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Goddamnit! I just realized it's my birthday!. Every year, on every site, gotta knock another year off....(and single, older ladies, please don't tell me you would never lie about your age!).

It's been raining 40 days and 40 nights, and my sadistic and devious dachshunds will NOT go outside. Potty pads everywhere! Maybe I should pretend they are leaving me little presents instead of, well, you know, shit....

LIB75002 6 Mar 1

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Happy birthday! It is my birth month as well, and as a single, older lady - I actually do not lie about my age. This is not gray hair, these are not wrinkles. They are battle scars and I wear them proudly. 🙂

I am from the South. Southern belles do not disclose their age or weight. You see, most men aren't searching for a woman over 65, even 60. I always tell the truth as soon as they contact me. I'm just trying to get my foot in the door.


Happy Birthday!

I never lie about my age. I never have and never will.


Happy Birthday! I just turned 60 in January, in fact pointed out to Admin that my age had not changed on my profile, they fixed it. I NEVER lie about my age, I'm damn proud of it. First, I don't look 60. Second, my mom never made it to 60 so I relish every year, every day that I get. Third, what the hell, age is only a number, it isn't WHO I am, just a reflection of the number of hears I've walked on this earth.

Welcome to the Big Six Zero then.... Big 60!!!! hugs and kisses to you to HipChick!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain...Not 60. I lie, ain't telling the truth.

@LIB75002 Does not matter... happy and happy birthday. It is all good.


Happy birthday to you!
squashed tomatoes and stew,
bread and butter in the gutter,
Happy Birthday to you


Happy 29th Birthday! 🙂

As a funny, related, aside: I just saw a picture on a dating site of a gal who was, judging by the picture, somewhere between 30 and 40... the listed age? 59! Um, sure.

Similarly, (or is that conversely?) I see pictures of ladies that are apparetntly much older than their reported age... now, this could be a statement of wear, tear, and care (or lack thereof). I have read reports/studies of people who have lived hard lives and seen pictures to show that they appear to be decades older than their actual age (some severe cases were 20-somethings who looked to be in their 40s or 50s due to drug abuse). In short: this goes both ways!

And, just for the record: I truly beleive that in this day and age there are partners out there for every make and model, just be honest and you will make an honest pairing! 🙂

No matter which, have a great time on your Birthday!

I found out something about this age is posted higher than they look thing: on some of these dating websites, you can narrow down the age of people you want to be contacted by, say 55 - 60 for example. So Miss Beautiful Sweet Thing with a webcam who wants to sell you vids of her crotch that was only old enough to drink last month and wants to scam the old guy out of a few clams won't get a chance to if she doesn't post that she's within that age range.

@Highway-Starr I walked by that profile as something seemed a bit off (I hope that came through in the above post). That said, I hadn't quite thought it through the way you've described it!


Happy birthday! FWIW, I've never lied about my age, but then I ran out of f*s to give a long time ago.


Ok I won't tell you I never lied about my age. It was adding a few years at the time though.

My toughest birthday was age 25 I hadn't achieved what I'd anticipated. Since then I've celebrated most years - having survived another year - well done me!

And Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday!

JK666 Level 7 Mar 1, 2018

nnts...nnts....happy....nnts....nnts....happy....nnts....nnts...happy birthday to you...zippity pa zoozahhhhh!


Happy Goddamn Birthday.


Why do we notice birthdays EVERY year? What's the point? It would mean more if it were maybe every other year. From my friends, it seems that it's a ruse to beg gifts out of your husband. Or--to torture your youngsters that nobody wants to see and beg gifts out of their "friends." And adults? The only person who cares how old you are is the insurance person and the government or physician. Celebrations mean so much more when they are sincere.

Well once you have Cancer you have way more to celebrate? It renewed my love of my own birthday I'll tell you that. 😉

because ever year we get a bit more forgetful so its one way of marking the passage of time


I have never lied about my age just because it has never been a problem to me. Happy to be 58 in April unfortunately got a long wait for my bus pass tho'

I'd stomp bunnies to be 58 again.

@LIB75002 You don't look old enough to be older!


love this. I'm so old I saw the Beatles in concert when I was 12.


Well Happy Birthday! You are obviously already a year wiser since you are here as a non believer with the rest of us heathens!


I occasionally have to herd three dachshunds and when all else fails, throwing a piece or two of food out the back door will drive them out just because of the intense competition.

That's a good idea for the dogs. They should go out, otherwise they aren't really dogs... 🙂

You have dachshunds, too!! and @silver1wun dachshunds don't want to get their paws wet and start shaking at temps under 70

@LIB75002 My kids have three. They have wardrobes.


Well,Happpy Bday regardless of all the shit happening around you


Happy birthday......


HApPy BiRThDaY!!!!
I used to have a dachshund and she chose to choose the indoors more often than not for her toileting needs. saves their lives they are so adorable.


Cute puppies, and have a great day.


Oh and happy birthday ????


Age is a relative concept if you think about it it's only a number. You in theory can choose any number you like.

And that is what I do!


More than 19 million people have a birthday today.



Happy Birthday. hugs and kisses.


I never lie about my age because I don't look my age. The last time I got carded was when I turned 50.

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