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If man doesn't exist does the the universe exist?

This is where evolution and creationism cross paths. The question sounds idiotic! But then you remember ' "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it or sees it did it really happen."

the8thyamger 4 Feb 20

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That is not an intelligent question. Man is not the crux of the universe and the universe will be here long after all traces of the human species are gone.

we are but a blip in time

It must be wonderful to be so sure about that. The argument could be put in a more rudimentary fashion. If i don't exist who is to say you do? and visa versa.

@the8thyamger That illogic is more silly than the first one.


The question should be, if man exists in the universe, who cares? Earth is a very small thing.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

I'm gonna try to be polite, but I'm gonna fail. This question is just as dumb as the tree falls in the forest question. Observation is not necessary for things to exist or events to occur. If a tree falls in a forest and there's an atmosphere for sound waves to travel in, it makes a fucking sound. If the universe exists, it doesn't need a human to do so. And you can't answer whether the glass is half full or half empty with any accuracy until you knew the prior state of the glass... filled completely then emptied half way... half empty. Empty and filled half way... half full. Another idiotic question! Soap-bubble profundity is a waste of cognitive energies! You want to spark intelligent discussion about the vagaries of the universe? Ask why a particle behaves differently when it is being observed!

Sorry. This is one of my buttons. I'm not always a dick. Just right now. I'll probably be nicer the next time I answer a post you make lol

much more succinct than I am.

so you viewed that as a serious enough question to jump in. funnily i didn't

Freaking ! What he said!

I and I alone am the reason the universe exists, i would not allow you to think that of your self, because that would make you as important as me, and I am not that benevolent. We could talk about the big bang.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. ... And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
Or in the beginning the science world, said much the same thing, but they were in the white coats and called it the big bang. I unfortunately haven;t been able to convince myself or be convinced by others that my idiotic notion is any less inane than others.


Are you assuming we are the only sentient species? That we live on the only planet with life?

It's hard to believe that in a universe of almost infinite proportions, a single species inhabiting a tiny planet in an infinitesimal solar system in the outer reaches on an unspectacular galaxy is the whole point of existence.

JimG Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

I unfortunately haven;t been able to convince myself or be convinced by others that my idiotic notion is any less inane than others. I am assuming I am the only one here! And I am arguing with myself

@the8thyamger I've toyed with solipsism myself, but I would like to think that if the entire universe were a figment of my imagination; I would have created something with more compassion.


If a man doesn't exist the universe knows not of him because there is no him to know.

Betty Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Well, according to quantum physics, nothing exists that isn't imagined first. So in that dimension, the universe doesn't exist.

Your entire life is an ILLUSION ..nothing exists until it's observed. []

Our existence is a projection from our brain. I love Quantum Physics because it moves further into philosophy, but it's also science. Kind of weird.


I was watching a video on Curiosity Stream called 'The Secrets of Quantum Physics'. In the first episode the narrator talks about how Enstein's perception of reality and Niels Bohr's theory were able to be tested. To make a long complicated story short, Einstein's theory was proven wrong. What this means is - and hold on to your hats here - reality is only perceived when being measured. In other words, the moon doesn't exist unless you're looking at it. WOW! If you don't subscribe to Curiosity Stream, I highly recommend it. If you do, I highly recommend this series of Quantum Physics. It's completely facinating.

After that, I think the answer to the question 'If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Not only does it not make a sound, but it didn't fall at all unless I was there to see it. Not sure about my interpretation at all. It's very complicated.

@stomato I'm sure you've heard the saying from Einstein that goes, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.". Quantum Physics has the been the most fascinating topic I have ever encountered. The Holographic Universe is an interesting video as well.


Somebody typed that question on a keyboard of a computer and uploaded to this website or I wouldn't be reading it. I would say he exists which makes the question nonsensical.

gearl Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

Of course it exists..just because you or humanity no longer exist does not mean the universe ceases to exist..the cosmos is not dependent on our perceiving it.and yes the tree fell And made noise..and yes bears shit in the woods.

Nope..numerous experiments prove that reality is determined by the observer. Experiments also show that photons can predict what we WILL observe, and change to that reality before you do observe the case of light particles it can happen millions of years in advance.

@birdingnut Yep. Many Worlds idea that many quantum states exist till acted upon to determine the state we observe.


Technically for a tree to exist it needs life around it, insects, birds, and animals. So yes it does make a sound.

@AxeElf. Insects don't technically "hear"..they perceive vibrations or "taste" pheromones..

@AxeElf apologizes AxeElf..

@birdingnut exactly correct, fascinating how others can be so right, yet so wrong.

@AxeElf the word "someone" strongly implies a human, a person. Yet mammals and reptiles can hear sound, even sounds that are above or below the human range of hearing. And sound waves are still called sound waves even when produced in an environment with no one to hear them.


If I don't exist and I can't observe anything, then nothing exists. At least to me. Right now I exist. I know this because I am observing. To me, the million dollar question that will probably never be answered is, "After I "die" (if I ever will - maybe it's all just programmed to make it feel like I die and stop observing), will a new me exist somewhere else?". Do I reemerge somewhere else with no knowledge of my past observations and start to ask the same questions getting the same non answers? Lol

Oh and where the hell do we "go" when we sleep?




Point 1; man does exist . Point 2; the universe exists, point 3; evolution and creationism have never crossed paths, they are just different opinions point 4; really, ? You are miss quoting

And you are sure of all that. There for you must be god!
Of course they crossed paths. The presumption is that science knows all. I am a devout atheist but evolution as we see it! not at all convincing.




It doesn't for the man who does not exist. That would imply that even to a non-existent god(s), the universe does not exist.


Evidence suggests that it would exist and it will go on when our existence sees its end.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

If we are all born equal, I demand to run the 100m in 10 secs or less,


The Great White Shark, will hitherto be referred to as the No Pigment, Slightly above average privileged shark. But So as there is no triggering (above average) World Fishing Authorities will be giving participation medals to all other sharks.


As of now they’re 29 comments plus one that pretty much prove consciousness is doin it’s thang...

I and I alone is the reason everything exists. You can't think that because that would make you my equal. I and can;t imagine me being that benevolent.


Yes it does, we are not the reason for the existence of the universe.

Conversely though

The universe may be as great as they say,
but it wouldn't be missed if it didn't exist
(Piet Hein)


So the lady's comment about quantum physics on curiosity stream about what is "real" and how something IS "REAL" only when it can be quantifiably measured... Begs the question of witness to whatever the measurement of measured is. I mean, if it is only me who is witness to a unbelievable event and I study it, categorize it, test it over and over and it proves my theory, therefore proves it's existence..... does it mean just because I can't see the moon in Colorado it can't be there in Virginia. I call up (alleged) father just to check on moon validity daily.


the women say it does


What is the proof of existence, other than each individuals perception of it. PS don't quote others, what do you think? Am I real or am I fabricated by you.


The concept of object permanence usually develops in humans around age three. This is the sense that things are there whether or not one is there to observe it.


You only exist right here, right now as I type this. You go, I go. I die, you die. When I die. EVERYTHING else dies.

That'd be it..

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