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Apparently Frank has only read the Old Testament, as that Jesus fellow said that sins would be punished by the man upstairs, not civilly. However, if one is using Leviticus as the Law, which apparently Frank is, then the sin of adultery is also punishable by death. So I guess, according to Frank, our President and about 3/4 of Congress must die. Fortunately I don't believe in any of that biblical horsesh-t, so I don't have to be the one to mete out their punishment.


What a horrible douche probably a closet gay himself

bobwjr Level 10 June 2, 2019

The younger generations are going to recreate the Christian faith or leave in masses.


frank graham is a pos christian. His dad at least had the sense to know government would co-opt religion so billy's sin is having done nothing to stop it.


@GENESSA- I agree that you can't argue outside someone's bubble, but I would be extremely curious how you would use the bible to unmake an argument that was made using the bible. In other words, how do you speak with a flat earther using their bubble. I think my thought is that any belief or faith based arguments are beyond reason especially within a belief or faith based system of thought. I think no conversation is possible unless you share the same truth.

From the very get go, one has to understand, that having an "argument " (?)/ conversation about god and religion is NOT an intellectual argument. That's always the 1st thing to make clear when having "the" conversation


Franklin Graham his father would be so disaapointed. I think he should be deported to Siberia along with the Mob Boss illegally squatting in the WH.

Why?. Surely his father would be proud of him. carrying on the family tradition.


Just one more layer of crazy. We go crazy while Rome Burns?

Sadly one thing I learned, there are at least two types of spin right and left. Not sure if there is a third, but I guess it would depend on how many voices are involved.


Anyone with a serious degree in theology knows that the sin was the way they treated refugees.

But MOST churches don't have a person actually educated in religion at the helm.

Some eighth grade ignorant drop out that has never even read the bible all the way through is far more likely.


I think what is lost on Mr Graham is not just this particular story of Lot and his daughters, but that fact that if you are a Christian you believe that we are all sinners and Mr Graham would know that he is also included in that group. I know the people on this site don’t believe that and please understand I am not trying to judge anyone here or force any beliefs on anyone. I just find situations like this one especially offensive and frankly Mr Graham and any other person who calls themselves a Christian and heckled the Mayor should be ashamed of themselves.

I find fault with Mr Graham judging the Mayor because any true Christian would know we are all on equal ground and if the Mayor identifies as a saved follower of Jesus, same as Mr Graham, then they are equal in the eyes of God. There are no levels of sin. There are no worse or better Christians. The judgment and the grace is the same for everyone.

The mayor's religion is reason enough not to support him.

@Theresa_N Mayor Pete kind of has me torn. On the one hand his religious views are mro ein line what what it was Jesus supposedly taught, and his interpretation is that Christian teachings lead to liveral thought. On the other hand, if he popularizes his views it may slow down the number of people leavign religion, just as the far right has turned a lot fo people off to it.

I think there is a definite need to keep church and state separte though, and if Mayor Pete has that view, then he is definitely better than anyone on the right.

Still, if Ihad to pick a favorite candidate he woudl nto be it. Even though I am also gay, and i like the idea of an openly gay president. The gender of who he loves is not really a qualification.

It isn't talked about much, but James Buchanan, who served as president before Lincoln, was known to be gay... although he wasn't out because it just wasnt' talked about then.


this makes it easy to see the hypocrisy.


Love it when anyone cites the bible as the default arbiter for anything, once again reminding people that the bible was written thousands of years ago by stupendously ignorance flat earth men, probably sheep herders. We are supposed to listen to them? LMAO

but you can't argue with people outside of their bubble. the only way to get them to listen is to argue inside of that bubble. if they use the bible to make a point, only the bible will unmake it. they're THAT solipsistic.



Graham offers a quote about keeping God's commandments in his condemnation of Mayor Pete, yet Graham supports Trump who, off the top of my head, regularly violates "thou shalt not bear false witness" and "thou shalt not commit adultery" which are not just commandments but Top Ten Commandments.

i bet graham wears mixed fabrics too.



FRANKLIN GRAHAM is 'touched!'


Franklin sure knows how to shake the money tree of his cult of hatred.


sodom and gomorrah, just so y'all know, is a story (yes, a STORY!) about how the mythical character god punished the mythical sinners of sodom for being INHOSPITABLE. it had nothing to do with homosexuality. curiously this god did not punish the mythical characters, lot's daughters, for getting their mythical father lot drunk and raping him, impregnating themselves thereby. that part was apparently okay. anyway, it is about being inhospitable rather than welcoming to strangers. someone needs to educate mister graham (and ICE).


According to mos scholars, the real sin of the story was a lack of hospitality. It is Explained fully in "Christianity,. Social Tolerance and Honosexuality" by John Boswell from the University of Chicago Press.

I myself think Lot killed his wife himself in order to have sex with his daughters, and then he made up the tale about their gettign him drunk to seduce him... as many modern predators still attempt to do.

@snytiger6 i think i just said that... about hospitality lol. changing the story of lot and the daughters presumes the actual existence of lot. like it or not, the book says what the book says. we can understand it as myth but have to admit our creativity if we go full-revisionist about it. more likely, someone concocted the story after finding a vaguely human-shaped salt pillar in the general area (it's a very salty area). i've never read any christian texts. i have never been christian. if i need to refer to the bible i go to mechom-mamre (which i am probably misspelling but i have it bookmarked, so i do find it lol) and read the translation from hebrew.



What of David and Jonathan, then?

“Your love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of women,”

Yeah, Kind David was definitely Bi.


Franklin is much worse than his horrible father was. I hope someone slaps him down a notch or two very soon. So sick of his fucking bigotry.


Franklin Graham is such a piece of shit.

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