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Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Being a naturist (nudist) I was just curious. Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Here are some things I myself have done, while naked.

  1. Sleeping. It is much more comfortable and it is easier for your body to maintain homeostasis and an even temperature if you sleep naked.

  2. Cleaning House. I started to just clean the shower naked, as then I didn’t have to worry about t getting wet or dirty. However, I reasoned there was no reason to worry about getting dirty at all when cleaning if I cleaned the whole house naked. I still ended cleaning in the shower, as after cleaning the shower, I’d also clean myself up.

  3. Gardening and yard work. I saw no need to get clothes dirty if I didn’t have to. I did and do wear clothes in the front yard, or if I am handling a mower or chainsaw, as a matter of safety. The function of clothes is warmth and protection, and some aspects of yard work require sensible protection. I’ll also do hand watering nude too. I don’t worry about getting wet, and if it gets hot, I can just turn the hose on myself and cool down without getting any clothing wet.

  4. Sunbathing. I think an all over tan looks much better and more natural than tan lines do, and much more attractive.

  5. Swimming. I hate wet swimwear. It gets really cold really fast once you get out of the water. Strangely, when naked, you don’t’ get as cold. You also don’t have to deal with a wet swimsuit getting everything else wet in your bag.

  6. At a Spa. This includes Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms and Saunas. Again, no wet swimsuits, and also it is easier to shower off sweat if you aren’t' wearing a swimsuit.

  7. Hiking. I love being out in nature and being naked enhances the experience as you feel the sun and wind (and sometimes rain) on your skin.

  8. Bicycling. I’ve gone on quite a few naked bike rides, usually as part of protests. The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which happens in many major cities, is a protest about our dependence on fossil fuels. The WNBR in Portland, Oregon, in the USA attracts over 10,000 riders each year.

  9. Streaking. This is basically jogging while nude. In the e1970’s a lot of exhibitionists (persons who get aroused by others seeing them naked) did this, but for nudists it is always about just being naked and never about being seen by others… unless protesting, but then being seen still isn’t about sex.

  10. Table Games. Such as pool/billiards or ping pong.

  11. Boards Games/ card games. Oddly enou8gh I never played strip poker or any other stripping game. If nudity is no big deal for you, there is really no attraction to such games. However, I have played board and card games while naked.

So, what have you done naked (excluding sex and bathing)?

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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Why would you want to know?

It is just somethign that peopel don't generally talk about. I just suspect that more people liek to do things without clothing than is generally known. The internet provides a platform where peopel are nto as reticent in talking about such things.

@snytiger6 That is a "non" answer. The question leads no place. After people answer, "I sleep naked; I do yoga naked: I watch TV naked," there is no place left to go. I am not sure how this information can be put to use.

@Gwendolyn2018 Not every question needs to spawn deep intellectual debate. Sometimes people just wan tsomething that seems like a lighter topic.

Also there are studies which show that people who dont' feel body shame and like their bodies have higher self esteem and self confidence. If people become awware that people liek to do some things while naked, that may whittle away at their being conditioned to think nudity was "bad". So, indirectly reading about others who like to do things while nude, can help peopel feel better about themselves.

In a society where idealized beauty are eatign disordered models who are Photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection creating totally unrealistic ideals that are impossible for most people to even come close to achieving, which leaves people feeling insecure and ashamed, to see so many responses form people who liek to do some things nude, sends a message that perhaps they need nto be so ashamed of how they look.

It is subtle, but awareness changes how we feel about things and ourselves.

@snytiger6 I used to weigh 250 pounds, and I have a good body image not because I went naked, but because I lost weight. One does not have to discuss what they do in the nude in order to have or develop acceptance of their bodies. People rely too much on others to establish their self esteem, and if someone needs to read about what other people do when they are naked to develop it, then they need to be more introspective.

@Gwendolyn2018 I would say there is more than just one path to body acceptance, and different paths work better for different people.

@snytiger6 And I would say that discussing what people do in the buff in a venue such as this is not about body acceptance.

@snytiger6 Fab resp.

