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Monty Python

Any Monty Python fans?

PatrickKerr 6 Feb 7

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Going to "Spamalot" next weekend!


Am a huge fan! I grew up on Flying Circus and saw "Life if Brian" and "Meaning of Life" when initially released in theaters. I've never outgrown their stuff!

Zster Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

So much, yes.




This is worth watching. . .


Who remembers Hells Grannies?


Monty Phython is a hoot. Love it! 😀


Before Python there was beyond the fringe. You may notice a young Dudley Moore and Alan Bennett (of lady in a van fame)

Before that was The Goon Show (the opening voice here is Peter Sellers)

I regularly post quotes, and clips, depending on the topic.
Sometimes, I just post songs.

Funny movie that one.


Big fan, have all of the TV episodes on a DVD collection and many of the movies. Recently Amazon Prime had two black and white TV shows from the 60's with the cast members from Monty Python prior to them forming. At Last the 1948 Show [] and Do Not Adjust Your Set [] . The beginings of their comic genius.


Look, I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

@KKGator Quick- Who can name their four chief weapons?


I really think the show's content may have spurred on my 'disbelief' as a teenager. I can credit it for making me laugh and see the humor in Catholic/Protestant behaviors in a way that was acceptable: The Spanish Inquisition, the Every Sperm is Sacred, the Holy Grail, The Life of Brian. All the many many skits and movies that made fun of religion and chipped away the sacred and the taboo subjects of my religious upbringing. It was silly but also thought provoking since we were of the age when anything British was very admired and sought after....British and Canadian comedy was somehow automatically more intellectual than American humor to us at that time.

The first time I heard Every Sperm Is Sacred sung at karaoke I about pissed my pants laughing!


Yes. My favourite is The Lumberjack Song.


Oh no

Oh yes lol

@maturin1919 Monty Python....really??

Not their best, but come on - The Life of Brian should be in an Agnostics Hall of Fame.

@OwlInASack yes..I am a girl

@OwlInASack, @maturin1919 middle class public school boys who laughed at middle class public schools' things. All the women are either old crones or daft 'dollybirds'...yuck

@OwlInASack, @maturin1919, @Beowulfsfriend Life of Brian...I LOVE

@maturin1919 Hahaha they ARE EXACTLY MIDDLE CLASS! That is what middle class is. What on earth would they have to say to a clever blue stocking working class girl?

@maturin1919 YES! British middle class is senior management, professionals.

@maturin1919 please read

@maturin1919 what? To me being middle class is an insult. They do not speak to a North of England working class kid. They are priviledge, they are professional class, they are from the South. They are not funny to me. If you want to see a commedian from my neck of the woods look at Peter Kay....

@maturin1919 That is because you are not British

@OwlInASack Its a Simpson's joke. Lisa Simpson (who my ex said I was just like) said it. Girls are not well represented by Monty Python. Neither are the working class.

@OwlInASack There are lots of reasons why I don't watch telly and I am not a lover of a lot of comedy. I find silly things funny, not so much staged commedians. I did go to see Bill Bailey who was funny, but he is also a left leaning eco warrior. I am really cynical about a lot of recent depictions of working class life, Shameless for example...poverty porn at its lowest. Working class humour and life is written for us and about us with very little input from genuine working class voices. Inevitably those who do, are those who got out, went to uni or found fame. In US class is only structured around income and the lie that the majority (the middle) have the most. Here it is very much based on aspirations, attributes and lifestyle. I suppose, ostensibly I am middle class. All three of my kids went to uni, both myself and my partner are professionals with higher degrees. We are however, broke. It can seem a bit joyless but there is joy and heart in my grim, working class Northern home.

@OwlInASack, @maturin1919 I am working yes!

@OwlInASack I have to say, that when I met my partner's family, I realised how far away from working class routes my family had come. However, it is still there. My first house was a two up two down terrace with no heating and a coal fire. It had been built with no internal plumbing and still had the ash toilet out back. Poverty has been a constant in my life, despite being a lecturer and I would still align myself with the working class. Unfortunately, I have changed, I am still not comfortable with the trully middle class or some of the peeps round here. Our neighbours are mostly semi-skilled none professionals, although they are lovely, I have nothing to talk about to my next door neighbour who is a beautician. Its a strange world, only slightly more fluid than the Indian caste system but a million miles away from USA.

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