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Is everyone a pillhead or addicted to meth? I smoke pot and like to drink every now and then but come the fuck on! I broke up with my last girlfriend because of pills. Ive stayed single for the past year and a half. I start talking to this one woman and I'm starting to like her so I asked her out for dinner one night. She said she would love to stated she wanted to pick up some ice from her sister first and asked if I did it. Well that date ended before it even started and never called her back. Are there any somewhat good, decently clean godless women out there? If so lets go eat dinner.

Nathan72 4 Feb 23

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LOL sorry, when you said "ice" my 1st thought was for the freezer or something. haha /duhr

OP: "I have to pick up some ice first, do you do ice?"
Me: "I've an ice maker in the fridge?" "I like it in tea".

Qualia Level 8 Feb 24, 2018

Hahaha! Nice!
Not gonna lie. Took me a second on "ice" as well. I haven't heard that term in a long time.

@NeoXerops what's the current choice?

@FrayedBear not a clue. I suck at keeping up to date on that stuff.

Lol, that's what i thought.

@Nathan72 LOL!!!!


I am godless and I do not take drugs and I never will, though I am very far away. I do like dinner though lol nomnom

Sacha Level 7 Feb 24, 2018

I'm led to believe that Marijuana smoking has long been rife in NZ @Sacha

@FrayedBear Nothing wrong with that. Im talking about other drugs

@Sacha It's a problem when it turns people into paranoid selfish elder abusing 60 year old daughters as is the case with my 90 yo. acquaintance I have just had to call an ambulance for because none of his 3 children can be bothered.Have a listen Listen to Ending Extract of Will Carleton's Over the Hill to the Poorhouse by GypsyJackBoggleShow #np on #SoundCloud

@FrayedBear In this case this person should not smoke marijuana, I don't smoke it because it does not agree with me. But I see it does wonderful things for many people. Though it is still not legal here.


I'm a drug-free atheistic secular humanist. However, I don't date potheads. It's not that I'm opposed to marijuana use; I've just met very few people who can use it in any sort of moderation. And moderation to me means maybe every once in a while, at most once or twice a month, for relaxation and nothing more. Does that fit your pattern of marijuana use? I doubt it. ...Glass houses, mate. Think about it.


@kauva Because the OP is doing a helluva lot of judging in his post.

I was wondering what weed had ever done to you? you seem to dislike it so. poor weed! it just wants to be your friend.


I here you. I have never driven 90mph up the wrong side of the road stoned. Everybody to day seems to be custodians of modern chemistry. Which I don't understand because they don't look like they don't look like their having fun to me. Being stoned is fun to me, and I'm still in control of myself.

I have no doubt that the heroine or meth are ‘fun’ to some degree. Experiencing new chemical/neuro interaction could be fun for the right person. Not me, and not recommended by me, but devils advocate here. @Nathan72


You might have to add that to your dating drugs, beyond occasional pot.
If the person seems dodgy., be ready to move on.


It could be where you are living? Some areas are hit harder by illegal drugs than others.

I'd be so shocked if anyone I knew were doing that level of drugs?

sadly, you will probably be shocked one day, I have been.

@Nathan72 I'm thinking of the TV show "Justified" seemed like everyone was doing hard drugs.


My ex became a pill head, it changes them! He was always a pot smoker, but then he became " friends" with a girl whose husband was a pharmacist. He would give her put, she would give him pills. They ended up breaking up two families. He did stuff when he was on pills that totally went against his nature! Pills suck!

Yes, Ma'am. I had an ex I lost to pills too. They turn into someone totally different.


You're a little far for me to have dinner with, but I hear you. Everyone got an addiction these days.


At first, I read your first sentence as "addicted to math." I would say yes to that, but not to pills, etc.

Put down the differential equations and back away slowly,sir.



Society is not well. I live in a small town with 5 or 6 liquor outlets, kids under 10 roam the streets until just before closing time because we all know where their parents are. Other parents sit on their driveways and dope out listening to loud music for hours while their kids, almost toddlers ride and run out in front of cars. Then the parents abuse the cat drivers for hitting their horns. I really should live on my own island.


Ha! I have been saying the same thing about men! My ex was an alcoholic, dated a guy after the divorce who smoked pot 24/7 to the point he couldn't even get it up. I don't care if one smokes or drinks as long as its in moderation, other drugs are out of the question. The struggle is real!