@Gwendolyn2018 Having studied sociology, and how people are influenced by the attitudes, beliefs and judgements of others, I would disagree about your conclusions about discussion of the topic and body acceptance.

If people see that many people like to do (platonic) things without clothes, it will, for most people, affect them even if only very slightly to be just a littel less concerned about the flaws of their own bodies.

There have been many studies which show that children raised in naturist homes have a better body image, better self esteem and have much higher confidence in themselves.

Many naturists, also talk about how going nude helped them gain a positive body image and improved their self esteem.

Mostly, they use nudity as a way of learning to reject societal rules which limit them nd their choices in their lives. It make them question things more and ot just blindly accept what they are told by society or others in general. They become more true to themselves.

Like I said earlier, there is more than one way to accomplish positive changes including those about one's own body image. The naturist/nudist path is just one. If you found a different path for yourself, I am happy for you, but it does not mean your way is the only way.

@snytiger6 Of course my way is not the only way. I still do not see, however, how discussing what one does in the nude on a site ostensibly for the discussion of agnostic and atheist issues is going to help body image. I don't see how discussing it online is going to affect body image, period.

@snytiger6 Read the initial post--it says nothing about body image.

@Gwendolyn2018 Nowhere is it stated or implied what we can or cannot, or should or should not discuss here. All your lamenting won’t change that. If a topic doesn’t float your boat or fit your agenda, perhaps don’t participate.

I just realized this post is nine months old. ?

@BlueWave I did not put restrictions on the OP: I asked a question and made some observations and opinions. I did not read where that is against the "rules."

@Gwendolyn2018 No, you did not specifically say exactly that. Here's what you said: "...on a site ostensibly for the discussion of agnostic and atheist issues..."

@BlueWave And . . . ?

@Gwendolyn2018 You implied that we should not be talking about anything that is not related to being agnostic or atheist. I think you knew that’s what I meant.

@BlueWave Out of everything I wrote, that is the one thing on which you focus. Gotcha.

@Gwendolyn2018 I read everything. That’s just the one thing on which I chose to comment.


fried bacon

I switched to turkey bacon, because of less splattering... and it is healthier. Yeah, I guess I ave cooked while naked too.

@athiest I have skills now

Cooking, shower


Never again!

Living dangerously! Lol! 😀


I don't care about societal BS i like silk caressing my body. And if an interesting friend pops over ??? Yeah

EvaV Level 7 June 28, 2018

Interesting friend?Male or you have a significant other to join y`all? you use the shaes for light domination.Man,I would like to find out do we get together.Do you have any pictures from times like that?just asking.what would your choice be,a real hardbody woman or a well hung guy?or both?please keep me alone posted.I wanna join in.

@lookinhard. I appreciate your candor and imagination

@EvaV ...I thought this was a place where we could really open up with our answers.I know its probably rude,but some more details would have been appropriate.Not"I appreciate your candor......".Anyway,if you wouldnt mind,I would love to hear more.At least about what you would prefer.If not,thats cool.If you ever want to get together to give an example,get in touch with me.Thanks for listening.

@lookinhard you cannot possibly say 'some more details would have been appropriate' - the appropriateness is for the person speaking to decide, not the listener!

@Allamanda Eva and I have been friends for a while.just friendly banter.sorry to rilr you up so

@lookinhard not riled, but you can see how that looks on a forum?


@lookinhard I suspect the hardcore feminists would start getting out the knives.... there are lots of posts about coercive behaviours and mansplaining and all that, I'll just leave it there.


I sleep naked most of the time and especially in the hot weather, when even the nights don't drop below 40 degrees centigrade. (That's 144 Farenheit) But in winter, when its frosty outside, I sleep warmly wrapped becaiuse, unless there's a howling gale and rain pouring in, I always have the French windows of my bedroom wide open for fresh air.
I like to swim naked, one feels so unfettered. But it is a shared pool, so not always possible.
When it is decently warm weather, I don't bother to get dressed until I'm going out, which can sometimes mean all day.
However, I am not a naturist.

People who sleep naked usually have a more restful sleep. Without clothes it is much easier fro the body to maintain homeostasis, or specifically to matain a uniform body temperature while sleeping.

