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LINK Conservative Bible Project aims to rewrite scripture to counter perceived liberal bias - New York Daily News Conservative Bible Project aims to rewrite scripture to counter perceived liberal bias

Jesus isn't conservative enough for these folks, so instead of changing their views they're going to change Jesus's.

This is one reason, among many, to never take religion seriously.

"There's a little Italian proverb, 'Every translator is a traitor,'" Matera said. "Most Bible translations are usually done by a group of scholars, precisely so they can balance out each other. It's not something that everybody can do."

1of5 8 Mar 29

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What insane bullshit.....SCHOLARS ???????? astrologers are closer to reality than religionists AND ASTROLOGY = stereotyping by orb sun spit

Gotta put those useless degrees in theology to use doing something damaging to society.


But it's gospel (a thing that is absolutely true.) how can it be rewritten ?

Fairly easily, it appears.


article should be titles "Conservative Group Attempts to Wright Fiction"


While they want to be conservative and claim Jesus was making his followers "fishers of people" they also disavow Jesus being involved in any free handouts. I like my bible where it said Jesus warned against eating with "Shriners or Republicans."


But, it says right there, in several places, that altering the words of the Babble will condemn the alterer-er to fiery Hell for eternity. These people either got Huge balls, or do not believe their Babble....

A lot of them tend to love the King James best of all, which is known to be one of the most heavily edited and rewritten of them all, with many extra verses, one or two whole extra chapters, and an extra commandment for good measure.

I get the impression you think they've actually read the whole thing...

@1of5 just a glimmer of hope now & then, doomed to be crushed like abug.......


It has been rewritten and edited plenty of times that we know of, and we don't know how many times before the earliest copies we have. Yet the real dishonesty, is then to claim that opinions based on it have more authority than other peoples, because they come directly from god. So you see you can have your cake and eat it.


Given that the bible has always been rewritten to reflect the agendas of whomever has financed the rewrite (or translation), this should come as no surprise.

It's still going to be the same book of bullshit that it's always been.
It'll still be accepted as truth by those who want to believe it.

What'd be really nice is if this makes believers question what it is they're actually reading.


Oh wait. You were being serious, weren't you?

@KKGator nope. I'm surprised I kept a straight face long enough to type it out somewhat coherently.


Only god can change the bible! Put a double-spaced copy on top of a rocket with a red pen. If it comes back with edits, well, there we go!

That's what they think anyway.


"...It's not something that everybody can do." EXACTLY. The only body that can do it is god. "her" words, people. not yours to change.

"The project, an online effort to create a Bible suitable for contemporary conservative sensibilities, claims Jesus' quote is a disputed addition abetted by liberal biblical scholars, even if it appears in some form in almost every translation of the Bible."

I saw an interesting post here (I believe) last week, it was about the actual dawning of the concept of liberalism. it is not even a thing at the time of bible codification. didn't exist until 19th/20th century as an idea. I don't recall the exact time line, but it is not even a concept in the time frame that they are reinventing.

Liberal professors are re-writing the bible by interpreting it? What? No - conservative sensibilities now trump the literal word of god, and you are re-writing the bible. this is extremely odd. i would think they would find themselves extremely controversial.

See the problem is that these asshat don't even know the history of their religion, or their bible, or of the world. Yet they think they should run everything.


Me reading the bible: "Wow, you can't make this shit up!"
Conservative Xtians: "hold my beer"


Taking the commie out of Jesus.

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