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If you got to choose a 'last meal,' what would it be?

Surprisingly, I think I'd go for a traditionally made Japanese meal. Teriyaki, rice, miso soup, and salad with ginger dressing!

I'm hungry now.

silvereyes 8 Feb 24

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something that took a really really long time to prepare.


Horse tranquilizers.


Seafood, Appetizer. Fried calamari and conch fritters, Main meal, Shrimp Alfredo, Lobster tail with crab meat Parmesan topping and Alaskan king crab legs.

If you ate all that, it probably would be your last meal. lol
No bread, salad or dessert? No iced tea? with lots of ice and lemon?

@PEGUS Crab leg have enough meat inside not a lot, one lobster tail, the only part of the meal that might be filling is the pasta in the Alfredo No bread that fills you up too fast and no salad for the same reason.. lol.


I would get a pot of coffee...a good cup of coffee is the only food that I honestly say that I have ever craved, and it's one of my few pleasures in life...


A large breakfast.
Three eggs over easy, hash browns, several strips of bacon, double order of B&G, a cup of coffee, and a large cold milk.

Just one more thing --- a huge glass of ice cold orange juice as a mouth cleanser at the end of that wonderful meal. ( Is there sausage gravy on those grits, or any biscuits?)

@PEGUS No grits. B&G = Biscuits and Gravy. OJ would be good too, but not as a mouth cleanser... it's my last meal. 😉


Lobster mac & cheese, filet mignon au poive with garlic/rosemary mashed taters and prosciutto wrapped asparagus topped with a shitake shroom sauce and paired with a boujolieneauvou..for dessert a slice of Limoncello creme cake topped with fresh whipped cream and raspberries and a dram of armanac..


Surprisingly I was just thinking about posting this. Because I am also hungry lol. It would have to be one Osso Buco prepared by my mother. Or a traditional English roast following my Grandmothers recipe. YUM!

Sacha Level 7 Feb 24, 2018

@silvereyes Something like that! LOL


Give me a big box of dark chocolates so I'll want to die or I could just prepare myself some Pufferfish. That ought to do the trick!

I'd probably just go with burger, fries and a milkshake or phosphate from an old fashioned place.


Grapes and mangoes and cherries. 🙂


So thing that would take a looooong time to prepare.


Would have to be fancy sushi, with a couple of tall ice cold Sapporos. Desert would come from a restaurant downtown here that has this mutant cake called 'Choczilla'. It reminds me of Plymouth Rock and seeing the waitress walk by with one makes your blood sugar jump 60 points.


What? No 🍕 in the mix, silvereyes? I'd definitely include it as one of the many courses of my meal. 😛

@silvereyes Maybe teriyaki pizza? No, never mind. I can't condone nontraditional pizza styles.

@silvereyes Oh, I can't do pineapple. I don't want anything sweet on my pizza. The not-quite sweetness from tomatoes is about as far as I can tolerate. I do like veggies on my pizza, though.

@silvereyes Aww… 💔😟

I like pineapple quite a lot, but I never liked it on savory foods. I'm not even terribly fond of it when people put slices on a cake, though it's fine. I generally prefer pineapple by itself, just a dish of fruit.


Lobster thermidor. Wine. (Feel really good and tired before I die in my sleep.)

Perfect. Maybe followed by a 25 yr old Scotch.


Chicken Tikka Masala! Only from a buffet... That way the meal would never end...


My choice would be a platter of smoked salmon, coarsely ground black pepper, a fresh lemon, four pieces of lightly toasted granary bread and a magnum of champagne and some classical music.


Filet mignon medium rare, grilled with garlic butter. Sides; small chicken caesar, bacon wrapped asparagus, and crispy pomme frites. Rum and diet coke with lots of fresh lime to drink. Moist chocolate layer cake with chocolate fudge frosting for desert. Finish it off with single malt and a good cigar.


A Double-double cheese burger from In&out with french fries from Wendy's, an order or Coconut shrimp from Outback, a side of Mac & Cheese, and for dessert a stack of pancakes with real butter and real maple syrup.


A full restaurant sized pan of bacon, and a good bottle of whiskey


Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, with a sticky toffee pudding for dessert. I want the dessert to have cyanide in it, though... I'm not giving those bastards the satisfaction.


Eye of round roast, stuffed eggplant, and spanish rice.


A chicken enchilada plate from Rosa’s Cafe.


There are some great ideas here and mine would probably be roast beef with all the trimmings or a Christmas dinner again with all the trimmings (inc 1 sprout, they are revolting but I accept they are part of this)
There has however, been one life sustaining food that I've enjoyed over the years that should really get a mention as a distinct possibility.......I give you the Bacon Sandwich

Lightly cured back bacon
A crusty loaf of white bread (Cob or bloomer)
Brown sauce

All washed down with copious cups of coffee and finished off with a ciggy.


A medium-rare ribeye, fresh green beans, sautéed with butter and onions with a hint of garlic, and a baked potato with butter, bacon, and cheese. A worthy beverage would be required, of course. I'm picturing a milk stout like Lakewood Temptress or something of the sort.


20 beers


Chicken Marsala.

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