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QUESTION 10 Rules of Life

"It's better too see life accurately, warts and all, than to live in a delusion."

ashortbeauty 8 Mar 9

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And the consolation prize goes to...


I'm gonna go and have a Bob Marley and think about it.


These are all so true.

  1. Each of us is ultimately alone. I've always felt this way, especially when I was a kid.

Yes, we live and die as we were born: alone, at least in the ultimate sense. No one can really understand me better than I can, no one can make decisions for me, fulfill commitments for me. That's good news as much as it's bad news though. I find my own company plenty adequate, and quite a bit more so frankly than any one I've shared my journey with. I've never betrayed me or baffled me or been unkind to me. I've never been ungrateful to me. These facts make the peccadilloes and inconsistency and impermanence of others bearable. Ironically, the more that other people in my life take care of themselves the more bearable I become to them. We go through life seeking completion in others when all we really need is a little synergy and cooperation.

From a young age, I've known that I am the only one who will never leave me.


Which is not to say it's necessarily more pleasnt to deal in reality. It's just that for some of us, intellectual and often moral integrity demand it of us, even if it's in some ways harder.


If you want to live, then reality is all.


Yes, reality.... live it, love it, breath it!


This should be required reading for everyone from teen-age to 80.


Live it daily..


Reality is the best!


Totally Agree. I'll add a few of my own: 1. You can't change people. They should accept you for who you are. Visa Versa. 2. Go with the flow. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation find something else to fill your mind. Have a backup plan.


Good ones!


True enough. Also better to not see life as worse than it is

That's a fact worth pointing out. Seeing things as being bleaker than they are, or hopeless when there is in fact definitely hope, can ruin everything.


This tickled me. Some good advice.

LOL, I liked that one too 🙂

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