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What dating sites have you tried and did you make any relationships or friendships from it?

StableGuinness 4 Mar 3

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I can't remember the failure sites but zoosk seemed like it had 100% men and nothing but fake/inactive female profiles. seemed like it had zero active female accounts and it constantly asked for money.

pof is flooded with fake profiles and women who just window shop or aren't interested in relationships... 99% men 1% females

okcupid has a nice system of question but a lot of them seem so completely irrelevant to dating like gun control... seriously, it's DATING, not a political platform. Maybe in america it has meaning like you could go to a gun-control state but in europe it has no place there. Again... 99% men 1% females.

I made a fake female profile on okcupid and holy shit, the number of replies! I could tell from 50 miles away... the insecure men who got rejected 24/7 but genuinely wanted relationships, good men who get dates, men who make small lies in their profiles, douchebags who just want to hook-up... I can see how women get lied to. I know men behind the scenes, women don't. It's sad... but it was 100 times easier to get a date and the ammount of messages from ''creeps'' (I.e. people who wanna send dick pics or such) was barely 5%. Not even 10%. Women exagerrate when they say how so many men are creeps... or maybe it was because I put a half-decent profile whereas women who put boring stuff (boring for men) like ''I am an intelligent fun bubbly curvy woman, creative and kind hearted, ask me if you wanna know more''... good men are gonna skip these airheads and of course they're stuck with the creeps. Women should try setting up fake male profiles and see what it REALLY means to have difficulties dating. They should pay attention more and stop giving chances to men who lie. Truth is that most men don't have that much to offer... and neither do women. I think both men and women put very high expectations and we end up either not dating anyone at all, or dating and being disappointed/lied to. Maybe by the douchebags who play women all the time or bitches who play with men's hearts. I had my own share of catfish... it sucks.

But seriously, 99% men 1% women... women have no right to complain. I'm not saying it's easy... but be grateful.

Liviu Level 4 Mar 3, 2018

Generally, all dating sites are the same: everyone is trying to buy low and sell high. That is, there are a lot of people who want perfection, and are not actually up to that level themselves.

My favorite post on one of those dating websites:

Looking for an emotionally and financially stable man, height proportionate to weight, with herpes.

No comment.
I have had a few dates from those websites. One date was with a woman who said she weighed 150 pounds. She weighed twice that. "I guess I gained a bit of weight since I talked to you," she said..As dates go, it wasn't bad. There was no mutual attraction at all, so there was none of the old "OK, what should I do next?" nonsense. We spent the evening just being ourselves.

I've had a lot of conversations online, which always sort of peter out.

There's one website, plenty of fish, that is free, well, sort of. It's no better or worse than any of the others. And in the end, when you get disgusted and give up on it, you won't have lost any money.


Recently spent 4 weeks with agnosticmember. Didnot result in a long term relationship. Have tried dating sites. Haven't met right guy yet.


Years ago, (more than 10) when was free to start, I met a wonderful woman and we had a great 9 month relationship but it didn't last. I recently went back on because I saw, "Free to Browse." It was a lie, they made me answer all these questions and jump through hoops to get signed up and then I got to a pay page and couldn't get around it. I was pissed at the deceit. I've gone on a couple of dates with other sites but sometimes the email stage doesn't translate into having chemistry in person.

That sucks remind me never to go there.... To be honest I've had a lot of matches on other sites but few "good matches"


I've tried a few and the only one that worked was, met a lady and had a great time for 6 months but things didn't work out, nobodies fault though.


Match, tinder, POF, eharmony, and nope! Waste of time!


A lot of them over the years and they are mostly filled with golddiggerz and wannabe models and fakes. Now while this site has a section to allow the ability to try dating its a great site for all things and all subjects of discussion. That and all these sites look for you to pay them for there lack of actual matchmaking abilities


I've tried okcupid and Tinder. I've made one friend from there.

Just curious... Where does the expectation of the mutual agreement that it's okay for both sides to just be "friends" when generally the intention was to meet for something more?

@StableGuinness to be quite frank there was absolutely no chemistry between us. We spent a weekend at my house playing tourist in my town and had a great time but when it came to sexual stuff,just Nada.


