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LINK Former Florida officer accused of using police database to find women to date

Posting this for @AstralSmoke so he can respond. This should be a free article for everyone. Let me know if it's not.

BookDeath 8 Mar 11

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Is that really the database we want to be pulling dates from?

Hey, this is FLORIDA we're talkin' about. The sunshine state of weird.


Probably pretty typical.


SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE Sex=‘f’ AND Status=‘Single’ ORDER BY Age ASC


Lol! Not surprised.


Creepy but is anyone really surprised?


And the sad part is it's really no surprise ?


Despicable. Glad he was caught.


"Florida man" strikes again!


Seriously!! Now what type of people did he think he would meet!!


I makes me think he was a feishist looking for soemthing really specifically weird.


The data floating out there is such a intrusion on our privacy. I just rewatched Ex Machina and the owner of a search engine company, just turned on the cameras and mikes in the phones and stole that information. That was 5 years ago. Before all of the thefts online. Too much access and it should be a mandatory ___ years for accessing information improperly. And that creep cop should lose his state credentials. Disgraced cops just migrate to another job.


He should be fired!

zesty Level 7 Mar 11, 2019

That's pathetic. There are enough women with a "cop fetish" that he shouldn't need to do that.

BD66 Level 7 Mar 11, 2019

I can think of worse things he could have done.

Okaaaay.....well, sure he could have done WORSE things, but this was heinous in its own right. At least I think so. And so do the other commenters. You might not, Idk....but if you do not, PLEASE don't apply for a job as a police officer! Ugh.

@BookDeath A violation of trust, for sure. Heinous? I reserve that word for things like rape and murder. He should get in trouble but no need to draw and quarter him or anything.

@BookDeath In my area, I've heard a lot of serious complaints about the police. One friend had a son who was involved in selling drugs. The police couldn't get evidence enough to convict him so, according to her, they murdered him and made any evidence disappear. She said she'd seen pictures of them with his body, posed like he was a trophy kill. She told me the whole story herself. I heard another story about a woman who had been harassed by the police because she tried to stand up to them. They stalked her and threatened to kill her. The harassment went on for months.

So anyway, that's what I'm thinking when I say he could have been doing worse things. In my mind, the guy was acting very immature, doing something a high school boy would have done which is totally inappropriate. But he could have been doing far worse.

@Meili IF all he did was just indulge in creepy behavior, you have a point. I'm unconvinced that he stopped at creepy behavior, as the article has some hints coerced sex might also have been involved. There was another in today's newline about a DIFFERENT officer, this one in Ohio, who apparently also indulged in such reprehensible behavior, though in his case it WAS stated that forced his victims to sexual acts against their will. Police the police, someone!

@BookDeath I would certainly agree that forced sex or pressuring women into sex was heinous. I didn't read that into the article myself but if it occurred, I would definitely agree that the crime was sick and wrong.

@Meili The thing is, these people who run you for warrants have a lot of power. I was a police dispatcher for 20 years. The information I could get on people was epic. We have very strict rules about such things and his abuse of the system is a betrayal of us all.

@Freespirit64 Good to know. Makes me think we shouldn't be giving police officers that much information, though.


sent my 17 yr old daughter off to artschool and she had the top apartment in a house of 3, family with weird habits and a dozen tick infested dogs in basement, quiet black man of 40-ish in between. They rarely exchanged more than a few words. She spent a year there, went traveling for 2 years, and then came back to the same town - and the landlord who knows relatives of ours, offered her the middle flat! The previous occupant, the man, had been impersonating a police officer, and handcuffing and tying up women and much worse...
all around the outskirts of the city for years until he was caught!


Ygh. For all of the great things Florida has to offer.
There are still a bunch of people that do some stupid shit.
Then again, I suppose that might be true to everywhere.


Was this an enrollment organization? Did they send daily mailings to him with compatible women? What was the fee? Oh, wait, what??? Scary...

Hello Rustee, how are you


An officer of the law? He must be out of his mind. What happened dating sites?


The site is not available to Europeans...

I'm sorry. This was the SECOND posting of this story I did, in an attempt to make it available to as many folx as possible. While I will make a reasonable effort, I'm unsure what to tell you in this regard, other than if you REALLY want to read this story, you can access it at WaPo, presumably for free, if you haven't used up your # of free articles for month or for a fee if you have. Sorry, otherwise.

@BookDeath view stuff Incognito... No limit on articles


has a certain type I guess.

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