I was surprised that you specifically said you are not a naturist. However, on thinking bout it, naturists/nudists usually engage in social nudity. I hadn't thought about it before, but a person who likes to be nude, but only when alone, is not quite the same category as a naturist/nudist.

In any case, I tend to think other people should identify themselves as they choose, because theorectically they shoudl know themselves better than others could know themn.

Where do you live that nights dont go down below 144 degrees?.... Hell?

@lookinhard Oops! That should have been 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Hell has improved, I gather, The devil doesn't spend much time there these days, too many priests!

@lookinhard evidently we are all going to hell here my mother tells me, so I've been practicing sleeping naked for 50 years now. I'm ready 😛

@snytiger6 If I sleep nude, as a stomach sleeper it's like sleeping on a short fat branch of 'woodie' all GD night!!

@Agr8m8 I'm a stomach sleeper, and especially if it's a woman's. 🙂😉


Modeling, for photography and a drawing class. This was just before digital cameras went mainstream. I have no digitized photos from that time. I did a little more last summer but I didn't get any nude photos (just clothed ones) and now I'm done with all that.

I started out having no shame or reservation re nudity, and actually enjoyed the chance to indulge in something at once completely natural AND culturally subversive. It was never a big deal to me. I used to skinny dip regularly with a bunch of friends, male and female, on the Georgia coast.

Modeling was fun (albeit not necessarily easy) and I honestly loved it. I worked with some really great photographers who didn't absolutely refrain from signalling their interest in me but were nonetheless respectful and professional, and I never felt harassed or taken advantage of. The last photographer I worked with was putting off some low-key creeper vibes so I ghosted.

I have recently come into some challenging emotional conflicts and some fundamental value changes that have left me unwilling to be visible at all, let alone dressed in flattering clothing that draws attention and reveals the shape of my body. Nudity (outisde the privacy of my own home) is out of the question at this time. It's not a shame thing, it's something mixed up and bizarre and highly personal that I wouldn't expect anyone to understand or believe.

I don't miss being comfortable with visible (as opposed to solitary) nudity, because I never felt very strongly about it in the first place. I miss feeling comfortable with being seen, period.

TL;DR: I used to do nude modeling. Now I don't. DON'T ASK FOR PIX.

The first time I went to Squaw Mountain Ranch, which is the oldest nudist club west of the Mississippi, I talked with some people who said they were nudists when they were younger, but when they lived in the suburbs and raised kids they stopped, then after the kids were grown and moved ttu they became nudists again.

I think for some people the need for conformity and fitting in changes under differ5ent circumstances. Mostly I think it depends on how they think other people i their lives will view them, such as other suburb parents.

I learned when studyign sociology that the most influentual thing that determines how a person behaves is hwo they percieve others will view them. Especially those they love and care about most.

So, as life changes who comes into our life and changes oru life situations our attitudes change accordingly.

@snytiger6: Very illuminating; TYVM!

@stinkeye_a You are welcome. To be honest, I was a littler concerned that my generalizing with social theories might have seemed to be presumptuous. I am glad you took it for what it was as intended.

People here are so much more open minded and thoughtful and not so quick to take offense, as they are on Facebook.

@snytiger6 actually that perspective threw an unanticipated but delightfully helpful light on an issue with which I've been wrestling, painfully, for quite a while. What a gem of serendipity! It is without a shred of hyperbole I say I cannot thank you enough. 😀

@stinkeye_a I'm happy my words gave you some long sought insights or at least helped get pst a mental block.

Most of my thinking as far a human behavior goes, derives from ideas io learned in Sociology classes in college. That all humans belong to various groups, and they behavior is both generally dictated and influenced by the various groups they belong to, and some behaviors are let over from past group associations.

As an example of behaviors left over from past group associations, many peopel here still carry the dogmas they learned while they were religious.

Various groups I would belong to which influence my behavior are I am a male, am gay, I was raised Mormon, butan atheist, a naturist, someone who identifies more with left wing politics, I am disabled (legally blind), a state school college graduate with an AA in Addiction Studies and a BA in Sociology, in college I minored in theater and film, a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a member of the United Food and Commercial Worker's union, I have a gym membership... and so on.

