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If you could have a dinner party with 4 people from history (whom are no longer alive) who would they be and why? Rock stars, scientists, politicians, sports stars anyone........

At the moment I choose Nelson Mandela, I would love to hear this man's story from his lips, and I am sure he has much wisdom to share. I had the honour one day of reaching out to him and he shook my hand, I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me, I could see his soul......

Michael Jackson, because I have never loved a man so much, I need to know how a man with such an amazing mind let things end so badly, how could he do that? I need to tell him that I believe him and I believe in him.....

Rosa Parks to teach me about courage...

Mark Twain because he is genius...
I could change my mind tomorrow,

Special mentions go to David Bowie.. just because I love him
Hitler, to ask wtf? But that may be a waste of energy.
Buddha to learn peace and wisdom.
Mohammad, I wonder how he sees Islam now, and how it has turned out.

Sacha 7 Feb 24

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For me it would just be some of the dear friends I've lost over the last 30 years.



if its a party:
hunter s thompson
Timothy Leary
jerry garcia


Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Frederick Douglas, Mark Twain.

Yes, xlnt choices all.

I am also a big fan of Mark Twain!

Apparently, Newton had more writings on the occult that he did on physics. He was, after all, an alchemist. But I can forgive him for that. His study of the occult is only "the study of the occult" AFTER the fact. Back then, I suppose, the study of the occult was the study of A science.


Robin Williams, he could always make me laugh! My grandmother, she was the kindest person I ever knew. Maya Angelou, someone else had her too, she had a remarkable life! Ghandi, So good, so wise, so kind! Took me quite a awhile to figure out, but I think I got it right for me.


The first Mordern Human Woman cause none of us would be here without Her ..the Neanderthal that painted the oldest known cave paintings to talk about color..Schrodinger to talk about that cat..and Buckminster Fuller to talk about those balls..


Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Ben Franklin, and H.G. Wells.

MarqG Level 5 Feb 24, 2018

Abe Lincoln (obvious reasons, I think), Albert Einstein (like to hear it straight from him), Leonardo Da Vinci (I would want to see if he was actually an Earthling), aaand Mark Twain (one of the funniest people to have walked the planet, I think, and smart as a whip).


If it were a dinner party, I don't think I'd go for scientists or philosophers. A few hours just isn't long enough to learn much from them. So, instead, I'd shoot for being entertained. My criteria would be humor and charisma, and how I think they would do in a social setting.

By all accounts, Oscar Wilde loved a party and his wit was magnificent, so he gets a seat. Mark Twain also gets a seat for similar reasons, and I think it would be great fun to hear them banter with one another. Although I adore George Carlin and think he's one of the best and most influential comedians of the last several decades, I'm less convinced he'd be a good addition to a lively social gathering, so his standin would be Greg Giraldo, whom I think had such a quick wit and smart perspective without coming across as highfalutin or arrogant. And I think the fourth seat would go to Mae West, who strikes me as not only someone who had an irreverent sense of humor but also someone who unapologetically owned her femininity and sexuality, whose very existence was an expression of freedom.

What a time THAT would be.


George Carlin....for the laughs

Buddy Holly....for the music

Fredrick Nietzsche...for the conversation

Audrey Hepburn....for a touch of class

That would be a great dinner set too


William Shakespeare
Nickola Tesla
Marie Curie
Agatha Christie

I remember reading about Madame CUrie as a maybe 10 year old and fell in love

@btroje she is fascinating!


Carl Sagan
Albert Einstein
Charles Darwin

David Hume

I might like to see Nelson and Michael as well. Nelson as he was a great man and Michael out of curiosity. He was always my favorite signer growing up and I think some of his best music came after he was tuned out. They Don't Care About Us is definitely my favorite.

I'm sure Mohammad would likely be a little disappointed that his isn't the only made up truth.


Carl Sagan because he can explain what Einstein says in a way I understand, Douglas Adams (almost met him but he died) because we think alike, Einstein of course, and maybe David Bowie so I could tell him how much he contributed.


tom petty edgar allan poe confucious and tecumseh....


Arthur C Clarke, Chris Squire ( A wonderful musician / bass player from Yes), Carl Sagan, and my lovely partner Anjli who died last year on Jan 28th 2017. Damn I miss her badly everyday. .


Lemmy Killmister, Johnny Cash, Steve Irwin and Louis L’amour. What a legendary group of passionate people and stories. And I’m sure they would appreciate each others company.

Cricky! Yes! Steve Irwin, what a legend. I am thinking I need to pull some more chairs up to my dinner table.

@randymoose @sacha You know when people ask "Do you remember where you were, what you were doing when such and such thing happened?" No one has asked that of Irwin's death. I still consider him one of Australia's best exports - miles ahead of anyone else.

I was playing with my Hotwheels at my grandpa’s house.@SamKerry

@RandyMoose I was at work, while browsing the internet instead of working. Everyone else around me was busy so no one had heard or read the news until I said: "holy shit!".


Hmmm let's See Ronnie james Dio, along with Randy Rhoads, cause they were great musicians, and along with Robin Williams and Alan turning, so the guy who was responsible for cracking the german enigma machine, that would be an interesting dinner!

Oh yes Robin WIlliams 🙂


Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, Hypatia, Napoleon.


Mohammed Ali, Richard Pryor, John Kennedy, Jonathon Winters. Interesting men, Interesting and dramatic lives, and all had wit and humor.


Galileo Galilei


My immediate guests would be Leonardo Da Vinci, Gandhi, Buddha and Christopher Hitchens the dinner conversations would be fantastic to say the least.


Mark Twain - what interesting conversation he would provide.
Wyatt Earp - legend
Marilyn Monroe - hubba hubba
Abraham Lincoln - great man


Mother Tresca, MLK, Gandi, Sidney Poiter


Marilyn Monroe is the one that comes to mind first. She fascinates me and I'd like to ask her who killed her. Bobby Kennedy or Peter Lawford? My dad and nephew who died within a month of each other and my aunt Carol. I miss them so.


My four would be Charles Darwin, Hermann Hesse, Carl Sagan, and Jean Piaget -- four of the great minds for the ages.


Wow! It would have been great to have seen Mandela. But to also have shared a handshake and a smile would definitely be a treasured memory. Would be sad to hear Jackson's true story - but not worthless.

My 4 dinner guests would be historical figures who, arguably, shaped our modern world. It would be interesting to see their reactions to how it's all turned out.

1: Any one of the Greek philosophers - or Alexander the Great who studied under and called Aristotle a friend (or a family friend - at the least, I'm sure).
2: Constantine - He can tell all bible believers that the bible was not only a collection of disparate beliefs (with a central theme) but also that the bible was collated by men, arguing on the merits of their own beliefs, rather than bible is "because God".
3: DaVinci - for his benefit. I'm sure he'll appreciate the engineering marvels of today.
4: Jim Henson - to see if he was a "chill" person or if he was a manic, perfectionist creative.

I had to think a bit about my list because I have not been too invested in ANYONE in particular - or have not been inspired too greatly by anyone in my "ignorance is bliss" lifestyle. Maybe the closest is Jim Henson (because without him, I wouldn't enjoy education-based entertainment as much as I do) or Alexander the Great (because I enjoyed reading a novel based on his life and accomplishments a few years ago).

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