I used to do lots of things but now nothing because I have an addictive nature and I'm very all or nothing.


I think you did the right thing ending the date there and then.

Stick around a while, you just never know - you wouldn't be the first person to meet somebody from

no chance I've seen people talking about meeting up

@LeighShelton No chance for what?

@BlueWave it's just my English slang. no chance that people haven't met up on here before.

@LeighShelton Yup! I said he would not be the first.


I had a six week love affair with meth at 15. It was a "perfect fit", playing in a metal band...for like the first month. By then, I wasn't eating or sleeping and my performance was deteriorating...and not just as a player! (Dunno...depends on your definitions...anyway...)

So about week six I knew I had a problem and drank myself off it. I'd drink until I passed out, wake up shaking and sweating bullets, shower, try to force feed and repeat the process for several could have been a week because the entire time was a blur between blackouts.

I haven't touched it since and I've never been one for pharmaceuticals. Strange that I'd trust what a stoner was making is his bathtub over the then readily available pills but I did, to my benefit. I had enough monkeys on my back as it was anyway.


I hear ya, brother! I live in Ohio, so I know what you mean...


I will barely even talk to someone who doesn't smoke weed. They seem WAY too tense and busy for me. But I stop there. Well, maybe shrooms. Shrooms are actually the safest drug of any with many positive psych effects. But that's all. Well and this remote control. So weed, shrooms, this remote control ... and my dog Pook. And this chair. And thats all I need.


I smoke weed like the Thomas Fire is coming for my crops. That’s all I do, except the occasional drink. My awesome atheist girlfriend is completely sober if caffeine and nicotine are excluded. It’s pretty fucking great.
I’ll check in a minute, but it sounds like you’re from southeast Texas

Ha, Kentucky, Texas, same thing

hello weedbuddy! check out the gift I got yesterday!

Vape? @kauva

yeah it's the davinci IQ. supposed to be excellent.

Nice @kauva


I'm a coffee-head at worst. Beyond that, I'm a total atheist square. So yeah, we're out there.

Good to hear it now we've just got to get over the distance problem! 😀


I am 80 years old and I have never smoked, drank, did any drugs and to this day have no desire to do so.

And probably be making the same comment in 20 years time!

@FrayedBear Probably not as I will more than likely no longer exist. But if I am, absolutely.

@jlynn37 So long as you stay off the fast foods you have given yourself a good start.


It is an epidemic. I suppose life has gotten really hard for the middle and working classes and that's the way a lot of people are handling it. Add to that Doctors habits of way over prescribing and you've got yourself a society wide crisis.I won't touch any of that stuff and am really wary of prescriptions.


Yes, yes there are women who are very much into being reasonable grown ups when need be, and know how to be a “fun date” without being a pillhead or addict! Why the heck are you in Tennessee when I’m in Florida? Lol....


No drugs or drinking for me. Neither ever really interested me.

Jsxwi Level 4 Feb 24, 2018

Lol. This is interesting. I have the same abhorrence of Marijuana users as I have seen too many of the addicts sucking away from morning to night with a growing paranoid chip on their shoulder because they believe that the world and I owe them their right to selfish stupidity.

I also have a problem with angry aggressive alcoholics ever since one tried to murder me because she had not learnt to communicate.

You are describing my first marriage, except genders reversed!

Sad to learn that @AnneWimsey. Do you refer to my first paragraph or the second?

@FrayedBear the maniacal drunk part. Crashed cars, lots of scars (literally & emotional).
He was so bad a bar owner put a gun to his side one night....the thing misfired, so his head got layed open by the butt...he came home wanting me to sew him up, then beat me because it hurt. Good times, good times.......

@AnneWimsey Dreadful.

@FrayedBear well, i lerned a lot from it, some of course i didn't need to know, ever. I look on the bright side, i'm still here, and tough as nails!

@Fanburger lol And when they use the bong the similarity to sucking on a dummy is even more pronounced.


Drugs no. I do probably drink too much

If you want to get nit picky, yes. @KBJ41

Thank you! Yes I realize technically alcohol is a drug, however I think most reasonable people think of it separately from heroine, crack, LSD, meth, etc. @Nathan72


It is your Life. Your choice of Poison. Your choice of Mate. You set your Boundaries.

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