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In the Bible where Jesus says "He who is without sin the first stone" Two questions come to mind:Why did she cheat and why didn't the man whom she cheated with get punished?

PatrickKerr 6 Feb 7

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Given the excessive misogyny found in almost all religions and Christianity in particular, for the life of me I never understood why any women would go along with it

@DarrelScot It just blows my mind that there are fewer women atheist than men in spite of this.

@Trajan61 totally agree and thus my comment. in my circle of friends its mostly women who continue to be the church goers despite all the evidence of why it often works against their interests

@bookofmoron Just goes to prove women aren’t as smart as they think they are. ?????

@Trajan61 or maybe less cynical

@Trajan61 women generally underestimate themselves; whereas men are over confident. But ho hum.


And after the first three rocks were thrown, Jesus said, "Let me rephrase that"!


For the same reason that Hermey the Elf is practicing dentistry instead of building Santa's toys... both are fiction.

In other news, the Bible was written and edited by men who were a wee bit misogynistic.

Actually Santa was a real guy.

But Hermey the Elf was not.

@AndrewInVail True

@AndrewInVail Ah, the fatal flaw in the argument is that unless we have a full lineage of the Elven race we can only speculate. Hermey could well still exist in a land far, far away, we just don’t have evidence yet.

No, the Bible was written by men who were a whole lot misogynistic. 😉

The men were also dyslexic they kept mean to write Dog but it came out backwards. And unlike their god — dogs are real and have been around a long long time


What if Harry Potter had grown too big to fit in the cupboard under the stairs? Would he have gotten a bedroom?


The story is a very late addition to the bible, possibly only added in the middle ages, and even if the bible is not total fiction, this story almost certainly is. And in any case the woman is not the point of the story but only exists to show up the falsehood of her accusers, it would work just as well if she were a man or a thief or a murderer the details are trivial.

There is a very common hypothesis among historians that most of the more liberal of the Jesus teachings are the later additions, and that the hard line old testament preachings were the only ones in the earliest lost copies.

Excellent response!

As I see it, mostly fantasy books, written by who knows who, then interpreted to meet the wants and needs of evangelical assholes.


Right after Jesus said that a meteor crashed into the ground leaving a smoking crater where the woman stood. Jesus looks to the sky, exasperated and says," Thanks Dad, I was trying to make a point."



Garbage book, trash ideas!

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

Happily I've never read the thing. I rent movies that turn out to be dogma and I HATE them so much when I review on Netflix I have fun breaking it down to the shreds of indoctrination they are.


It's a book that is supposed to be filed in the fiction aisle. The writers could make the story go any way they wanted it to go.
Asking why something in the bible happened is the same as asking why something happened in Game Of Thrones.
A ridiculous question.


In many countries, women are still punished for adultery even if they are raped.
I have read one version of the story that the woman had a forced marriage and had been 'unfaithful' with her original lover.


Read the first book of the Bible- it’s always a woman’s fault.


It doesn't matter. The point is that everyone had sinned so no one was qualified to stone her.

Orbit Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

that was the point!! go ahead kill her but...


In that passage it makes a big point of saying Jesus was writing on the ground with a stick in the dust, I'm guessing some kind of warning to back the fuck off maybe?
Pretty obvious if this was a prostitute they were her clients and they did not want to pay then perhaps their wives might have had an opinion on the matter, and under Jewish law a woman could divorce and demand recompence from an adulterous spouse.
It begs the question how Jesus knew all her clientele and her profession, but friend of whotres and money lenders and all that, makes for some juicy blackmail fodder.


Because men in that holy text are not held to any responsiblilty. They can rape women and its the womens fault if she doesnt scream loud enough during the raping.


Why did she cheat? Who knows? The man she cheated with is not considered wrong in any way because it is a man's world both then and now. If this was a real situation at all maybe Jesus found her attractive and wanted her for himself. Who knows?


