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OMG!!! Who else is super proud and thinks it's super cute that a U.S. "President" is getting sued by a porn star???

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I'm super proud...I'm not sure if "super cute" applies..."super hiarious" is more where I'm at!


What doesn’t astonish me.. yet should astonish ..if not outrage the self-appointed morality police of (the USA’s) Republican-religionites is the absolutely immoral POS they’ve supported - and continue to support as (our) President. They’ve brought more shame to the White House than any president in my lifetime -- if not in US history.

“Family Values?” BullShit!

Varn Level 8 Mar 7, 2018

The surprising part: I am not surprised. I didn't even blink an eye. My immediate thought: Of course he is.


I would love to send her a thank you, and let her know that there are alot of us that want her to see this thru. Don't let the bully get in the way of the truth.


It would be a fitting reciprocation if Mr. Republican Morality-in-Chief was in the end brought down by a porn star.

gearl Level 7 Mar 7, 2018

I was surprised that the first profile I clicked on here was a woman who is a republican atheist. SMH... Don't know how you could be one. I can understand an atheist being conservative to a point but aligning with Trump's Republicans makes very little sense. Might be a troll but I know being an atheist doesn't make anyone inherently logical.

I'm always perplexed by any woman admitting that she's a republican. I have to wonder if they're even aware of the current state of the GOP in this country, or are they still thinking they're in the "party of Reagan"? Hell, right now, even Reagan couldn't get elected. They'd say he was "too liberal". For any woman, who claims to be an atheist, to also claim to be a republican, is completely contradictory to me.

@KKGator I would tend to give Faux News, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk credit for their mindless following of their authority figures.


As a Canadian all I can say about your president is -
I'm glad he's not a Canadian.

Right on


Couldn't happen to a 'nicer' Commander and Creep. I wonder what his handlers in Russia are thinking? Doubt this was part of the infiltrate and corrupt plan. Maybe it was.


Peggy Peterson, henceforth referred to as PP


I think nobody cares because nobody is surprised. I think that is the most disturbing part. This country is so full of people who are sheep's who follow whomever their media and friends support. Nobody wants to investigate what is really going on. Nobody cares what the facts are. I'm saying nobody but I mean majority.


Every time I think the Repugnants and this administration have hit the bottom, they manage to find new levels of low.
I believe we are all suffering from CTSD--Current Trump Stress Disorder.


The only true skill the orange idiot has is lying and screwing people over,and I'm really skeptical that mullers investigation is going to remove that criminal and his religious zealot pet.


This little "incident" is going to make Clinton's dalliance with Monica Lewinsky look PG-13 by comparison! Why can't Trum resign now, and save us all the embarassment?

He's making too much money robbing the country blind.


Are you asking if we are proud to have a Fat Nixon in charge? Wait, no, Nixon had an IQ, and genuinely wanted to help the nation, that doesn't work does it?

In short: No, not at all proud of where we are right now. No, I don't think it's cute. Yes, I am contemplating exfiltration to a sane country... I really should in fact. :/


I'm not sure what to think. It certainly isn't surprising, and I guess neither is the amateurish handling of the payoff itself. But it's not cute, and I am not proud. This guy is aggressively vulgar, and I personally think Stormy has the high road here, this is what she openly does to make a buck, for goodness sake. I respect that. I hope she makes more money on this, because gawd bless merka.


I found this.. hahahahah

The dude couldn't even try to speak in raspy Bill voice?


Especially sweet after I was attacked by the Religious Right on an MK (missionary kid) Facebook page a couple of months ago.
One woman declared Trump to be a good Christian family man and that if it was ever proven that Trump "committed adultery" then she'd renounce him. Pointing out the many sexual assault accusations did no good, since she declared it all "fake news!"


It's just beautiful


Hmmmmm? It’s going to interesting how the history books are going to refer to him.

My current favorite is from Trvor Noah on THE DAILY SHOW: "Mango Unchained."


As long as he keeping black people at bay,that's all that matter to many people.


I think it is sad (that the US has to suffer through this) and hiliarious (it couldn't happen to a better guy--literally! A better guy would not have put himself in this situation).


We should make it as fun and long memorable as Bill Clinton and Lewinski 😉


It is a shame so much attention gets wasted on things like this when truly important things squeak right on by.

Name something more important than what that idiot is doing to the WORLD.

@Gnarloc -- You misunderstood. The post is about this nonsense with a porn star, to which I replied that it's a shame people are giving so much attention to that and not the important things.

My point is that it's all such a horrific, and terrifying, circus.

The lawsuit IS important as it speaks to the vulnerability (as well as character) of our... of SCROTUS.

Worse, it speaks to, it supports, claims that he has mistreated women in the past. Which again speaks to his character and the fact that he is not appropriate as a leader since 50% (last I checked) of his constituents are women, that he simply can't respect, or refrain from molesting in one form or another.

I agree, there are other very important topics, but I truly can't say that they are more important as all of them are in some way indicative of the fact that he cannot lead, he cannot manage, and he IS driving us over the edge.

I think the reason this is so important to me is that if the party which is supposed to be the moral party were as incensed by this man as they were by so many other politicians who dared to cheat on their wives... the other things which really are also so important... wouldn't be a concern right now as he wouldn't be in office... he'd be (hopefully) in jail which is where (hopefully) he is headed.

@Gnarloc it. I think I'll steal it.

@birdingnu I claim no Patent, but, at the risk of 'splaining (not my intent), I read it as So Called Ruler of the US... but, it evokes... well, it evokes what he is a sack of...

I agree with you. Sometimes his antics are just distractions from the damage his legislation is doing to the country.@evidentialist


Were He not an American President, It would be passe. As it is, it is just one more body on this hecatomb of shame with which we are burning this country. I can see it will not be missed.
We may dance around the blaze if we are so able. It will not warm us long.


one that is 785th richest man on the planet !

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