Plenty of fish was full of old boots and tires.

That's why they call it Plenty Offish


My now 16+ months Pen Pal from Plenty of Fish


I have tried them all, and I stand by the statment that I have tried them ALL. My success rate has always been 0, because I have never given them a dime. I might not recieve many repleys here, but at least I know the potential to recieve them isn't hidden behind a pay wall.


there all about money


I found a wonderful friend via one such site.

Really? I mean did it start with a date or dates and became a mutually agreeable friends thing. Tell me more.... I met one I really liked and go friend zoned but it hurt too much to stay friends like that. lol

@StableGuinness Started and remained platonic.


Match, POF, eharmony, and no I didn't find any love or frienships


I have been on Mingle, POF, OKC, Elite Singles, Zoosk, EHarmony, and Match. I don't like paying money. I have tried a few local sites that cost dearly and did not get any better results. I've had one friend come out of it, or one person who still has my number who I haven't blocked.


I had success on one years ago, "Soulmades" I think it was called, long gone. Relationship last 4 years, 3 of them were great. Then we moved in together, bad move. Oasis Active has yielded only bad 1st dates for me, never anyone I would go out with twice. POF I have made about 8 friends from, just friends, they have all gone off on other relationships. One of these is great to discuss many of my crazy ideas with, others have some things in common. But no spark with any of them.


I think I tried them all after my divorce. At first I went on dates every weekend and went a little crazy to make up for my sheltered childhood. Match and pof the most. Made some friends. We grew apart. Then I got a bf in real life that lasted a couple years. And now I’m single again and don’t want short term. I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person so I’m being pickier this time and consequently have not gone on one date yet. Mostly on pof because it’s free but 99% around me are religious or too conservative for me etc. blah...............blah........blah. Yuck suck bleuck yea and that’s how I feel about dating today.


Glad, never tried any dating sites, and never will after reading all the comments/inputs from all of you dissapointed love seekers. I like this site alot.
You get to know so many bright, inteligent, funny, decent and honest people. I learned so much from so many of you. Good luck, everyone! Keep trying, you may find that special someone at this site.

1 It worked. I'm at my new Catholic girlfriend's house right now!

BD66 Level 7 Mar 3, 2018

Drinking plenty of Jesus' blood/wine? lol

Not me. She used to go to church every Sunday morning, but when I stay with her, she skips church and she calls it her Atheist Sunday.


I agree with some of you most of the dating apps like POF are garbage. Too many scams. Sadly I guess fewer women care to try online dating since they just have to walk into a bar or wherever and the men line up.

Hahahajaha no

Seriously, where is this bar?? I have a life and a brain and no matter what men say, that is apparently "intimidating." I have a great time out with friends, but truat me there is no line!!

The line is there, believe me. lol Most guys will never let you know they are in the line, but they are.


Plenty of fish, eharmony, zoosk, okcupid...

Oddly enough I went on a date with one guy from POF and didn't really feel it but we stayed friends and he ended up marrying a friend of mine.

Eharmony is a joke. I paid money for their 'scientifically proven formula' and kept getting matched with 50 year old catholic men multiple states away. When I complained they said 'well its your fault for not giving these SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN matches a chance!"

Fuck that site.

Nice! Hopefully you approved of him and the relationship then!

@StableGuinness they are very good together and the entire family is great im happy they're happy

0 is a pile of camel dung.

Roman Level 4 Mar 4, 2018

Tried Zoosk, eHarmony, and Tinder for maybe a minute. Not impressed with any of them. I liked Yahoo from some years back and met a good friend that way and a few potential dates that never went beyond the first meeting. A big red flag for me were guys who couldn't put two sentences together, or -- and this was more interesting -- guys who were surprised that I could. Says a lot for most of the people on these sites or the expectations of such. Every now and then someone decent and intelligent would show up, but it was like casting a wide net and having to throw most of them back.


I've tried them all with 0 success. Unless you work out a lot or make a fair bit of money, your chances are slim, if you are like me and have problems like being deaf there seems to be no chance. At this point I've kind of just given up that any woman is going to care more about the heart of the man behind the health issues rather than sexiness, ability, and money.


I met my ex on on, back when it was free.

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