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What's your reaction when someone describes themselves as "just a simple guy/gal"?

By misternatureboy7
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I’m not quick to profile or designate a label anyone.
I usually let people do that for themselves and if they say that they’re “ just a simple kinda person .“ then that’s their view.

Which does have various meanings so I can either assume or like I said I’ll wait and let them demonstrate their interpretation of themselves.

But everyone is different so one person’s description of the same thing my be to a degree different than what we believe it to be as well.

Honestly there’s nothing simple about being simple if you ask me ?

Great answer. I mean, look at all the different interpretations of it on this thread.

@ProudMerrie Actually I’ve been reading them and I believe that the way people interpret how we view ourselves is extremely interesting indeed.


Trying to avoid appearance of putting on airs; trying to appear humble. "I don't think I'm better than anyone else." Could be genuine or a guise; usually I think genuine.


Easy to please. Low maintenance. Unassuming.


Not trying to impress or please anyone...don't need to...truthful...no games...what you see is what you get...

succinct in words and life to get a point across


Usually more intelligent than most...quiet and observant...


Unassuming...simple pleasures and needs...

I like your definition of "simple." I think it's a place we finally get to and are comfortable with who we are.

@Wildflower I agree...lots of breathing space for yourself because, in all honesty, you truly do not give a damn what anyone thinks...peaceful existence...simple and free...


I know l won't ask them difficult questions, or ask them to do complicated tasks like tying a shoe or using the remote.

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

That they're not a complicated guy or gal. At least in their own mind.


"Simple-minded" springs to mind.

"In Mexican culture, calling a man simple is a big compliment," Elisabet, a girl I mentored, said. "It means he is humble and dependable."

In a scholarship essay, Elisabet had described herself as "simple." I suggested we look it up on Thesaurus.com.

"In English, the implication is 'simple-minded,'" I said. Instead Elisabet wrote:

"I am a modest girl with big dreams." That worked.

In June 2018, Elisabet graduated from expensive, private Gonzaga University debt-free. Renewable scholarships, grants and work study made that possible. Elisabet is studying to become a pediatrician.

I like her definition - I had the opportunity to work with a retired man from Mule Shoe, Texas - one of his complimentary, common descriptions was to remark “he was as common as dirt.” Which to me, implied the same things your friend spoke of.


I for one am anything BUT simple.
And I like it that way.


To quote: "Simple is as simple does"

jlynn37 Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

Meh, boring. I like simple, I'm not simple.


Well...there is simple as in “plain and simple”, easily understood, and the opposite would be complex. I would think anyone who calls themselves simple is probably much more likely to be pretty complex and I would have to ask myself why they thought they needed to label themselves as the opposite.


I wonder what brand of beer they drink....

Simple man here with a taste for complex beer. smile009.gif


I'm complicated. Nothing simple about that...

Qwent91 Level 6 Feb 5, 2019

I’ll describe myself that way when I want to throw people off guard.


They're hiding their true intentions.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

I have made the mistake of falling for a 'simple' guy. I don't recommend it. Or at least spend some time figuring out what that description means to them.

mojo5501 Level 6 Feb 5, 2019

Hysterical laughter.


IQ or just simple needs?



Byrdsfan Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

I wonder if they mean simple like a bumpkin

btroje Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

Do you know which Hogwarts house you belong to?


They're from the Philippines.

skado Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

? ? ? ? ?


Simple but complicated and has a wide horizon with unpredictable mind and dimentional attirude?



Passing burp or gas is possible chemical reaction


A person who does not think much of themselves.

DeStijl Level 6 Feb 5, 2019
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