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Death or Old Age - Which Do You Fear More And Why?

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MarqG 5 Feb 26

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I do not fear old age, nor do I fear death. I fear extended suffering. People have lived well into their 90's and past 100 and have experienced a vibrate life in those years.

exactly. i fear infirmity


With old age comes diminished health, aches and pains, possible dementia, diminished freedom and the seizure of assets by relatives and the state, fear of eventual homelessness, etc. Death, on the other hand, removes all those problems from concern.


It's not so much old age as reaching the point where I have to rely on others to make my decisions.

I raised mine right, have all papers in order and everything in a trust. Have a # for them to call for body pick up and if I die on the pot (many, many do!) leave me there and let them take care of it. Open a window is all I ask....


At 81 years old, I am in old age. I fear neither.


I have diabetes. My greatest fear is to be living with those complications (blind, in a wheel chair with a loss of my legs, on dialysis) not able to take care of myself and living in a Republican shit hole of a country that won't do anything to help those in need.Death? Meh. We're all gonna die.

MarqG Level 5 Feb 26, 2018

It is not likely you will be living in a "Republican shit hole". When the Republicans remove all the social safety nets, you will not likely last more than one Winter on the streets.

@dahermit Everyone is going to be living on the streets. Trump just transferred more than a $Trillion from the middle class to the ultra rich. Might as well have burned that money. Hoarding money is not the same as spending it. Hoarded money does nothing for the economy. (Google "velocity of money" ) This is the start of a downward economic spiral that will make the Great Depression look like a cake walk.

Conservatism is brain damage. They're so god damned stupid that after waiting 35 years for their "trickle down" they finally got a slight up tick in wages and it caused the biggest one day loss since 2008. And they still can't wrap their empty skulls around a clue.

@MarqG I agree with what you say. It is much like 1930's Germany inasmuch as the Republican Capitalists are taking over. With the Republicans holding the House, Senate, Executive Branch, stacking the Judiciary with Conservatives, Gerrymandering the districts, this may have signaled a shift from democracy into totalitarianism. For the life of me, I cannot understand the Left's obsession with disarming themselves. Not only does that idiot command the military forces, all the militia movements I know of are Right-wing. Things can get much worse than they are now and the Democrats seem oblivious to pre-WWII history. It is reminiscent of the naivety of the German people and the Jews when Hitler rose to power...believing that things would not get that bad. It is astounding to me that the Left cannot see or believe the parallels and that Trump actually has more supporters than Hitler had when he took over.

@dahermit Actually its worse than that if you think about it. Liberals tend to be gathered in cities while conservatives live in rural areas. That means liberals can have their supply lines cut off and subjected to massive casualtis while conservative not only have all the guns but are spread out over large areas where the food grows. And because there are few job opportunites in rural areas more of them join the military and get training. Trump also wants to rob blue states of our resources while spending money to develop red states. There is Literally no bottom on how bad this shit could get.


I've never feared death I accept it as part of life, on the other hand I fear getting older because my body and mind are not a sharp as they used to be.


I fear the lack of independence that can happen in old age. I fear the chronic pain that can happen in old age due to a terminal disease.I do not fear death because I think it is a natural part of life.


I don't fear either one. Being as they're both inevitable, one can hasten death by worrying too damn much !

And those that get to grow old are fortunate to enjoy a privilege denied to too many.


Old age isn't bad at all. Of course, I'm not even 60 yet...

I fear dying a painful, prolonged death.


Old age.

As they body breaks down, becomes more unreliable and memory fails. life starts to becoming more about daily suffering than actually living life fully.


Neither. I feel an unlived life to be worse than death.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

As with most I also fear the suffering that often accompanies old age. A past issue of the Atlantic Monthly had a lot to say on this issue. To me this is typified with the boiling frog syndrome. Things start to get warmer and warmer. It is such a slow process as to be almost imperceptible. Then, one day we realize how far down we have gotten but by them it is too late.

Here on my island we are increasingly having a conversation on how to help people make choices about much they are willing to put up with, how long they want to live and options for dying that minimize suffering for all' loved ones, families and the community as a whole, also suffer in the end even though most of them actually push another to keep hanging on to the very bitter end which will come no matter how one intercedes.



Like many have alluded to, I am somewhat fearful of dying a painful, prolonged death w/o mobility or mental acuity. I don't think most of us over 50 today will see the day death and/or suffering is permanently eliminated and since we non-theists don't believe in an afterlife we should just accept we're all finite organisms who will be recycled back into the universe since we're all "starstuff" as Carl Sagan first stated.


I don't fear death. I plan to live forever. So far, so good.


I fear old age because I will not be able to do thing that I want to do Death is just step of our life


Old age should not be despaired of as it is a privilege not given to everyone.

No arthritis or hemorrhoids yet, eh? I would just as well avoid those "privileges".

@dahermit So, you would rather die as a youth, or a young adult, or as a middle aged person than to live to be subjected to "arthritis or hemorrhoids" which you may or may not be affected by?

@jlynn37 Where did I say that? The post was about which one is feared more. It is too late for me to die young...I am already nearing my 75 birthday. My point is, death is not something I fear, but I have had my share of pain and do not want anymore.


I do not fear death but I do fear old age which precedes death.


I do not fear death but I do fear dying. I worry more about living longer without the means to provide a place to live and food to eat. If our Orangutan-in-Chief does half of what he has said he will do, his 1% buddies will be the only ones not homeless and starving.


Neither--death is am illusion, and old age is to be celebrated. I am concerned about being dependent on my children at some point. I am single again so have no one to weather the storms with.


I don't fear either one.


Hmmm, I need a "neither" option. I'm 56 heading fast on 57, and while my physical health leaves a little to be desired, I'm happier than I've ever been, despite the current political situation. I do struggle occasionally with existential angst and have been contemplating forming a social support group (nonpartisan) for those of us living here who find themselves at a loss and do not have the usual church structure to which to turn. (I'll have to give this some further thought, since I am most assuredly NOT a mental health worker, nor do I play one on TV. But I believe that I could do a credible job, and I know that there are others like me out there.) But I have never feared death, nor old age. Why should I? It's a waste of energy.


Old age because the body deteriorates and I don't want to suffer. I would prefer death


I fear the way I die so a bit of both really I guess


I Don't... and I will get them Both. Nothing to dislike, it is part of the Human Experience... I don't want to be the Ignorant motherfucker in the other side that died Young. Because if you die young... you will die ignorant of the the experience of old age. I am 64 and having a blast much appreciated of Old Age. I don't fear experience because means I had Lived!!!!


Now that I'm old and close to death I don't fear either. It turns out life is pretty much what you've been told.
It flies by
You only have one life don't spend it worrying
Enjoy it
Don't hold grudges
That's their problem not yours
You're lucky quit complaining
Quit spending so much
Yes, all women do "that"

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