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Hello everyone! I went to get my haircut and got butchered! Why don't hairdressers do what you ask them to do? I took a pic and my hair looks nothing like the pic. Does anyone else have this problem? I know it will grow but I look like my dad with a crew cut!

Presley1209 7 Feb 28

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Recently I went to a stylist with a 5 star rating on google maps. I got a little nervous when I walked in and found that the shop was owned and operated by a family from Viet Nam. The Asian guy in the chair got a cut that I suppose is very popular in his culture. But it wasn't anything I would be caught dead with. But I thought, "That must have been what he wanted. They've got a 5 star rating. They must know how to cut hair for caucasians too. Don't be a racist!" I asked for something very simple. Leave a little length on the sides so I can brush it back. And don't cut the curls off the back." Once you're in the chair you're pretty much stuck until they get done. By the time she finished my hair was shaved almost an inch above my ears and about half of the back was shaved as well. It's like she was trying to emphasize my hair loss. Picture Kim Jong Un with a huge bald spot in the middle. That was 2 months ago and it still hasn't grown back enough to not embarrass me.

MarqG Level 5 Mar 9, 2018

Your dad was hot!

Our thoughts and prayers are with your follicles.

Lol, thanks and he was!


It has happened a few times usually at one of those chain salons. The last time was about a year ago and my hair was several inches shorter than I asked for. I looked like a man.

So I dyed it lavender til it grew out.


Yes, I only want a little trimmed off and I went in clean-shaven.

Wow! Looks nice tho.

I was joking but thanks anyway lol


Lets see a picture of how it turned out.

Lets not and say we did!

@Presley1209 pretty please?

@MrLink not yet, too short.


I've been cutting my own hair since 2007. With so little left on top, it isn't worth having someone else do it. 😛


My hair is fine and very curly, think poodle. Doesn't matter how the stylist cuts it, it is going to look different each time I blow it out, IF I blow it out. I keep it short, just faster to deal with.

I always wanted curly hair! My hair is so short I don't have to do anything to in the morning!


I now cut my own hair. Yes it got that bad.
I can't do any worse than what I've had. I have long and very thick hair - now curly.

I keep wondering if someone who understands ethnic hair would be able to do better? But right this minute it isn't a priority. (My hair changed from having body to CURLY after radiation). I like it but it's a challenge to get a decent cut.

Now a story from a friend many years ago.
She went home over break - and came back with a cut-in razor style.
No she was not edgy. She had started to trim her bangs with curved manicure scissors..... and failed epicly.
It was awesome. Her hairdresser fixed it by making it look intentional.

Also I feel your pain.


All hairdressers do that.

I finally taught my ex to cut my hair the way I liked it, 20 years ago, and after the divorce, I began to cut it myself, and now my hair is cut exactly the way I want it to look!


On occasion, this happens. The human element.

Fortunately hair is a self correcting substance. Meanwhile, there's always hats or hairpieces !


I had that problem in 2001, lost over a foot of hair, all in one cut,
have not had a haircut since.


I have wrestled for the past couple of years wanting to shave my head. I swear I almost did it early this morning. Had the electric shaver out and everything!

Lol, I actually did a few years ago with just bangs left. People thought I had lost my mind!


Send a pix !!!


I love my hairdresser, we're going on 10 years...even when she doesn't get it quite right(she turned my hair orange once but fixed it right away, found her by asking a lady whose hair was perfectly edgey who did it. Sometimes I just go in there and tell her to "do something", or and this is a joke between us "give me an east coast bitchy haircut", or "I need something that looks like I know what I'm doing even tho I don't". haha

Your hair looks cute to me.

Well thanks, that was before last night!

@Presley1209 Eeek 😟


My ex girlfriend is at War with the immigrants of Vietnam. About Hair and Nails in DC battleground... the "Nam Revenge"... destroying america one bad haircut at a time... I can't deal with Korean food, I call it "38th parallel indigestion". Who knows what all this Sushi will do to us. We need to watch out our enemies. Beyond the Armistice. Cold War victory comes to mind.


I asked my barber to cut my hair a particular way. A gap in the front and on the left side, uneven across the top with the right side about 1/2 inch higher than the left. He said he could not cut my hair like that and I told him that was how he did it the last time he cut my hair.

LMAO! Sorry to you but that was funny.



It looks nice.

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