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US citizens:. Did you vote for Donald in 2016?

Fess up now. Comments for if you regret your vote, either way.

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CallMeDave 8 Mar 28

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Just the environmental views would not let me vote republican. Democrats need to do better also.
I think the GREEN NEW DEAL would be be a good start. I don't understand the Democrats aversion to it. Since most industries are changing for the better anyway. Solar and wind are cheaper than pil & coal. We need a new GREEN PARTY.


Sorry, I think that is not a valid question. People (at least some) on this site are smarter than that.


I looked at our 2016 choice as between a competent crook and an incompetent demagogue, so I voted for Johnson.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Johnson.

I think he died with, "What is Aleppo?"

And that is why we have a vegetable as POTUS.
Orange pumpkin head.

At least Trump is fun to laugh at.

@Idheinz Just for kicks, the "crook" (most qualified person to EVER run for the office) committed what crime? And with the republicans controlling the Dept of Justice why wasnt she prosecuted?


I've always been afraid of cults, and to put a cult leader into the highest office in the land has been frightening. This guy's worse than L.Ron Hubbard.


I wish we had actual IQ ratings to coincide with this poll.


No! Stupidity is not one of my strong points!!


Nothing to fess, nothing to regret either. I got exactly what it was expected from a NON politician and so far I've got my money's worth. The real question is, how did we get here and what needs to be done to improve our system? I doubt Democrats understand (or just don't want to) they must change their policy to move forward and instead, what do we have? Two years of bogus claims now debunked by their best Muller and instead of learning from it now they want to pursue obstruction???...when are they going to change their ways to have a chance?

You got your moneys worth. What. your IRA go up/ I'm so happy for you. You also got MR Shill for the fossil fuel industry. Every trump program and I mean, every program maintains the atrocities perpetrated daily in order to protect profits, so you are complicit in these atrocities and in your own ecocide and you think democrats don't understand or just don't want to. No bogus claims. Facts. Have a nice glass of clean coal water as you salute yourself, mr. IamNobody

You got your money's worth. I guess that's all the matters. The disaster that awaits the next generation won't affect you...

Voting is free and you still got ripped off. ???

@Healthydoc70 Cheers and bottoms up

@Benthoven it won't, I will be long dead

@CallMeDave ....... Not ripped off, not really since I knew it, no surprise there at all. It is still to hard for most of you to understand that we voted against HRC and I feel just fine

@IamNobody: That's what I just said. You don't have to deal with the mess; death and destruction (and that is by no means hyperbolic - it's playing out right in front of us); that you're helping create in this moment. I suspect if you did, you would have given more thought to whether or not you got your money's worth, and how much "currency" you stole from future generations.

@Benthoven , And hatred. Don't forget the hatred. We've gone back in time at warp speed.

@Benthoven Clearly that's how you feel and that's not on me

@IamNobody We have data.


No freaking way.


No. I used to work for developers like him, no way I'd ever vote for one.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 28, 2019

Fuck Trump. He was never qualified to run a successful business and he's damn sure not qualified to run a government.


I did and I do, but I’m also sure I would have regretted a vote for Hillary Clinton so I honestly don’t know what the best answer is here. More choices?

@Gooniesnvrdie if it wasn't rhetorical I took it wrong. Carry on.

@Gooniesnvrdie it is a valid question. Of course, most questions are valid. I'm curious as to Christie's impression of or reaction to the site and people here.

I'm curious about why you would be on this site too?

This is not about a best answer. It is about you voting against your own interest and how you could possibly not see that. The fact that orange dope is a misogynist and admits to assaulting women and also mocks dead people and handicapped people is another thing you need to contemplate since you apparently are a woman.

@CallMeDave my experience here has been overall very positive. The people have been overall very accepting and nice. I really enjoy being here. Ive made friends here. Ive dated a couple of people. I like the debate. I like hearing things from a different perspective.

@Christiep77 have you looked at this group?
"Fun Bible Passages" Group

@CallMeDave I have now. Interesting.

I guess we're the only two so far..

@Captain_Feelgood hello ?

@Christiep77 ✌ Howdy.. and for the record, I don't regret it, Hillary was not an option. And personally, I don't care if Trump talks funny or says stupid shit. He's keeping his promises he ran on, unlike most every other one before him. Next up, fix healthcare. All the haters on here, don't bother responding to this with the childish bullshit.. I won't read it. ? Cheers.



I think there's a Republican Atheist group, listed under 'Groups'. You might ask them.

Not going there

There is but you have to be a member. They are not interested in any kind of debate, only interested in talking about how great Donald is and how much they can benefit.

@Jolanta , Barf, shudder!


Not in a million years!


No way

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