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How often do you like it?

Just curious how often everyone here actually likes to get intimate. (assuming you have a steady, always willing partner.)

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JohnnyMiller 6 Mar 1

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Quality is what counts. I'd take quality once a year over mediocre every day!

Jnei Level 8 Mar 1, 2018

You will probably never hear a man say that, and if you do he's lying.

@Sticks48 Lol 😀


How often do I like it? Every day.
How often do I want it? Every day.
How often do I get it? Never.

Me too!


Multiple times a day? good lord, I'm not from Havana!


A lot more often then I get it.


I think 3-4 times a week would be my ideal, but that's purely from the physical point of view. As a human being, I need my space, and I'm really not looking for a situation where I end up living with a partner. At least not in the immediate future.

I'm currently seeing a guy once every couple of weeks. It isn't scratching the itch as much as I'd ideally like, but it's a workable compromise.


What I like what I get are two different things..(pouts)..

@obtusethevague1 Lololololololololol


Twice a week or so is great. I have nothing to prove or no reason to lie.


I think we might be defining "get intimate" a bit differently.


Depends. There are times when I would like to be intimate multiple times a day. There are times when I could wait a day or two.

Now, when I say intimate, that runs a range: snuggling? Happy to do that all day long, any day... well, as long as I get a change to stretch on occasion.

Sex? Back to the first statement. I have come to the conclusion that women and men have cycles because of the fact that I seem to cycle through times when I GOT TO HAVE IT and times when I am more in the mode of "sure, if you really want to." Which is my observation of how my GFs and wife were. Some times avidly interested, other times not so much (but willing).


I thought the movie was pretty good, looking forward to the second pa...wha? mean no no's and whoohaa's?...oh...Oh...OH!! 'It' not 'IT'.


Who likes aerosol whipped cream, then?


Do unicorns


When she is around... like rabbits. Because we want it all. Go for the record and try to beat your personal best as a couple. Quality over quantity, but she will remember you for the good times so...


Ha, ha, looking at the results of this poll, I think there are a lot of people on here who are either wildly exaggerating or delusional. Or else they're all hormone-driven teenagers, lol.

marga Level 7 Mar 1, 2018

@marga Right?? It's been my experience that the more someone brags, the less they are able to perform. I liken it to the old geezer revving the engine in his red sports car. Ewww. Turn off.

@Indubitably 😀

I am still hormone-driven at 64. But I can back it up. Tell me you never found one of us before? ...'fell sorry for you missing out. But... we are out there. We always been out there. We are that exception to the rule... you know that all men while being created equal... the end result will be different for some. And we are not allowed to brag because what we do is a... SIN? Come on! Women are not the only nymphos out here on earth! Never found a woman that required "modesty" of me in bed. We are out there.

@GipsyOfNewSpain lol, yes, I found "one of you" before...but who said I wanted that? 😉

@marga Couldn't keep up uh? I had seen that feeling before... but is alright. You don't have to want it. It is not for everyone. And that is what makes it special. Not for everyone.

@GipsyOfNewSpain lol....either I couldn't keep up or I didn't want it...make up your mind....🙂

@marga Isn't it the same thing?

@GipsyOfNewSpain no, no, no, not at all...oh, wait....😳

@marga Good answer... my hat goes off to you. I salute you.


Still at least daily after all these years though, after all these years, "getting intimate" is open to a bizarrely broad interpretation.




I just need that steady partner and maybe then I can have my 5 to 6 times a week.


and then reality sets in...


Every day when I was younger. Catch as catch can now which is a few years apart and could possibly never happen again.


It really depends on what you mean by intimate doesn't it - for some that is a lushious hug and others it might be penetration


As much as a busy schedule allows. Mix in some fantasy aspects such as, " an office visit" and or "the stranger at a bar" etc. and my day/week is satisfying.


Whenever it feels good to both parties. Soemtimes, that might less often sometimes more often. Sometimes it could be multiple times a day, because, really, who doesn't like multiples?


I enjoy sex in all of its ways. Mixing things up is exciting to me. So I said 5-6xs per week. The problem lies in finding that partner who is monogamous but highly sexual like me. Usually when someone has a high sex drive they're with multiple partners but I don't fly that way.

Well said. I agree completely.

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