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Would you date/marry a Muslim?

EmeraldJewel 7 Feb 21

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no. Wont date any religious person

I was starting to think something was wrong with me for feeling like that lol.

@EmeraldJewel ha, not you ? πŸ™‚


I'm not sure that I could marry anyone who had a strong faith, Muslim, Christian or Jew.

Lol ikr!


It would depend if he accepted my lack of faith and didn't try to change that. He could do his own thing with religion as long as I could do my own thing with no religion.


As long as they don’t have a problem with me being agnostic.


No theists, doesn’t matter what flavor.


Only if they could keep their religion to themselves, which I doubt, so probably not.

I have been pursued by all kinds of women and I would've married a Palestinian if she really wanted peace with the invader conquistador Israelis. ...but she like most activists in the region of faith WANT THEIR alleged gott Allah the winner of the wars and resistance. ....all believers are 99% Atheists preferring their imaginary 1% to be true. ...certain professionals CAN be tolerant in marriage as in their careers serving both believers and Atheists. ...I remain hopeful like John Lennon : IMAGINE


I don’t date any religious people.


I couldn't be with anyone who is religious it doesn't matter which religion.


Date? Depends. Okay with me doing me? We're golden.
Marry? No one, ever.


I have dated Muslims. A dear friend from college is gay, and a Muslim living in a country where being gay is much less tolerated than in the US. If I had the money, I'd marry him so he could move to the US. He'd like to move here, even though there's so much bigotry against Muslims.

A atheist friend living in a country where apostasy is a death sentence was raised Muslim. I'd marry him too to get him into the US.


I would consider dating anyone who is faith-positive regardless which deity they pray to and if they're not hardcore. Beyond dating faithless only.


I wouldn't marry anyone.. ...


I could not date or marry anyone who is too overtly religious no matter what religion they follow. I know a woman who is a good person, and she used to like me but, she is Christian and too religious and I never got involved with her because of that.


I have...we didn't talk religion or pork.

I know a number of people raised Jewish or Muslim who eat pork and are atheists. πŸ™‚


No. Nor would I date/marry a Christian or a Jew (unless they were an agnostic/atheist Jew)


His family would never allow it.


Of course.

lecoq Level 4 Feb 26, 2018

As a casual thing, I would go out with someone who is Muslim as long as they were kind and respectful. But anything that was more than just casually going to a movie or out to dinner, no. I don't think that we would be able to agree on what the role of a woman should be in a more serious interpersonal relationship and what rights women should have for personal freedoms and self-determination in society as a whole. I don't think that our core values would be compatible, and compatible core values are crucially important in any kind of serious relationship .

You would be surprised how many amazon warrior women have lived and loved in the Muslim world. And how many Muslim men are more liberal than the stereotype you refer to.


The problem is not a Muslim, but it is any religious person. I have no problem with them but deep down I know they will eventually want to "save me" and may even get into crying because I won't listen. Then their religious leader comes along and declares the both of you are "unequally joked." Did I get that right?

Yep! You got it right!


It would entirely depend on how religious/observant they were. I would say that of someone from any faith. And they would have to be acceptable of my agnosticm.


No! I wouldnt with anyone religious and in particular Muslims.


Date yes, but I've been married twice. A third time would seem excessive.


No way. It is mandatory, not an option, to become a Muslim yourself if you marry one.


Persian girls are Extremely H O T ! I don't really support the idea of marriage at this point unless there are children involved.. Its not a good situation for a male with the laws being what they are. But if I was going to get married a Persian girl would be a top choice.

MarqG Level 5 Feb 22, 2018

Not all Persians are Muslim. There are some small communities of Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians in Iran, and bigger expatriate communities.


I've never dated anyone with religious beliefs before and am unwilling to give it a try at my age. I absolutely will not be marrying anyone.

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