My behavior is mostly dictated by an amalgamation of the various groups I belong to or have belonged to and how well I fit into each group and what position I held within each group. If you want to understand a person, whether yourself or anyone else, you learn about their life and what groups they belonged to and what role they played in those groups. It is very complicated, which is why psychology is often preferred by people as a field of study over sociology, but sociology gives much more useful relevant information.

On the downside, human diversity is such that there can never be any one social theory that explains human behavior. Other than generalizing that people are mostly the products of the groups they belong to or associate with, if you get any mroe specific, then human diversity will insure that virtually any theory that is more specific theories are full of flaws and are at best thought experiments.


Nudist, pics?!

I have nudist pics, but don't share them. It isn't about seeing people naked. To nudists nudity is passe. People who ask for nudist pics usually are not of a mind consistent with nudist culture.

@snytiger6 Sorry buddy, it was tongue in cheek!

@Zoidburg Yeah, no worries. I have often encountered cases where emails or texts where taken out of the context in which they were intended. Because written words have no vocal intonations or facial expression to help convey meaning, there are a lot of times where things get read the wrogn way and the writer's meaning doesn't come though as intended. I think the more a person knows the other person the less likely this is to happen, but often people will say something as they would to a good friend, to someoen they hardly know, and then it is easy for misinterpretation to take place.

I often think that technology is decreasing the quality level of our communications, because of a lack of vocal intonations and facial expressions in communications, which makes it very easy to misinterpret meanings.

I tend to write longer emails, texts and so on because I want to try to be clear about what I mean and for better communication and understanding... although I tend to get complaints about my long notes.

@snytiger6 I couldn't agree more with every single word of that. It's happened to me a few times on here, already!

@Zoidburg 'tongue and cheek', is that like salad tossing?...oh wait, that would be 'tongue IN cheek'...never mind..hahaha


I work on my lathe.

Isn't that kind of dangerous?

@icolan Only when I get excited.

@GlyndonD hahahahaha.....

@GlyndonD Use it to shape wood?

@Pen-n-Ink, they don't call me Spindle Man for nothing!


I would never have thought that sleeping in the nude would be worth mentioning. If anything I wear a t-shirt. Swimming in secluded ares or beaches where it's tolerated.
In Germany nudity was not really a big deal. People sunbath naked, swim in lakes naked ... Sauna: They used to be segregated but most saunas seem to be mixed and nudism seems compulsory. I have never seen anyone wear anything, except a wedding ring, in a German sauna.

I have traveled a lot, Turkey, Korea, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, lived in Brazil and Spain for a bit. Visited Mongolia, Canary Islands, the Philippines, Mexico, Hawaii and I find it is mostly the U.S. (mainland) that seems to be so uptight about nudity.

@Agr8m8 and Australia in a twisted way

@DrewShourd Too many Prudes on the US Mainland. My late wife was one of them. I didn't mind having to wear clothes when she was around, because I loved her that much. But, now I resent having to wear clothes to keep the nosy neighbors from dialing 911 on me.

@AncientNight i remember once my neighbours complained about us running around naked in our house. They would have had to climb on chairs to see that.

@PontifexMarximus You could have pressed charges on them. There are Peeping Tom laws on the books in every state.


thats a yoga class i want to be in. lmao

I don't generally do yoga, but if I did, I'd probably do that naked too. I live near Portland, OR, so there are naked yoga classes. My frugality always kicks in though. For what an hour naked yoga class costs, that wodl cover the day use fee at a nudist resort. One hour versus all day... no contest.

Tease! lol


Are members of the 300 Club allowed to post in this theme? 😉

Had to look up 300 club. I do not see why you might think there might be a limitation for that.

As it is so extreme, so limited and so very few can claim membership I posed the question with a slanted emoji. At least you now know the requirements for a 300 Club membership.


I like to be in as little clothes as possible while camping and at home. I sleep nude usually.

I don’t like having to see other people naked, as I don’t like looking at fat/rolls, genitals, and other nasties. But before I’m jumped on for it, I don’t make others look at my body either.