Technically, both she and the man should get stoned, but women received the brunt of the punishment, and for at least a couple of reasons:

  1. There was a double standard. It was generally accepted that men could play around but women needed to be faithful (this thought continued for centuries and is still around today). This is due to patriarchal standards of: a.) Women were the property of their husbands. b.) It was vital that any child conceived by a married woman be that of her husband. Why would he waste his time raising the child of another man? This emphasis is also seen when the Israelites conquered others: the virgins could be spared, but their new husbands/owners were not to have sex with them for a year. This ensured that they were not already pregnant.
  2. Women were temptresses, luring men into having sex with them. Men were notoriously weak in their ability to resist women--Samson is proof of this.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife

It's true, I am notoriously weak. So where are all these temptresses I hear about? Am I not worth the tempting or something???

@PatrickKerr I guess that means I can covet my neighbor's husband.

@Paul4747 Hey, baby, You're kinda cute. I bet you have all kinds of big muscles, too. I have some candy here in my pocket--wanna reach in and get some?

@Gwendolyn2018 I'm on a diet. But I'd be happy to reach in your pockets anyway. 😉

@Paul4747 I already ate the candy so you would be out of luck anyway.

@Paul4747 fiction

@AmmaRE007 and stereotypes

@Paul4747 Did she mean that the Bible is fiction or that it was fiction that I had candy in my pocket?

@Gwendolyn2018 Might have meant that the temptresses are fiction...

@Paul4747 They are a stereotype, but I would not say that they are fiction; the "temptress" has some basis. Women had no power beyond their looks and sexuality. If they had money, it came from their fathers and/or husbands. In the Hebrew Scriptures, Deborah was a ruler/judge of the Jews, but she was an exception (though it points to evidence that the Hebrews might have been matriarchal or, at least, were not always so negative about women). For centuries, women used their "wiles" (and still do) to get what they wanted and needed. Men stripped women of their power and then, condemned them when they used the only tools at their disposal.

On the other hand, women still bore the brunt of outright lies in the realm of the temptress--which they also still do. Men still claim that they cannot "control" themselves when they are attracted to women. We had to cover our legs, our breasts, and even our hair to keep from inflaming lust in men. This is why Islamic women wear burkas. Women can show cleavage and wear short skirts and it does not mean that they are temptresses, but some men will still shift the blame.

@Gwendolyn2018 True. And I blame their weak-willed asses. (The men, that is.)

Seeing something desirable doesn't force one to reach out and take it. Temptation is not coercion. Attraction is not compulsion.

@Paul4747 Well, yeah! We are in agreement on that.

@Gwendolyn2018 Well, if anyone were ever going to tempt me, I would want it to be someone like you. 😉
And I would definitely ask permission before giving in to the temptation, although I think in that situation permission is implied. I mean, if the lady is doing the actual tempting. That came out wrong, I think, but I think you know what I mean....

@Paul4747 The problem is that some men see signals where there are none. I had a man on a dating site make indecent proposals to me. When I refused, he asked me why I had "those pictures" on my profile if I did not want to have sex. My answer was, "Oh, I want to have sex, just not with you." Never heard from him again. But the point is about the pictures: they are the same pictures that I had posted on Facebook where my family, friends, and former students could see them. There was nothing risque or "sexy" about them. He saw what he wanted to see. This has happened more times than I can count on both dating sites and real life.

But yes, I knew what you meant!

@Gwendolyn2018 I love that line...
"Oh, I want to have sex, just not with you."
If I ever write a great American novel, my heroine will speak those words to somebody. If I have your permission to quote you, that is.

@Paul4747 Well, I plan on using it in my novel--you have to cite me.

@Paul4747 oh poor baby......

@Paul4747 you’re cute as hell Paul, some women are just dumb bitches who look for all the wrong things in a man and miss the good stuff. Of course that goes both ways, some men don’t feel like real men unless their banging girls younger than their own daughters. They think they look macho when it’s actually comical watching a 60 something man try to keep up to date, and other things, with a 20 year old women.

@Loridae Thank you, you don't know how much that means to hear (read 😉) especially just lately. I won't bore you with my recent events but it's been a messed-up few months in between weather, a bout of depression probably connected with the weather, and then hitting the 18 month unniversary of my divorce.

@Paul4747 Mind if I interject to brag about my own comeback to a guy on a dating site? He said he wanted to get together and gave me the dimensions of his cock. I told him, no thank you, I already had a cock at least that laege, with ten different settings, under my bed. Oddly enough, he never responded back.

