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LINK Chickenpox vaccine case: Judge won't let Kentucky students back in school

Note: The religious exemption form this individual signed explicitly stated that he might be subject to exclusion from school or other public activities, should heath dept. officials deem that necessary. He signed the form anyway. So he has no ground to stand on, IMO.

BookDeath 8 Apr 3

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Good for the judge. It was the right call.


As someone who had the chickenpox as an adult - get your kids vaccinated.

GwenC Level 7 Apr 3, 2019

It's odd to see the celebration of defeating more civil liberties, sad!


Good for the judge.


At least there are some judges in America with some common sense.


Finally, some news to counter the Covington Catholic MAGA kids nonsense. This happened a couple counties away from me.

See, we aren’t so backwards here in the KY.


Wish we could find a way to ban these idiots from the entire country. Try that shit somewhere else and see what happens.


Excellent judgement.


But Jesus will heal his followers while those deemed unworthy shall be SMITTEN!!! in the name of the Lord thy God, with love and infection, Amen.

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