I think we are taught our ideas of what is beautiful to soem extent. Most people, at least in the U.S. are a bit over weight. Like it or not that is normal. Not he photophppped models with eating disorders. As an example to make my point that a lot fo our conception of beauty was learned, in the middle ages, plump was attractive as is denoted in virtually all the paintings of nudes from that time.

Personally, I think body shaming is one of the worst things our society does to people, as it affects virtually everyone and saps their self confidence and self esteem. At some point in my life I realized my attitudes about bodies was nto healthy, and I changed my attitude. I still desire a better body, but not having one is no longer a reason (for me) to feel inadequate or somehow lacking. I see my current attitude are beign more mentally healthy. Not to mention more realistic.

I’m not going to apologize for not like to look at things that gross me out.

I don’t like body shaming, no one deserves to be shamed for who they are in their own home, but I also don’t like people trying to normalize obesity. All that bs about healthy fat might be ok while your adding the weight on, but long term it’s not. Our kids are growing up obese, their parents over feeding them crap and telling them it’s ok to be fat. It’s not.

I am all for people going at theeir own levels of comfort ability. That is why the World Naked Bike Ride says to fo "As Bare As You Dare".


frying meat, I do not recommend frying meat while naked.

Turkey bacon doesn't really splatter.

slip on a sock til done....hehehe

@snytiger6 Turkey bacon doesn’t taste good.

To me.


I used to sleep naked, but since the insulin pump took over my life, I have not. The annoying little thing needs something to clip on to. I once sunbathed nude on the roof of a house. It was slightly windy ( from the sea) and I wound up with second degree burns and sun poisoning. None of that anymore!

I limit my time to 20 minutes on my back and 20 minutes on my front. When you do that, you don't get burned. However, roofs are notorious for gathering the heat of the Sun and it seems the it gets amplified when Sunbathing.

@AncientNight I think the '20 minute rule' needs to be modified by basic skin color. If I spent 20 minutes in the sun I'd be like bacon -- extra crisp. Even with maximum blockage sun screen I begin to burn within ten minutes.

@ladyprof70 3 of my 6 younger sisters and my Granddaughter are like that. 2 minutes in the sun and they burn. I've spent a lot of time outdoors on some of the jobs I've had. I only got a bad sunburn once. It was Memorial Day, 1968. The song most played on the radio was "Angel of the Morning". The girl that I was dating at the time and I fell asleep and stayed in the same position for 2 hours. THAT was painful.


Sleeping,absolutely. Handstands. Sea swimming.
I find that,for many things,I prefer to at least wear underwear simply because,beings guy,things can rather get in the way when I'm trying to get things done...

I agree that for seem activities clothing should be worn for either warmth or protection. Some activities, liek when I'm runnign a chainsaw, just screams via common sense to wwear protection.

Yes,I think chainsawing in the nude is...unwise.
I'm not certain but I think it likely there's a sub-section on that somewhere in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

@EdMalarkey I just used chainsawing as an extreme example. I also would not do cross country skiing naked, but evidently soem people do. Then again I was hiking on on Mt. Hood in March one year and the air temperature was above 80F. As all the winter snow was still there, I guess I coudl see cross country skiing under those conditions. We did have to end the hike early because the trail was covered with snow. (We were hiking nude tht day due to the high temperatures.)


Feed the chickens. Housecleaning. Playing my guitar. Talking on the phone. Having a meal.

We had chickens when I was growing up, and I'd say I'm not about to dangle MY bits around them. Chicken are one of those instances where I think clothing is warranted for protection. Perhaps your chickens aren't all that aggressive....

@snytiger6 My girls are highly civilized ! But then I have nothing that "dangles" either ....(ha)

@evergreen Perhaps the chicken yard growing up was a bit over crowded. It was only about ten by twenty feet, and there were about 30 chickens. I'd think they'd need more room than that.

I remember pulling tomato bugs off the tomato plants and throwing them to the chickens and how aggressive they got going after them... which is why, as a male, I'd be a bit concerned about my dangly bits.


From your list #1, 2, 4, 5, and 7, plus a couple wine-tastings, potluck dinners, dances, camping, and sitting around a bonfire talking. With the exception of 1 and 2, these activities were at a handful of nudist resorts.

