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This is another case of his inarticulate musings on a subject he knows nothing about, self proclaims an expert and inconceivably the hero of the piece. He would be running into the school where a shooting took place, know more that experience generals, try to humiliate the intelligence community saying they needed to go back to school, threaten to beat up opponents, question scientific findings and spew all sorts of other bile about any topic. The president has no filter on the brain and mouth connection. Of course he would make statement so blatantly ignorant, callous and insensitive. This relentless, unrepentant bafflegab he spews over every topic keep him in the forefront and on everyone’s mind because to him, no publicity is bad publicity.


Majority of what comes out of his mouth is dangerous.


He's an ignorant cocksucker..


He is living in a movie. SCICARIO: and talking like it's reality. Trump was always stupid but now he has real mental issues.


If only this lunatic soon looses the spotlight! He is a cancer on ‘mankind!’


I actually see the NFL ceasing to exist as it is in my lifetime, due to the harm of has inflicted on its players.


He must have been hit in the head a lot when he was younger because he exhibits all the symptom of having a concussion. It has made him extremely stupid.


said the man that stared at the eclipse


Trump expresses baseless opinions on most topics. One cannot trust either the veracity or the content of his statements.


Most of his remarks are dangerous!

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