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Republican fundraising mailer looks like a U.S. Census Survey

Looking like a U.S. Census Survey ("Do not destroy" ), It is actually a Republican National Committee fundraising survey.

Shame on them! Republican liars and grifters.


LiterateHiker 9 May 19

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I've gotten three of these. Completed the survey with comments, written in red and mailed them. 😊


Both parties use these "official" looking envelopes, in the hopes of mooching money off you. I just throw them in the trash!


They either took a chance on a response from me or they might have actually found my past record with the party from years ago. I find the questions they are asking to be total nonsense and it gets registered as spam.


Always scammers


Last year, I received the same fundraising survey from the Republican National Party. They had me mixed up with a Republican woman with my name.

"You IDIOTS! I'm a lifelong Democrat. You Re-thug-licans are going DOWN!" I wrote. 'Take me off your mailing list."

They did.

The good news is I received the fundraising survey for the Republican women.


Somehow I got on the Trump email list. I Have not unsubscribed because they send me surveys - highly biased surveys which they collect just so they can give Trump approval numbers based only on polling his base. My responses have gotten increasingly antagonistic and I am definitely on an β€œenemies” list.


The Republicans are bound and determined to make this Country a Christian Country. Even turns out is Catholic! This is why they are appointing more circuit judges than other presidents...even fast tracking them. All the laws being passed now are geared for that purpose! It is worse than a nightmare...all the enroads that have been made are being dismantled as we write! πŸ‘Ώ


@A2Jennifer this is more horrifying information about the Christians strategy! Thanks...


That's a perfect tool to pick up the dog's droppings! πŸ˜‰


They are relentless and lawless


Whenever these things show up in the mail, call me on during my free time, or show up in online ads I always follow the same strategy.

Political affiliation: Technocrat
Gender: No/leave blank
Race: other

All policies questions can be picked at random.

Additional notes comments: 7


And some poor person who already wonders how he/she if going to be able to pay their rent that month will send the money because it looks so official.

I will soon be 73 and I'm wondering why people my age and even ten years older are suddenly believing that they have to send all these creeps money. Many that I talk to say they had to take over a bank account to stop mom or pop from doing this. It's so mindboggling.


Hey, if I were a conservative, evangelical, republican, that is what I would do.


Disgusting and not surprising. It's so blatant it's sick.


Tells us exactly what the purpose of the citizenship question on the census is-- fueling Republican bigotry and control.


Can't wait to get mine!!!

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