At a nudist resort, the question would have to be, "What did you do clothed?" For me, the answer to that is "check in". After that I am naked until it is time to leave the nudist resort.

For me, the answer would just be park.


1,2,5,6 + Home office work. Pretty much anything I can do at home really.



I have made snow angles in the nude, in extremely cold weather.

Then ran like mad to a roaring fireplace.

I have not tried that. I might, it sound sliek fun, but only if there is already a a wrm fire redy for afterwards.


I have trouble understanding why some people are so fascinated with nudity. In my opinion, clothes serve the purpose of keeping you warm or cool yes, but also keeping you clean. The thought of sitting on anything with no undies is disgusting to have no idea what was on that surface before you.

At nudist clubs, or in nudist homes, it is customary to carry a towel with you for sitting on.

It is true, that some cultural adjustments would have to be made for purposes of sanitation and general public safety.

I think the purposes of clothing are three fold. First you wear clothing for warmth. Also you wear clothing for general protection. Finally peopel also wer clothign to denote their status int he community.

One of the greatest things I like about nudist clubs is that without the visual cues of clothing to denote status there is no status and everyone is treated pretty equally.

I've listed reasons why nudity works well for doign different things in the original post.

To me, the question isn't so much why people are fascinated with nudity, but as we are born nude, but why are people so obsessed with clothing?

After all, we are naked under our clothes.


None other than sex and bathing.

Nothing wrong with not doing thinkgs naked outside of sex and bathing. Most people simply have been conditioned not to consider nudity outside of those contexts. Part of the purpose of my post, and why I included practical reasons for doing some things nude was to just open people up to consider more than their conditioned (learned) options and what actually makes more sense from a pragmatic perspective.

I'm in a community living center. We all remain clothed here. As well as work.


I have enjoyed jacuzzis naked with friends and neighbors (I used to live in a cohousing community), and I used to hang out in a clothing optional resort in Topanga Canyon (on the west side of Los Angeles) called Sandstone.

I lived in Los Angeles until 2010, and had never heard of Sandstone.

I just read on Wikipedia that Sandstone closed in 1976; evidently it was never profitable for the founders.


pretty much just sleeping and I haven't done that very long. I hope to visit a clothing optional resort some day. has a listing of clothing optional clubs and resorts.

The rules for most clubs are that clothing is optional except in "wet areas" like the pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and showers. In those areas nudity is mandatory. The resoning being that if you mix clothed persons and nude persons in such persons, the clothed persons are more likley to misbehave or engage in inappropriate behaviors.

I don't mind the nudity part, heck other than a brief glance now and then I doubt I would pay much attention at all in a very short time. I don't want to go to ogle folks, just to see if I like the sensation of being outdoors nude.


Sleep, garden, swim, suana, steambath, hottub then into the snow. Not so much anymore, it has to be at least 78 degrees before I get naked. Must be the lack of that happy hormone - estogen. Even as a child my mother could not get us to keep our clothes on.

When hiking, I find it only needs to be 60F to be naked because the exercise keeps me warm enough.

Definitely going to the sauna and running out to the pond once hot enough!


Mmm; scuba a few times (scary), jogging (painful); and the usual: Sleeping, skinny dipping, sauna, hot tubing, sun bathing.

I don't think I'd care for scuba, as I am hesitant about hazards of swimming in the oceans.. there are creatures that can eat you out there.

Probably the most hazardous thing I do is ride a bike naked. I have wiped out and it was bloody, but I'd still do it.

@snytiger6 There are s'posedly about a fifth of folks that share your sensibility Sny... I am an old timey content provider in the field (you can Google my name), and well-accustomed to the oddness. Now, driving on the roads... REALLY scares me at times!


I write naked.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I am often naked when on the computer, and I often think of writing (more than comments of social websites), but when it comes down to something like a book, so far, I am just not disciplined enough to sit down and work on writing everyday for several hours.

I endeavor to write 1000 words a day. But I admit, some days I end up with only a page. But in the grand scheme of things that's enough to get through it.

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