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Why is it so important to break someone else's faith?

GodlessVoice 5 Mar 3

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I am happy to leave folks to their delusions as long as they're not trying to sell it to me.


It really isn't to me.

If someone leaves my beliefs alone I try to do the same. Unless they are harming someone (including themselves).


I think it's not important for the vast majority of us. Most serious pushback against religion happens only when it affects public policy, education, science research, and so on. There are exceptions, of course, as there will always be people who want to impose their will upon others' private lives — though I'd argue that we see less of that in general from secular people than from the religious (but that's only from personal experience and may not be universal).


It's not. I abide by the saying "live and let live". If someone has elected to believe in a higher power, an afterlife, heaven and hell, or Bigfoot, it is entirely their prerogative. In the same vein, I'd rather not have people attempt to convert me to their beliefs, so I say it as soon as someone drops the "Jesus is good and yada yada" line by gently informing them of my atheism and asking them to respect my personal lack of faith if they wish me to respect their beliefs. It doesn't always work, and has in fact made people try that much harder to guide me to Jesus, but at least I can say I made an effort.


Thank you for asking this question ! I've seen some comments on this site that not only reek of intolerance, but direct venomous thoughts in the direction of any "believer". While I certainly have seen some holy rollers (as we all likely have), that are obnoxious and invasive to the extreme, most I've been around, are not.
They do their thing, I do mine. Peace


I think it's best to let someone see the light on their own That's how it was for me.


To whom is it important? Not me. Everyone needs to decide for themselves what makes sense in this crazy world. If what they have decided works for them, I'm happy they found what makes them happy. It doesn't need to make sense to me or make me happy...I don't even care if they want to tell me about their happy...just don't impose it on me or others.


Seems like most of the people on this site have left religion behind. There is probably some inclination to help others to get away from religion. I look at my leaving as part of a path of finding out what I really believed. After I left, I could tell you in great detail what I didn't believe. And just a little of what I believed. Have been searching for what brings truth and meaning to my life for a long time. I don't feel like it is up to me to break someones faith. They will have to see the light on their own, if they ever do. I do not want them to intrude on my life with their faith. If they can keep it to themselves, then fine.


It is important to small minded people because they feel better if their views are supported by many people. It adds to the validity of their own beliefs. It is the bandwagon fallacy: if a lot of people believe it, it has to be true. In the case of one religion trying to convert those of another religion--or atheists--some Christians might truly feel that they are trying to save souls, but some just want to be right.


I'd be interested in why you're asking this question.

Most atheists I know try to respect people as long as they don't shove their religious beliefs down our throats. And, as much as I try to respect people who don't push their beliefs on me, I also feel obligated to point out the ludicricy of it all.

Even though I think living a "deluded religious life" is sad, it is also to see someone lose their faith. My mom used to be more religious than she is now, and I partially feel responsible.


It shouldn't be.


If you mean deconvert the religious I think that it can only benefit humanity. I only reciprocate if the other person engages me.


It is only justified if that person is using their beliefs to somehow force you to do something you don't want to do. But there are also people - analogous to missionaries -- that believe a person will be happier once they realize their belief system is false. Call it Atheist Evangelism. I also believe that if there were more atheist evangelism such that our society would be transformed from faith-based to reason-based, our world would be a much better place for all.


Interesting question. Is it important to you "to break someone else's faith" and if so, why? I don't recall any nonbeliever knocking on doors and having revivals in order to break someone's faith. We may have debates and discussion with believers (usually the conservative types) but they are willing participants. TBH, the problem with faith is when believers take their holy books literally, which leads to repression and social ill.

I love watching two people of religious faiths argue about whose bullshit is better.

@StableGuinness Hahaha -- right? And it happens constantly (especially among conservatives) unless they are having discourse with unbelievers. Then they tend to pretend to get along.


I do not think that is important


If somebody's faith can be broken, maybe it should be.


Before you ask 'why', ask 'if.'

"If is it so important to break someone else's faith?"? ;P


The problem is that religions promote the idea that they know "the truth". Hence, even if they are nice people, they are usually going to push their beliefs on others either directly or subtly. If we take acception to that we are considered rude and militant. I don't buy the premise of the question.


Is not important to me.


It's not. If you want people to respect you for your non beliefs you should respect their beliefs as long as they aren't hurting others


It is a nasty thing to do! What gave you this idea??! I KNOW you didn't see it on this site.........


Your question implies that there are people seeking to do that. I don't know any of them.
Further, I don't think it's possible to "break" anyone's faith. They have to come to reason and rational thought by themselves. No one can force someone to stop believing, any more than a believer can convert an atheist.
I don't care what anyone believes, as long as they don't try using it to influence public policy, or force it on me.


It's not it is just fun. Albeit admittedly it does get a tiny bit boring over time however thanks to ignorant Atheist who want a religion desperately we have SJWs who put all other religions to shame and even flat earthers to an extent. I guess since most SJWs are twice baked religious people it makes them twice as dense.

Malus Level 4 Mar 3, 2018

It's not. Next!

JeffB Level 6 Mar 3, 2018
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