@Meili Interject away.
That's got mine beat, I suppose... I've never really tried to count the settings... I suppose it might vary depending on the operator?

@Paul4747 Lol. It said ten in the product description. I never bothered to count either. Always had other things on my mind in the moment.

@Meili I could go further into this topic, but... no. Just no.

@Paul4747 Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor--and wisdom.

Oh the power of pussy. Wait or is it the desire of dick. Stop trying to blame one sex. Males and females both desire sex. Neither one has a monopoly on stupid

@Jk1960 Of course both men and women desire sex; if they did not, the species would not have proliferated as it has. However, in laying blame, patriarchies have reviled women and put strictures on them in the realm of sex. Women have alternately been seen as temptresses luring men to their destruction to women being told that they do not like sex. Sex is not only for pleasure and procreation, but it ia power tool. Women had to use their "tools" of seduction; men wielded their penises like clubs--literally and figuratively.

@Paul4747, @UpsideDownAgain Thought I would show you all a picture of my cock

@bklynite53 Larger than most.

@bklynite53 Yeah, but can your cock lay eggs? Huh???

@Gwendolyn2018 I don’t know we were a bit hungry this week that’s an old pic

@bklynite53 I am stifling what I was going to say and will remain quiet--but I can't help but think it.

@Gwendolyn2018 Bring it on — let’s have some fun


The authors of the book and the rules were garden-variety misogynists.


All the New Testament is mostly fiction but that particular story is even more questionable as it is not in the most ancient documents therefore to take it into consideration is a waste of time.


It was all a setup, if they had been caught committing adultery both the man and woman would have been exposed, so Jesus just kinda looked at them, did some doodling in the sand (do you have any idea how much it has been discussed what Jesus was writing in the sand??), he was just messing with them, he knew the laws of adultery, he was a jew after all and knew their over 740 + laws, these are the laws that Jesus hated, so he told them go ahead and throw the stones and kill her but a caveat: that is if you have not committed any sins yourselves, just go ahead a do it He knew it was a set-up but also how stupid they were doing it that way!


Any 'Jesus says' question is a non-sequitur


There is a third question. Who gives a shit?


For those who believe they are 'free' from religious influence I think this post says it all. Nope.


Always liked that story. It's one of those that really illustrates the fairy tale quality of the bible, even without the magic parts.
An angry mob of self-righteous religious men, and not one of them believed he was without sin?

To answer your second question: Some men hate women and will take any chance to "legitimately" punish one.


I think you are on the wrong website to be quoting he bible ?

I don't think that at all. Its interesting and worth it to discuss these things

@Amisja what is there to disus Amisja? Most people on this planet will not be convinced that black is black and white is white.

@Gregory2 my name is Jayne. We should open to discusding anything here.

@Amisja You're right, Jane! We should be able to rationally discuss any and all topics that people are comfortable with talking about.


@Logician Its JaYne with a y

@Amisja I'm sorry about that, Doll! I'm always used to seeing no Y in that name.

Rand (hehe!)

@Gregory2 You sound a little like Bill Maher. I agree with most of what he says. Most people in this country are stupid and I might be one of them. He is definitely right about religion and Islam.
This comment was meant for Gregory2., sorry.

@Grecio I don't think that believers are necessarily stupid. Many of them are not that interested in learning and science. They are intersted more in relationships, communities of us rather than putting it all together by by analyzing the parts while trying to understand the whole. We humans are irrational by nature and it's a good thing. If we weren't we wouldn't be human. It would make perfect sense to kill grandma when she becomes a drain on our resources that we could otherwise use towards the future generations but we don't that. We are not robots. Beliefs are a part of that human irrationality. Unfortunately, on a global scale, religious beliefs do more harm than good but that is the best evolution could do. I guess. Tribal instincts in the age of weapons of mass destruction are a bad thing.

@Grecio, @Amisja Some things are not up for discussion. Earth is not flat. Vaccines don't cause illness, they prevent it. Those things behind airplains are just water. Yes, we landed on the moon. Things like that.

@Gregory2 True to a certain extent but the question has to be asked ‘Why would people hold a position against those ideas?’ Far more important than the content


Society progresses; Religion doesn't.


Because Christianity

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