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I wish I had someone I could share... (finish the line)

Right now somebody got me thinking about carrot cake and I can't eat one all by myself. :\

silvereyes 8 Mar 1

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A camping trip with



A wonderful morning in bed, just holding each other and cuddling

I love having a little spoon nestled into me.

@BawdyTales I hate finding silverware in the bed though.


....finish my life with

Me too

Well, all you need to do is move to Lorena Texas. @flowerchild62


A good movie with.

10 life with.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 1, 2018

My misery 🙂


a good frisbee toss with.

Awwww, no one to toss your frisbee?
Hmmm, nevermind!


I'm an old man with a younger man trapped inside. Lost my 36yo grandson to a drug od a year ago and watching my daughter suffer
So has wounded my heart.
It's a lot to ask of anyone, I know ,but no harm in trying.
Thanks for reading this post.

Sorry for your loss (and your daughter's). Lost my 30 year old son less than 2 years ago. In the middle of a cancer scare with my 23 year old stepdaughter right now. Life isn't kind. I wish it were. As we get older, we just have to ask death to take a number and get in line I guess. I do not like being hardened by life, but it's either that, or be consumed by it.


A meal then a long walk on the beach or in the Forrest listening to nature

Forrest Gump?? XD

@Neraven typo forest lol

@GaryDoherty I figured, just found it amusing xP

@Neraven yip typos are fun especially the breast instead of best that's always good for a laugh


My girlfriend with


Sail around the world with. Did the land trex all by myself. I think it would be AWESOME to do the water trex with a capable female.


.this vegan cake I made....I'm afraid I'll eat it all myself!

Um... yeah... ALL YOU! Have at it!

@silvereyes flour, sugar, vinegar, cocoa, baking powder, oil, water, topped with melted dark chocolate. Yum


Some good meaningful sex

Hell... some "good" sex lol
Doesn't have to be meaningful!


@LeighShelton It would be nice to not be the only person in the room during good sex! I'm workin' on it!

can I help perhaps? lol


A day at the horse racing with. I only go about 3 or 4 times a year, one my own these days.


I posted that on a different web site in a three part story.


I wish I had someone with whom I could share (yes, that's how you're supposed to say it) the financial burden of a holiday. Hopefully, this'll happen soon, because I've been stuck in the same country for years.


I have a new vape cartridge loaded with Trainwreck. I'd like to put on a pot of strong coffee and spend as much of the day as possible cuddling, passing the vape, and drinking warm, sweet coffee. I'd like to know someone to share that with.


@Neraven Trainwreck is a strain of marijuana. A heavy knock you down and sit on you strain.

@Willber ohhh, that makes sense. I thought I'd heard of it but I was thinking like tobacco flavours so my mind didn't even go there xD

@Neraven I gave up tobacco in 1996. don't intend to give up the boo. no no.


Did someone say cake? I'll be right over. I've gotten used to doing everthing by myself and maybeI've gotten too comfortable with that. I do not think I can finish that sentence right now. After my last relationship which was ten years ago, I just got used to doing everything and not waiting or counting on anyone or sharing anything personal with anyone.


A Friday night in with! Sofa, Marvel movies and Thai green chicken


...some STEAMING HOT SPICY crawfish!!
Naaaaah!!! I GOT THIS!! Get your own!! Nyah nyah!

@silvereyes thank ya kindly ma'am!


"Life with"


my everything with. I will become an empty nester in 2020. I am looking for a partner to share the future journey. My current plans are to set up a home base in a waterfront home somewhere on a Caribbean or Gulf coast. From there I plan to travel all of North America by RV (Glamping Style). Afterwards I want to travel to select spots on the globe that I want to revisit or new spots that intrigue me. I am very flexible so my plans can easily be altered to incorporate my partner's interests. I am capable of doing this on my own but It would be so much more fun with the right companion. I'm looking for a single woman in the age range from 40ish to 50ish who is willing to share her everything with me. Please also look at my 23 profile questions to see if you match with me. If you do then please HMU.


The rest of my life with


Volunteer with some kids, or the elderly, or heck, even a shelter... no chocolate there though.

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