worried. I'm aware that the world can be a dangerous place and I take measures to be prepared for that potentiality. I wear my seat belt, keep a fire extinguisher around. I also have medical and extensive survival training.


On occasion people watching is interesting. One can learn a lot about a person by watching them.

MikeJ Level 5 Feb 20, 2018

I actually had to think about this one - No I dont, although I might if something big went down whilst I was in a cafe - and I think its because I originally come from London and we had in those days (early fifties) a practise of giving people space, because we were such an overcrowded city, to allow others some personal space was almost necessary and maybe a small kindness as we had little money then. I was in China in the early eighties and it was so overcrowded (Beijing)(Shenyang) it was overwhelming to me, but strangely I never heard a baby cry all the time I was there and wondered if it was because they were always held. the young men carried their fathers to the hospital on their backs I was told it was respect for the elders


I believe that we are supposed to enjoy the free entertainment of watching others whenever possible. I love going places just to see how people dress, act, react, and conduct themselves. Not to judge them, but but rather to attempt to decipher exactly how and why this vision is occurring. And since you never actually know the truth, it counts as a Philosophy credit. Humans 101 is my favorite class ever!!


Can't help but people watch. Things just catch your eye. People can be strange which is awesome.


At put in bay in lake erie we people watch all the time but lately we are on hooker watch because the local paper said prostitution has increased on the island. So now its "oh there's one" or "is that one".


I adore people watching. There are so many ways to enjoy it. For example you can make up stories around them, like that old couple. He wanted to go Italian and she Chinese and they`re both sulking at the compromise. Conversely you can simply observe. This can be very rewarding as you get an insight to human behaviour. This is how fortune tellers and their ilk make a living. My friend would often ask me to predict how someone would act. I usually bet £1 on the outcome and rarely lost. For example a couple came into the bar and I said that she would buy the 1st drinks. I won and when he asked how I knew this would happen I told him that the guy was much better looking and that she was having to try hard to keep him. Once I even predicted what car a woman owned.

1's a habit..humanity is just so is a neverending story unfolding before our eyes..and I do so as an outrider looking in..which makes it more intriguing!


I do like to talk to people more than watch them. Just watching people without talking to them seems a variety of voyeurism fetish; what are you doing with those oggly googly eyes?

jeffy Level 7 Feb 21, 2018

I people watch. Only women, on the dance floor.


Yes my favourite game especially when I am with someone else and we. Invent backgrounds for people


Nothing better than sitting on a pavement cafe , glass of wine , watching people go by .


Of course, doesn't everyone?


More than I ought to. I have fun talking to people. Been a people type person for 25 years. Its easy for me to just gab.


It helps me appear human


When I'm performing it's my job to watch the audience in order to connect with them.

When I'm socializing i like to create a sense of privacy and keep eye contact with the person or people i'm chillin with.

i never go out with the intention to watch people.

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