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God was looking out for me this morning.
I have just driven back through my local mountains, we have had some rain. A large tree branch come down above my car, a few leaves may have touched it but that is all and it crashed on the road immediately in front of the car behind. Wet winding road, so he was going slow enough to stop, but would have had to remove the tree, he was young with a ute full of tools so I left him to it.

I mean seriously, I feel special, a world of suffering and God selects me to watch over and hold that tree for a split second so it didn't scratch my car, or maybe it was a couple of seconds and saved me damage and a broken windscreen.

Makes me wonder though, why did he put rocks into 3 of my windscreens within a month about 15 years ago?

Rugglesby 8 Feb 22

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Maybe it was because you were not holding your mouth right. Put your tongue in your cleft. That might help.


And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach! (You'll need to have read Dune)

have read it and all teh stories around it, my guys watched the movies again 2 nights back, and 3 months ago finally got our hands on a copy of the board game, very old from ebay.

@Rugglesby I've read all the books too and watch the film on a regular basis, never seen a copy of the board game though πŸ™‚

@ipdg77 overpriced as it is so rare,
there are some sites you can download pdf files of the board and all pieces, I did that but was too hard, so after many attempts we finally won a copy on ebay.


Because he works in strange ways. Very very strange and odd, He likes to hurt some and watch the others worship him.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 23, 2018

First time I've actually heard of God stopping by in Australia. What makes you so special?

I think you are right, I can't recall a previous visit.

@Rugglesby When Yahweh finds out about this other god looking out for you, you're toast.


Probably lay off buying lottery tickets for awhile...your "luck" account is overdrawn.


Well that as really fucked me off! Look how long he's (or is GOD A SHE?) left me here leaning on a fence smokin' cigars, wasting my afterlife time. GLAD HE SAVED YOU. Seriously happy you're OK MATE.


congratulations for being a chosen one!


That reminds me of an incident that happened when I was a missionary kid in Haiti.

I was riding my horse along a grassy trail through a field, when a Haitian kid, hoping for bribe money, threw himself down in the middle of the trail in front of me and began howling and wailing for help, that I had ridden over him on my horse. Haitians love to try to get money out of foreigners if they can.

I stopped the horse and sat there staring down on him while he thrashed around on the ground melodramatically, then, I suddenly rolled off the horse and began flopping around on the ground also.

The boy sat up and asked me what happened.
"You pushed me off my horse! You pushed me off my horse!"

He considered a second, then deadpanned, "THAT was for running over me!"

rofpml, quick thinking kid, and you also

@Rugglesby We both collapsed laughing, then went our ways, but another time, some guy did tell my parents I'd run over them with the horse, demanding money. Some other people jumped in calling him a liar and that ended it.


Praise be!!!!
(Okay, that hurt to say. Even in jest.)


It's because you forgot to send me money! Pay up, or next time you will have cockroaches!


He's a fucker that way... Him and I have a similar sense of humor.


He moves in mysterious ways


Think gremlins did it.


He’s fickle. Probably hormones.
Seriously the ide that god protects some people while leaving others to suffer is really gross.

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