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Could you date someone who was a theist of some sorts?

Would you be able to see a future with them? If so, what kind of compromises would need to be made for a successful relationship?

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BrittanyP 3 Jan 23

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So much of our lives are forced on us. Why compromise when you don't absolutely must.


Respecting that others walk a different path, which is hard to come by for some theists.


It would depend on what the religion is and how invested they are in it.


No, because deep down I would believe that they are either delusional or just plain stupid.


I’m dating a Witch and I have in the past. She knows I put no stock in hocus pocus and I can see that bothers her a little, but I’m not bothered by her being a Witch. Before I I took the label atheist I considered myself delicatessen. As a vegan however, I felt a label change was in order.


I don't think it's as black and white as yes or no. There should be a maybe because it really depends on the person. I'm leaning towards no but wouldn't rule out the possibility of yes.


as long as they don't need me to support their belief it can work

lerlo Level 8 Jan 23, 2019

There will be no preaching
here will be no going to services
or praying towards Mekka


I have no problem as long as they aren't church goers. I don't care what people believe as long as they don't push it on me. I don't push my non-belief on anyone.


Nope. I try to avoid the delusional. ?


I have and would again. As dating goes, it is nothing more than a close friendship.
ETA: I would not however date one who is seeking marriage. My only future with one would be strictly platonic.


It would be a total waste of my time.
I don't respect theists. Why would I want to date one?


I have and it wasn’t a problem.


Not long term.

Doraz Level 7 Jan 23, 2019

Been there, done that. As long as people don't make it an everyday God is great kind of thing then it's fine. Unfortunately I will not be going to church or be supportive to the church and I wouldn't want my kids raised like that. I would rather they make the decision on their own. And I would not want them going the religious way to be honest, but I don't dictate someone else's life.

It's even getting to the point where it can actually be an issue because I don't want that dictating any part of my life. Some people are good with that, some people aren't. I've even lost friends because they didn't want to be friends with someone who didn't know God. So as long as you're not throwing it in my face or trying to change the way I live MY life because of YOUR beliefs , I can be cool with it.


Sure. People with suspect profiles... not so much.


I love short women, seeing that I am 6 foot 3inches tall most people are short to me.

Is this a way of saying Opposites attract

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