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Why you should always wash new clothes

New clothes irritate my skin, making me feel itchy. This is why:

"It comes as a surprise to many that new clothes can actually result to allergic reactions. Since it is new, they do not wash it.

"The problem is, new clothes contain formaldehyde which is toxic and can trigger skin itchiness or irritation. This chemical compound is used to keep clothes crease free while displayed or stocked in department stores."

Professor Donald Belsito, a dermatologist at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York, says clothes should be washed at least once as soon as you get them home – and warned that fabric can also harbor bugs and insects left by people who have tried items on in the store.


LiterateHiker 9 Feb 14

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Pardon my naivete, but I had no idea people used or wore any new soft goods without washing! - eeeuuwww, how could you?


I am always too excited to wash them first, but after reading this I may have to.


oh no... i love new clothes scent.


Thanks for the gross info. Takes the fun out of shopping. Guess I will have to make my own clothes.


I can attest that even in the cleanest clothing manufacturing plant, clothes will have dust and dirt, and been handled often and, as cloth, spent time on the floor. At 17, just out of high school, before the military and college, I worked briefly at a sewing factory. And, yes, I'm a guy. I did odd jobs and later shipping. I joke that I had 60 mothers. When the clothes went to pressing and steaming there were chemicals used. I didn't know which.


Sizing,loose and threads,are mostly found in new clothes. Never wash new blue jeans with any whites,the color from the jeans will transfer,giving you blue socks and T shirts.


I wash everything that another human or tiny human might have touched...just go to a buffet and see how people are nasty around food...around clothes and household items, I am sure they are worse...fabrics from the crafting stores also need to be pre-washed for sizing and over dyeing...

Jewelry should be cleaned because people do try them on as well..

Bugs, chemicals, dirt, etc....

There are things I microwave as well...Spanish Moss, raffia, straw, etc.

I just saw a clip on YouTube. It was a guy who was a guest on Fox and Friends talking about how he hasn't washed his hands in over 10 years. He doesn't believe in germs because he couldn't see them. This is the kind of shit we have to deal with. And what is funny I would bet my left nut that he believes in God.

@mooredolezal Kinda like that girl who didn't shampoo her hair for a year...I don't want to even know people like dark hope is that they die off through natural selection...

@mooredolezal Don't eat anything that guy brings to potluck.
He probably doesn't cook at all, though.
I can't imagine handling raw meat and not feeling an over-whelming urge to wash my hands.

@BufftonBeotch I know, right! How disgusting. I hope he never fingers his girlfriend.

@mooredolezal He is either lying, or will be dead soon, eventually he will put his hands where they do not belong.

@dalefvictor I certainly hope so, I hope he takes the cast of Fox & Friends with him. Actually they even looked at him a little funny when he said it. I wonder if he wipes his ass or if he just lets it dry up, flake off and fall out of his pants leg.


I have sensitive skin, guess I've been lucky! And those bugs, I thought they came off me!


Thanks, I haven't yet gotten over the idea that library books might contain bedbugs!


I clean library book covers with a disinfecting wipe.

Oh yuck.


Good idea. I just picked up a couple of activewear t-shirts and some jogging pants, and I was wondering if I should wash them before putting them on. The pants have some slight staining at one cuff, so I was going to wash those right away, but now I'll throw the shirts in also. Thanks for the info.


The semi trucks that carry products especially products brought from overseas are pumped full of pesticides. In some cases, the items inside the trucks are in that confined space for months at a time. The pesticides inundate the cardboard and plastics sheathing the items. The pesticides get onto the items which if unwashed can cause rashes. I know this from working in factories and unloading trucks.


Good to know.......

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